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 William Gargan (Bill Gargan) Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 62 episodes

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"Death and the Purple Cow"
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William Gargan & Helen Mack
Sometimes there is a sense of irony that runs through the stories and back-stories of Old Time Radio and rarely do we find a story quite as ironic as William Gargan: Maria Montez, William Gargan, & Turhan BeyGargan's big brother Edward was born in Brooklyn on July 17, 1902, and exactly three years later to the day, William was born. Their father was both a book keeper and book maker. The performing bug seems to have infected Edward early on; he began acting immediately after leaving school, and would go on to become one of Hollywood's most prolific "bit players" (a large number of his more than 300 movie and TV appearances were uncredited).

William was a little more indirect in his path to the spotlight. He worked a number of jobs including soda-jerking and streetcar conducting. He even spent time in his father's world as a collection agent for bookmakers. He sold bootleg whiskey to speak-easies and eventually joined a detective agency. His career took a turn one day while visiting Ed backstage at a musical comedy. The company needed a stagehand, but soon enough William moved in front of the stage lights.

The brothers separately got into films in the early 1930s. As part of his MGM contract, William appeared on several episodes of the studio's radio show Good News of 1940. He played a number of stereotypical Irish roles, cops, priests and reporters, eventually landing the role of Ellery Queen, helping to cement himself to detective roles. When his association with MGM came to an end in 1943 he toured with the USO for a time, and considered it as the most rewarding experience of his career.

Gargan seemed to truly hit his stride in Martin Kane, Private Investigator. Many early TV programs were taken from successful radio shows, but this isn't necessarily the case with Martin Kane; Gargan premiered the show on radio in 1949, then took the character to TV three weeks later, and continued until 1951, when the role in both media was given to Lloyd Nolan. But it was Martin Kane that put William Gargan on the map.

William GarganThe show was sponsored by the U.S. Tobacco company, whose product was used extensively on both the TV and radio programs.

The cast change left Gargan open to change roles to Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator. Barry Craig was standard PI fare, although Gargan played him somewhat low key and less hard-boiled. Craig was "your man when you can't go to the cops. Confidentiality a specialty." Craig took a page from Sam Spade and narrated the stories, but less hard-boiled than some other detectives, almost with a sense of humor.

The real irony of Gargan's role as Martin Kane came to light in 1958 when he was diagnosed with throat cancer. In 1960 it was necessary for his larynx to be removed. Eventually he learned to speak using an artificial voice box, and became an activist against the dangers of smoking.

William Gargan passed away from a  heart attack in 1973 while on a flight from New York to San Diego.

This collection includes Gargan's many appearances in Barry Craig, I Deal In Crime, and Martin Kane as well as rare guest appearances in shows such as Command Performance, Bing Crosby Show, Good News of 1940, Lux Radio Theater, Murder Will Win Out, and Obsession.

For more great old time radio actors please see Frank Lovejoy, Jeff ChandlerGerald Mohr, William Conrad, and Paul Frees.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 30 shows - total playtime 13 hours 46 minutes

Barrie Craig 511205 010 Paper Bullets
Barrie Craig 521008 053 Murder By Threes
Barrie Craig 521015 054 Dead Loss
Barrie Craig 530104 066 Crimson Queen
Barrie Craig 530215 072 Girl On Doorstep
Barrie Craig 530301 074 Behold A Corpse
Barrie Craig 540706 144 Tough Guy
Barrie Craig 540713 145 Murder By Error
Barrie Craig 540727 147 Death Buys A Bedroom
Barrie Craig 540810 149 Deaths Bargain Basement
Barrie Craig 540817 150 Midsummer Lunacy
Barrie Craig 540824 151 Blood Money
Barrie Craig 540831 152 Hay Is For Homicide
Barrie Craig 540907 153 Ghosts Dont Die In Bed
Barrie Craig 541107 159 Life Line
Barrie Craig 541121 161 Sneak Assassin
Barrie Craig 541219 165 Dead Bull In A China Shop
Barrie Craig 550105 167 Angel Of Death
Barrie Craig 550209 172 Nobody Lives There Anymore
Barrie Craig 550216 173 Moving Target
Barrie Craig 550302 175 Sweet Larceny
Barrie Craig 550309 176 Corpse On Town
Barrie Craig 550330 179 Never Murder A Mummy
Barrie Craig 550505 184 Confession Of Murder
Barrie Craig 550512 185 Visitor At Midnight
Barry Craig 511024 04 Microfilm In Theffishtank
Barry Craig 511031 05 Bailjumper
Barry Craig 511107 06 Borrowed Knife
Barry Craig 511114 07 Dead On Arrival
Barry Craig 511128 09 Naughty Necklace

Volume 2: 32 shows - total playtime 18 hours 48 minutes

Barry Craig 511212 11 Death And Purple Cow
Barry Craig 511219 12 Ghost Of A Chance Akaremo Torch
Barry Craig 511226 13 Song Of Death Aka Blonde In River
Barry Craig 520102 14 Death Of A Private Eye
Barry Craig 520109 15 Murder Island
Barry Craig 520116 16 Muriels Murder Case
Barry Craig 520123 Boxer Doyles Belt
Barry Craig 520130 Puppet No Close
Bing Crosby 481013 074 Philco Rt W William Gargan
Bing Crosby 481027 076 Philco Rt W William Powell
CP 450111 157 Linda Darnell Janet Blair Jimmy Durante
Good News 400104 53 W Ann Sothern & William Gargan
Good News 400111 054 William Gargan
Good News 400118 055 Lola Lane
Good News 400201 057 A Marshall & W Gargan
Good News 400208 057 Ronald Colman & Ida Lapino
Good News 400215 059 Virginia Bruce
Good News 400222 060 Warren Williams
Guest Star 490306 0102 Husband Sitter William Gargan
Hall of Fame 440507 021 Moral Victory
I Deal In Crime 460121 01 Laura Shields Case
I Deal In Crime 460415 10 William Davis Case
I Deal In Crime 470927 00 Abigail Murray Case
Lux 390306 209 Oneway Passage
Lux 410317 299 Cheers for Miss Bishop
Martin Kane Private Detective 531022 Part 1
Martin Kane Private Detective 531029 Part 2
Martin Kane Private Detective 531029
Murder Will Out 460508 Swindled Song Writer
Obsession 03 Clinging Hate William Gargan



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