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 Western Law and DISorder

5 MP3 CDs - 260 episodes

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"The Cabin"
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Programs about the Wild West hit that sweet spot, transporting us in time and space, into different, exciting environments and situations, yet not removing us so far that we're disoriented or without frames of reference.  It was easy enough for a teenage boy in the 1930's or 1940's in Maine or Arkansas to pretend he was a cowboy or a sheriff--maybe an outlaw--fifty or sixty years earlier, in America's Southwest.

In that spirit, we present the Western Law and Disorder collection, chock full of episodes of the best old radio series on the Wallopin' West: Cisco Kid, Bobby Benson, Fort Laramie, Gunsmoke, and much more!

McNear,Conrad,Ellis,Baer Gunsmoke

"There's just one way to handle the killers and the spoilers, and that's with the U.S. Marshall and the smell of...GUNSMOKE!"  That's how the announcer began each episode of Gunsmoke, one of radio's biggest hits from 1952-1960.

The legendary series chronicled the law enforcement adventures of Marshal Matt Dillon, with supporting characters Chester Wesley Proudfoot, Kitty Russell, and Doc Charles Adams.

Gunsmoke became one of the most critically-acclaimed and highly-regarded radio dramas, largely because it took unflinching looks at hard-hitting topics such as lynchings, scalpings, other violent crimes, and even drugs.  

It was set, as you probably recall, in Dodge City, Kansas, in 1872 (stretching, over the run of the show, to 1885).  Of course, the star of the show, Matt Dillon, was played by William Conrad, veteran of such shows as Escape, Nightbeat, and The Man Called X.

Jason Beck as Cisco Kid in front of a broadcast microphoneCisco Kid

In 1942, The Mutual Network and Butternut Bread brought to radio Pancho and Cisco, a couple of beloved comic book characters.  The Cisco Kid had incarnations in movies (going as far back as 1914), as well, and originated in the 1907 O. Henry short story "Caballero's Way."

On the radio, the complicated desperado was originally played by Jackson Beck, with Louis Sorin riding along as Pancho.  Later, we'd see Jack Mather and Harry Lang in those roles.  The two adventurers were humorous and wild, getting into many fantastic scrapes.  The refrain "Oh Pancho," "Oh Ceesco" became a catchphrase throughout the nation.

Fort LaramieFort Laramie

Raymond Burr was the auteur of this "adult Western" series, starring in, directing, and producing it.  However, aside from Burr, the great minds responsible for the program were mostly the cast and crew from Gunsmoke.  

While a lot of Westerns involved lone desperadoes, iconic and rebellious loners (perhaps with a sidekick), the team dynamic was showcased here.  Fort Laramie spun the stories of the Second Cavalry, which roamed the Northwest, led by Burr's character, Captain Quince.

The show has been appreciated and lauded for its psychological complexity and smart, literary writing.

Bobby Benson Old Time Radio ShowBobby Benson and the B-Bar-B Riders

This program, presented here in the form in which it was resurrected in 1949, was not adult-oriented nor known for psychological complexity.  It was a children's program with youthful verve.  

The B-Bar-B Riders were kids living on a ranch, led by Billy Benson, who was played by Billy Halop.  Incidentally, a young Don Knotts had a part on the show, playing a crotchety old man.  Give 'er a listen!

Sharpen your spurs, dust off your saddle, down a bowl of chili, and get ready to ride with this collection of only the best Western Law and Order series.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 60 recordings - total playtime 24 hours 32 minutes

Adventures Champion 490805 35 Mystery Rustlers Hideout-Ch5
Adventures Champion 490829 51 Ghost Of Black Mountain-Ch1
AmTrail 01 Dispatch to New York
AmTrail 02 The Northwest Ordinance
AmTrail 03 Louisiana Purchase
AmTrail 04 Lewis and Clark Expedition
AmTrail 05 Samuel Slator s Machine
AmTrail 06 The Golden Ocean
Bobby Benson 491125 Double Dare
Bobby Benson 500527 Den of Thieves
Bobby Benson 500613 Face of Jevaco
Bobby Benson 500728 Ghost Rider
Bobby Benson 500815 Three Wise Monkeys
Bobby Benson 510707 Cyrano Wales
Bobby Benson 510823 Byline
Bobby Benson 510830 Strong and the Weak
Bobby Benson 511117 Lost Tribe
Bobby Benson 511201 Queen of the Cowgirls
Bobby Benson 530216 Tunnel of Trouble
Bobby Benson 530309 The Unwanted
Bobby Benson 530504 The Great Man
Cisco Kid 550906 327 Hermit Of Tall Tree Mountain
Cisco Kid 550908 328 Ventriloquist
Cisco Kid 550913 329 Lynch Mob
Cisco Kid 550915 330 Battle Of Lost Mine
Cisco Kid 550922 331 Messenger Of Doom
Cisco Kid 551004 334 Passport To Death
Cisco Kid 551006 335 Deputy Marshal
Cisco Kid 551013 337 Counterfeit Money
Cisco Kid 551018 338 Storm On Lake
Cisco Kid 560628 415 Hard Luck Hogan
Cisco Kid 560703 416 Horse Thief
Cisco Kid 560705 417 Twin Guns Of Death
Cisco Kid 560710 418 Killer Quits
Cisco Kid 560712 419 Handsome Bandit
Cisco Kid 560717 420 Pueblo Justice
Cisco Kid 570110 471 Giant Of Laredo
Cisco Kid 570115 472 Lancers Of Black Horse Brigade
Cisco Kid 570124 475 Senor Bullfrog
Cisco Kid 570131 477 Montana Guns
Cisco Kid 570205 478 Marshal Of Gold Field
Cisco Kid 570207 479 Horse Race At Fort Sumner
Cisco Kid 570212 480 Ring Of Fire
Cisco Kid 570214 481 Flagstaff Diamonds
Cisco Kid 570219 482 Poker Chip Draw
Cisco Kid 570221 483 Morbid Jones And Water Rights
Escape 500623 116 Sundown
Escape 501217 150 Wild Jack Rhett
FG580706 22 Education of Kid Yancey
FG580713 23 Justice of the Peace
FG580720 24 Jesse James part1
FG580727 25 Jesse James part2
FG580803 26 Nebraska Jack
FG580810 27 The Cat Man
FG580817 28 Wonder Boy
FG580824 29 Belle Siddon's Encore
FG580831 30 Belle Siddon Strikes Back
FG580907 31 The Last of Belle Siddon
FG580914 32 A Horse For Kendall
FG580921 33 Indian Lover

Volume 2: 50 recordings - total playtime 23 hours 54 minutes

FG580928 34 The Gold Digger
FG581005 35 The Librarian
FG581012 36 Aces and Eights
FG581019 37 The Preacher
FG581026 38 The Rainmaker
FG581102 39 Nasty People
Fort Laramie 560429 14 Quinces Capture
Fort Laramie 560506 15 Never Twain
Fort Laramie 560513 16 War Correspondent
Fort Laramie 560520 17 Black Hills Gold
Fort Laramie 560527 18 Sergeant Gorces Baby
Fort Laramie 560603 19 Dont Kick My Horse
Fort Laramie 560610 20 Young Trooper
Fort Laramie 560617 21 Winter Soldier
Fort Laramie 560624 22 Loving Cup
Frontier Town 1949 01 Return To Dos Rios
Frontier Town 1949 02 His Name Is John Smith
Frontier Town 1949 03 Todd Ford
Frontier Town 1949 04 Marie
Frontier Town 1949 05 Poisoned Waterhole
Frontier Town 1949 06 Emily Bracket
Frontier Town 1949 07 Seminole Strip
Frontier Town 1949 08 Chavez Family
Frontier Town 1949 09 Opening Of Tioga Reserve
Frontier Town 1949 10 Death And Taxes
Frontier Town 1949 11 Six Gun Justice
Frontier Town 1949 12 Return Of Badmen
Guns 520802 ep015 Renegade White
Guns 520913 ep021 Home Surgery
Guns 520920 ep022 Drop Dead
Guns 521114 ep030 Square Triangle
Guns 521129 ep032 Kitty
Guns 521220 ep035 Xmas Story
Guns 521227 ep036 Cabin
Guns 530117 ep039 Paid Killer
Guns 530207 ep042 Cain
Guns 530221 ep044 Meshougah
Guns 530321 ep048 Pussy Cats
Guns 530404 ep050 Jayhawkers
Guns 530411 ep051 Gonif
Guns 530425 ep053 Soldier
Guns 530502 ep054 Tacetta
Guns 530509 ep055 Buffalo Hunter
Guns 530523 ep057 Print Asper
Guns 530606 ep059 Sundown
Guns 530711 ep064 Grass
Guns 530718 ep065 Wild West
Guns 530725 ep066 Hickock
Guns 530822 ep070 Gone Straight
Guns 530829 ep071 Jesse

Volume 3: 50 recordings - total playtime 21 hours 42 minutes

Guns 530905 ep072 Sutler
Guns 530912 ep073 Prairie Happy
Guns 530919 ep074 There Wasnt A Horse
Guns 530926 ep075 Fawn
Guns 531031 ep080 How To Kill A Woman
Guns 531107 ep081 Stolen Horses
Guns 531114 ep082 Professor Lute Bone
Guns 550312 ep152 Trial
Guns 550319 ep153 Mistake
Guns 550402 ep155 Bloody Hands
Guns 550409 ep156 Skid Row
Guns 550507 ep160 Potato Road
Guns 550521 ep162 Liar From Blackhawk
Guns 550528 ep163 Cow Doctor
Guns 550611 ep165 Trust
Guns 550618 ep166 Reed Survives
Guns 550625 ep167 Army Trial
Guns 550709 ep169 Uncle Oliver
Guns 550723 ep171 Ben Tollivers Stud
Guns 550730 ep172 Tap Day For Kitty
Guns 550813 ep174 Johnny Red
Guns 551225 ep194 Twelfth Night
Guns 560513 ep214 Cows And Cribs
Guns 560610 ep218 Daddyo
Guns 561202 ep243 Speak To Me Fair
Guns 570106 ep248 Devils Hindmost
Guns 570407 ep261 Rock Bottom
Guns 570616 ep271 Summer Night
Guns 570714 ep275 Bloody Hands
Guns 570922 ep285 Custer
Guns 580510 ep317 How To Die For Nothing
Guns 580629 ep325 What Whisky Drummer Heard
Guns 590201 ep356 Bobsy Twins
Guns 590621 ep376 Carmen
HGWT 591129 e054 Bitter Vengeance
HGWT 591206 e055 anything i want (incomplete)
HGWT 591213 e056 Out of Evil
HGWT 591220 e057 Ranch Carnival
HGWT 591227 e058 About Face
HGWT 600103 e059 Return Engagement
HGWT 600110 e060 The Lonely One
HGWT 600117 e061 French Leave
HGWT 600124 e062 Nataehon
HGWT 600131 e063 Bad Bert
HGWT 600207 e064 The Boss
HGWT 600214 e065 Bring 'Em Back Alive
HGWT 600221 e066 That Was No Lady
HGWT 600228 e067 Doll House in Diamond Springs
HGWT 600306 e068 Somebody Out There Hates Me
HGWT 600313 e069 Montana Vendetta

Volume 4: 50 recordings - total playtime 21 hours 29 minutes

HGWT 600320 e070 Caesar's Wife
HGWT 600327 e071 They Told Me You Were Dead
HGWT 600403 e072 Shanghai is a Verb
HGWT 600410 e073 So True, Mr Barnum
HGWT 600417 e074 Prunella's Fellow
HGWT 600424 e075 Irish Luck
HGWT 600501 e076 Dressed to Kill
Lightning Jim - 01 Jesse James Helps The Marshall
Lightning Jim - 02 Outlaw's Son
Lightning Jim - 03 Jim Meets Wild Bill Hickock
Lightning Jim - 04 Whitey Pays A Debt
Lightning Jim - 05 Race Against Death
Lightning Jim - 06 Calamity Jane
Lightning Jim - 07 Jim Shows Black Bear White Man's Trail
LR 540512 2547 Infernal Machine
LR 540514 2548 Badge Of Honor
LR 540517 The Brightest Star
LR 540519 2550 Laugh Of Death
LR 540521 2551 Wrong Man
LR 540524 Missing Heir
LR 540526 2553 The Mystery Bandit
LR 540528 2554 Flaming Arrows
LR 540531 2555 Danger On The Plains
LR 540604 The Keelboat
LR 540607 2558 Outlaw Town
LR 540609 2559 Birthday For Billy
LR 540611 Fiery Death Trap
LR 540614 2561 The Army Mule
LR 540616 2562 Shrimp Butler
LR 540618 2563 Marked For Murder
LR 540621 2564 Hidden Loot
LR 540623 Kill or Be Killed
LR 540625 Race Against Sunrise
LR 540628 2567 Gentle Tucson Thorpe
LR 540702 2569 Colonel's Daughter
LR 540705 2570 The Young Investigator
LR 540707 2571 Mysterious Mission
Luke Slaughter 580223 01 Duel On Trail
Luke Slaughter 580302 02 Tracks Out Of Tombstone
Luke Slaughter 580309 03 Yanceys Pride
Luke Slaughter 580316 04 Pages Progress
Luke Slaughter 580323 05 Homesteaders
Luke Slaughter 580330 06 Aaron Holcomb Story
Mercury Theater 380815 Abraham Lincoln
Mr President 480111 029 Abraham Lincoln
Mr President 480725 057 Abraham Lincoln
Mr President 480919 065 Abraham Lincoln
Mr President 481031 071 Abraham Lincoln
Mr President 481128 075 Abraham Lincoln
Mr President 500122 135 Abraham Lincoln

Volume 5: 50 recordings - total playtime 23 hours 13 minutes

Mr President 500219 139 Abraham Lincoln Gettysberg Address
Red Ryder 420207 003 Trouble on Shogono Trail
Red Ryder 420210 Milersville 001
Red Ryder 420212 Milersville 002
Red Ryder 420214 Milersville 003
Red Ryder 420217 Paradise Plateau 001
Red Ryder 420219 Paradise Plateau 002
Red Ryder 420221 Paradise Plateau 003
Red Ryder 420224 Scorpian Gulch
Red Ryder 420226 Range War
Red Ryder 420228 Indians on Warpath
Red Ryder 420303 Boullion Bend
Red Ryder 420305 Iron Horse Junction
Red Ryder 420307 Terror in Pecos Valley
Red Ryder 420310 Dobie Town
Red Ryder 420312 Casa Grande Valley
Red Ryder 420314 Frying Pan Valley
Red Ryder 420317 Cherokee Strip
Red Ryder 420319 Back to Painted Valley
Red Ryder 420321 Sundown Valley
Red Ryder 420324 Sheriff of Painted Valley
Six Shooter 540307 24 Cheyenne Express
Six Shooter 540314 25 Thicker Than Water
Six Shooter 540321 26 Duel At Lockwood
Six Shooter 540401 27 Aunt Emma
Six Shooter 540408 28 General Guilfords Widow
Six Shooter 540415 29 Crisis At Easter Creek
Six Shooter 540422 30 Johnny Springer
Six Shooter 540429 31 Revenge At Harness Creek
Six Shooter 540506 32 Anna Norquest
Six Shooter 540513 33 The Double Seven
Six Shooter 540520 34 The Shooting Of Wyatt King
Six Shooter 540527 35 Blood Relations
Six Shooter 540603 36 Silver Threads
Six Shooter 540610 37 The New Sheriff
Six Shooter 540617 38 When The Shoe Doesnt Fit
Six Shooter 540624 39 Myra Barker
Suspense 407 501214 A Killing In Abilene
Suspense 580504 749 Sundown AFRTS
WBHickock 000000 e001 First Broadcast
WBHickock 000000 e002 The Missouri Kid
WBHickock 000000 e003 The Case of the Unlucky Seven
WBHickock 000000 e004 An Outlaw's Revenge
WBHickock 000000 e005 The Red Wagon Jinx
WBHickock 000000 e006 A Cave-In
WBHickock 000000 e007 Outlaw's Bargain
WBHickock 000000 e008 A Charge on Devil's Mountain
WBHickock 000000 e009 The Road Agents at Red Rock
WBHickock 000000 e010 The Shadow Hill Gang
WBHickock 000000 e011 The Confidence Game



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