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The Cold War and Red Scare in Old Time Radio

Red Iceberg

Recent events have many looking to The Cold War for answers from the past.  Unfortunately, we have faced aggression in Europe before and when we did, it was documented in Old Time Radio.  Many of these shows are openly propagandistic and predict atomic war fears while others are a informative glimpse of life during the Cold War.

Fifth Horseman
The Fifth Horseman

Near the beginning of the Cold War, there was a serious campaign to place atomic weapons under the direct control of the United Nations.

Quick and Dead
The Quick and The Dead

Starring Bob Hope, this old time radio show dramatically presents the science and horrors of Atomic War.

Red Scare
Red Scare in Old Time Radio

After the WWII, American culture was shaped and driven largely by fears of Communist infiltration corrupting American institutions and values.

I was a Communist for the FBI

This series capitalized on the new Red Scare of the early 1950's and was recorded without any assistance from the FBI.

Joseph McCarthy Audio Excerpts

Best known for his attempts to root out communist in the State Department, then the Army, then just about everywhere, McCarthy was eventually censured by the Senate for his zealous attacks.

This is Civil Defense
This is Civil Defense

This entertaining and informative broadcast created during the Red Scare to teach the public how to act in the case of a disaster such as flooding, tornados, food shortages, and nuclear attack.

Gregory Peck in If Freedom Failed
If Freedom Failed

A well-produced example of Cold War propaganda, AFRTS was able to tap considerable acting talent including Gregory Peck, Raymond Burr, and Richard Whitmore.
World Security WorkshopWorld Security Workshop
This series featured powerful dramas by the United World Federalists to make the World a better and safer place.
Burtrand Russell
Bertrand Russell Recordings
Philosopher and one of the brightest minds of the 20th century, Bertrand Russell spoke out against war and nuclear proliferation.

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