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Civil Defense in Old Time Radio

Civil Defense Logo

Civil defense is an organization that prepares citizens from attacks both natural and military.

Established in the United States during WWII to help respond to the threat of war and anti-saboteur vigilance, border patrolling, air raid drills, and much more.

Civil Defense educational efforts took a center stage during the Red Scare with the Bert the Turtle Duck and Cover campaign.

In Case of Attack
Stars for

Created by Federal Civil Defense Administration as a program broadcast by participating radio stations throughout the US with music and practical advice of an impending attack.

Civil Defense

Fascinating PSA, recordings and episodes to save americans from a nuclear attack!



A Public Service Announcement (PSA) is defined as a message in the public interest which is disseminated through the media free of charge, with the objective of raising awareness of issues.

Fallout Shelter Sign

This is
Civil Defense

Entertaining and informative broadcast created during the Red Scare to teach the public how to act in the case of a disaster such as flooding, tornados, food shortages, and nuclear attack.

Civil Defense Logo
Other Civil Defense related broadcasts include:

Atomic Radio Collection
Fifth Horseman
Living in an Atomic Age
Plan for Survival
The Quick and the Dead|
Stars for Defense

Alert Today. Alive Tomorrow.
Duck Cover, Bert the Turtle

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