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 Wild Bill Hickok

2 MP3 CDs - 229 episodes

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"Wild Bill Hickok"
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Juvenile western adventure (1951 - 56)

Guy Madison & Andy DevineFirst heard on Mutual Network sponsored by Kellogg, and then by other advertisers, Wild Bill Hickok was a solid cowboy hero of the kids. He and his sidekick "Jingles," played to the hilt by Andy Devine, rode through the west looking for adventure and getting it. Remember their horses? Wild Bill rode "Buckshot," and Jingles rode "Joker." Guy Madison played Marshal Wild Bill Hickok on radio and TV, with Andy Devine as Jingles. Hollywood actors did the bad guys and townsfolk. Charlie Lion did the announcing, and was "Panhandle Jim" for the Corn Pops commercials.

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Wild Bill was up against Roy Rogers a nd the Cisco Kid, as all of these cowpokes crossed-over from radio to TV with success. Wild Bill's adventures followed the same trail of bad hombres that needed straightening out. Wild Bill was not all that wild, however, as he seemed a mild-mannered honest good-guy in tone.

To modern adult ears who may have grown up listening to these shows Cisco Kid seems a more authentic in tone. Maybe this series was a little tamer, perhaps since it was sponsored by Kellogg Company. Panhandle Jim, "your ole sidekick" delivers the Kellogg's Corn Pops commercials with a western pitch. You'll certainly remember their beloved jingle, "Kids loves Pops, Moms love Pops, Pops love Pops"

For other great serials, see also: Captain Midnight, Jerry at Fair Oaks, Adventures of Dick Cole, Bobby Benson, Buck Rogers, Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon, Hop Harrigan, Jungle Jim, Magic Island, Sgt Preston, Sky King, Speed Gibson, Superman, Terry and the Pirates, and Tom Mix.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1 - 115 shows - total playtime 46 hours 59 minutes

000000 e001 First Broadcast
000000 e002 The Missouri Kid
000000 e003 The Case of the Unlucky Seven
000000 e004 An Outlaw's Revenge
000000 e005 The Red Wagon Jinx
000000 e006 A Cave-In
000000 e007 Outlaw's Bargain
000000 e008 A Charge on Devil's Mountain
000000 e009 The Road Agents at Red Rock
000000 e010 The Shadow Hill Gang
000000 e011 The Confidence Game
000000 e012 Press for Justice
000000 e013 Warpath or Peace
000000 e014 The Secret of Arroyo Diablo
000000 e015 Ghost Town Gold
000000 e016 The Trail of Death
000000 e017 Trail Herd Trouble
000000 e018 A Dangerous Wedding
000000 e019 The Fury of Savage River
000000 e020 Mixed Brands
000000 e021 Four Aces for Death
000000 e022 Mysterious Fist eAlt Openings and Closing
000000 e023 Range War
000000 e024 No Title Given
000000 e025 White Fury
000000 e027 A Blind Trail
000000 e028 The Men Who Didn't Come Backeecho
000000 e029 A Mission in Alamagordo
000000 e030 The Mystery of Five Deadly Double Eagles
000000 e031 Bad Medicine at Dry Gulch
000000 e032 The Vengeance Trail
000000 e033 The Voice of Echo Canyon
000000 e034 The Gold Maker
000000 e035 The Red Trunk Riddle
000000 e036 The Challenge of Sentinel Ridge
000000 e037 Wyatt Foster's Secret
000000 e038 The Wheels of Doom
511224 e039 Sir Tommy, The Silver Knight
511231 e040 The Dead of Winter
520104 e041 The Legacy of Death
520109 e042 The Shawnee Raid
520111 e043 The Two-Faced Horny Toad
520116 e044 Forged Fire
520118 e045 The Secret of the Hard Luck Mine
520123 e046 Revenge of the Red Man
520125 e047 The Mark of a Killer
520130 e048 Dark Horse Candidate
520201 e049 Gunsmoke Pass
520206 e050 A Trail of Vengeance
520208 e051 The Treasure of Old Number 9
520213 e052 The River Boat Killer
520215 e053 The Mysterious Bell Ringer
520220 e054 Gunsmoke and Violet
520222 e055 Buckshot's Victory
520227 e056 The Flame Riders
520229 e057 Fightin' the Bits
520305 e058 The Phantom of the Gold Circle
520307 e059 Thunder on the Plain

520312 e060 Big John and Little Mike
520314 e061 Death at Sunset Trail
520319 e062 Battle at Bear Creek
520321 e063 Pettigrew's Prize Pig
520326 e064 Jokes and Gunsmoke
520328 e065 The Wild Miller of Paiute Falls
520404 e067 Rescue at Salvation Springs
520409 e068 The Monstrous Toothache
520411 e069 Thunder and Lightning
520416 e070 A Snap for Snooper
520418 e071 The Secret of Sandy Hook
520423 e072 The Deadlock at Silver Site
520425 e073 Bullets at rhe Silver Bell
520430 e074 A Hornet's Nest
520502 e075 Jingles, The Ladies Man
520507 e076 The Black Canyon Gang
520509 e077 Alkali Justice
520514 e078 Two Plus Two
520516 e079 The Champion of Faro Flats
520521 e080 Bandits of Badwater County
520523 e081 The Shotgun Swindlers
520528 e082 Rawhide Whip
520530 e083 Whine of the Saw
520604 e084 The Dukane Revenge
520606 e085 Baron of the Badlands
520910 e086 Daring of Digby Dean
520912 e087 Letter of Warning
520917 e088 The Sunny Side Scrap
520919 e089 The Secret of Mile High Rock
520924 e090 The Queen of the Quantrills
520926 e091 The Mayor of Mule Mesa
521001 e092 A Vicious Joke
521003 e093 The Wolf of Ghost Mountain
521008 e094 Jingles' Birthday
521010 e095 One More to Get
521015 e096 The Secret of the Iron Door
521017 e097 The Terrible Cook
521022 e098 The Mark of the Claw
521024 e099 A Dangerous Vacation
521029 e100 The Jaws of the Law
521031 e101 The Trap at Pistol Springs
521105 e102 Madman of Moon Mountain
521107 e103 The Gunman's Brand
521112 e104 Wild Bill's Double Trouble
521114 e105 The Treasure Map War
521119 e106 Old Red's Revenge
521121 e107 Hang Town Jail
521203 e110 War Drums and the Princess
521205 e109 The Tinkers' Revenge
521205 e111 Timber Trouble
521212 e113 Joke Book Bandits
521214 e114 Delta Belle Hijack
521222 e116 The Rustlers of Rattlesnake Bend
521226 e117 The Ruins of Black Canyon
521229 e118 The Stranger
530105 e119 Jingles Settles Down
530107 e120 Two Gun Justice

Volume 2 - 114 shows - total playtime 46 hours 2 minutes

530112 e121 Wagon Train for Tombstone
530114 e125 Guns of Grandpa Granger
530116 e123 Danny's Big Ride
530117 e126 Blood Money
530119 e123 Windmill on the River
530121 e124 The Voice in Hawkin's Well
530121 e128 The Colorado Killer
530124 e129 The Trail of the Grizzly Bear
530126 e130 The Phantom Rustlers
530128 e125 Guns of Grandpa Granger
530130 e126 Blood Money
530130 e127 Thr Capture of Trader Joe
530213 e130 The Phantom Rustlers
530214 e133 Timothy Dolan's Last Stand
530218 e131 The Grass Valley Swindle
530218 e132 The Grass Valley Swindle
530220 e132 Death on the Desert
530220 e133 Death on the Desert
530221 e134 Big Weekend at Shady Rest
530225 e134 Timothy Dolan's Last Stand
530228 e135 The Gun Belt Treasure
530301 e136 The Killer of Candy Flat
530310 e139 Dodge City or Bust
530313 e137 Hand of Death
530318 e138 The Struggle for the Main Divide
530325 e140 Cry of a Killer
530327 e141 Carnival of Danger
530401 e142 Jingles to the Rescue
530403 e143 The Coyote Kid's Return
530408 e144 Broken Wheel Grade
530410 e145 Tarnished Gold
530415 e146 The Big Cleanup
530417 e147 Wild Horse Mesa
530422 e148 The Trail to Dead Rock
530424 e149 The Trail of the Killer Wolf
530429 e150 One Man Rule
530506 e152 The Cash in Bat Wing Cave
530506 e154 Wild Bill's New Deputy
530508 e153 Half Pint Outlaw
530527 e158 A Little Lady in Distress
530610 e162 The Little Dude
530612 e163 The Rocks of Rawhide Canyon
530617 e164 The Fabulous Wind Wagon
530619 e165 The River of Death
530918 e167 A Dirtied Shirt
531007 e172 The Lucky Stampede
531009 e173 Thundercloud
531014 e174 The House on Windy Hill
531016 e175 Aunt Sarah's Gunfight
531021 e176 Gundown Tunnel
531023 e177 A Trap for Wild Bill
531028 e178 Riverboat to St Jo
531030 e179 Shotgun Gang
531104 e180 The Tucson Terror
531106 e181 Dangerous Round-Up
531120 e185 Bullets at Iron Mountain
531123 e186 Double Action Danger
531127 e187 The Hermit of Split Rock Canyon
531204 e189 Two Little Buckaroos
531209 e190 Silk Hat Hogan's Donkey
531216 e192 Nobeard's Treasure
531218 e193 Seven Silver Bullets
531223 e194 A Tangled Rope
531230 e196 The Walking Double X
540106 e198 The Gunsmoke Blockade
540108 e199 Bad Medicine
540113 e200 Boot Hill Special
540115 e201 Bullets in the Blizzard
540120 e202 Tuft Tombstone
540122 e203 The Phantom of Gun Valley
540127 e204 Eight Hundred Feet Down
540129 e205 The Case of the Dead Man's Dollar
540210 e208 Race for the Border
540212 e209 One Wrong Bullet
540217 e210 Peter Periwinkle Jones, Esq
540310 e216 The Buffalo Robe
540312 e217 Guns Across the Border
540317 e218 The Beef Racket
540319 e219 Big Tom the Outlaw
540402 e223 Trigger Money
540409 e225 Wires to the West
540421 e228 High Pressure Killer
540423 e229 Trigger Treachery
540428 e230 The Missing Reporter
540505 e231 The Telltale Scar
540512 e233 The Little Man With the Gun
540519 e234 Log Thief
540526 e235 Dangerous Advice
540602 e236 The Rimrock Rainmaker
540609 e237 The Stone Valley Sheep War
541009 e238 A Long Shadow
541011 e239 The Frozen Desert
541014 e240 The VooDoo of Fiddler's Bend
541018 e242 Lanky Joe
541021 e243 The Trail of the Cougar
541025 e245 The Monster in the Cave
541029 e248 Bellson Boys
541103 e249 The Ride to Crossbone Valley
541105 e250 Red Measles and Black Death
541115 e254 Grandpa Granger's Train Ride
541119 e256 A Message from the Sun
541122 e257 The Timber Trail
541124 e258 Wild Bill's Birthday
541126 e259 The Shadow of Hangman's Tree
541129 e260 Born Mean
541201 e261 Six Gun Serenade
541203 e262 Deadlock at Big Run
541208 e264 Return of the Phantom
541213 e266 Mighty Dangerous Laughter
541215 e267 The Thirty-Five Caliber Killer
541222 e270 Ridin' for a Fall
541224 e271 A Shiny Silver Star
541227 e272 Silver Dollar Revenge
541231 e274 Happy New Year


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