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 Weather Collection

3 MP3 CDs - 109 episodes

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"Radio Bombay"
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It was a dark and stormy night, so the story begins. Weather has a huge impact in the day to day lives of people. In fiction, weather can reflect the mood of the characters or as background to the story. But a significant weather can also serve as an plot point and major antagonist. The OTRCAT's Weather Collection, all shows have extreme weather snow storms, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, fog, volcanos, extreme heat, cyclones, tornados, rain, and more as the central plot device in the storyline.

In Our Miss Brooks, Walter's radio tunes into the weather station reporting a deadly hurricane coming to Madison High! Turns out that his radio was tuned in to the weather in Bombay, India!  

Cavalcade of America, a well done fact-based show, has many heroic tales of storms from beginning to end and the havoc created in between.  From men fighting for their lives in an arctic snow storm to Americans rebuilding their towns and their lives after tragedy struck.

In many Westerns, our heros are succumb to many extremes in weather from hot extreme summer heat of the sun to flash floods, avalanches. In Gunsmoke, Matt is trapped in a cabin during a snow storm with two crazy killers who plan to on murdering him.

The Columbia Workshop has some interesting tales of weather. In "Wet Saturday" a family spends a rainy afternoon at home...with a dead body! Another story called "Rain, Rain, Go Away" is about Heatherby Weatherby who can control the weather with her mind. In Mercury Theather "Hell on Ice" a 19th century expedition team to the north pole is trapped in ice.

In Challenge of the Yukon, the frozen Klondike serves as a major plot force that Mother Nature deserves mention on the credits. Prisoners get stuck on a ledge in a snow storm, flurries , blizzards and more flighting our heros day and night. Hopefully Sergeant Preston bought his Malamute hero dog Yukon King some snow booties.

In Escape, we cannot seem to escape the weather no matter where the show takes us. In "Typhoon" a less that apt sea captain and some slimy sea dogs get stuck in a weather storm of epic proportions. in :Flood of the Goodwins" a Nazi Spy gets stuck in the fog on the shores of England. In "The Boiling Sea" a volcano errupts from the ocean sea waves and our hero's ship is caught in the caldera!

Suspense offers a number of great weather related old time radio shows. In "Summer Storm" a regular guy has killed someone and a storm is brewing outside.  "On a Country Road", a couple is caught in their car with a storm raging and a lunatic lady from the insane asylum is looking to chop off people's heads. There is a prison break planned but the bad guys get stuck in a rain storm. Suspense also covers the tragic story of the Donner Party where a group of Pioneers are caught in a snowstorm over winter and must do the unthinkable to survive.

A storm's a brewing so get out your galoshes, sunscreen, and warm and wooly hat because we don't know what nature is serving up next.  We hope you enjoy these recording about Weather in old time radio shows

Shows from this collection include:

See also: Heatwave Collection

Weather Vane
Snow Storm
All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 43 shows - total playtime 18 hours 25 minutes

Adv In Research 612 Blizzard Of 88
Calv 351030 004 Will To Rebuild
Calv 351218 011 Defiance Of Nature
Calv 370407 077 Admiral Peary Discovers Pole
Calv 401002 194 Lost Colony
Calv 420105 260 Valley Forge
Calv 430802 342 Nine Men Against Arctic
Calv 450514 435 Weather Is A Weapon
Calv 460318 471 Alaskan Bush Pilot
Calv 480503 566 Thunder On Hudson
Calv 500912 665 Man With Cargo Of Water
Calv 510327 693 King Of Nantucket
Calv 510410 695 Once More Thunderer
Campbell Playhouse 391105 35 Hurricane
Cisco Kid 540330 177 Avalanche In Arrow Pass
Cisco Kid 540408 180 Waters Of Flood
Columbia Workshop 390501 136 Wet Saturday
Columbia Workshop 461228 046 Rain Rain Go Away
Coty 440302 0318 Great Dog King
Coty 440323 0321 King Meets Soapy Smith
Coty 450403 0375 Blizzard In Yukon
Coty 460418 0427 Rex
Coty 460425 0428 Torn Parka
Coty 460620 0436 How Preston Got King
Coty 460919 0449 Preston Sells King
Coty 470220 0471 Red Parka
Coty 471016 0502 Last Cabin
Coty 480922 0552 Icebound
Coty 481213 0587 Escape To North
Coty 530407 1089 Case That Made Preston
Dr Christian 380116 E 011 Flood Story
Ellery Queen 440122 161 Scarecrow And Snowman
Escape 470728 004 Typhoon
Escape 480905 052 Dream Of Armageddon
Escape 530913 213 Abominable Snowman
Escape 531011 217 Elementals
Escape 540624 228 Judgment Day At Cripple Deer
Escape 540724 219 Flood On Goodwins Vic Perrin
Escape 540904 238 Boiling Sea
Fred Allen 480104 547 Psychopathic Spectacular
Gunsmoke 521227 036 Cabin
Gunsmoke 530314 047 Cyclone
Gunsmoke 530620 061 Wind

Volume 2: 43 shows - total playtime 19 hours 16 minutes

Hall Of Fantasy 470403 E 03 Judges House
Hall Of Fantasy 530323 18 Night Fog Came
High Adventure 690809 Arctic Treasure
High Adventure Flood Time Ebb Time
Horizons West 03 Dakota Winter
If Bomb Falls 61
Inner Sanctum 410810 Death Ship
Inner Sanctum 430307 114 Black Seagull
Inner Sanctum 450220 216 No Coffin For Dead
Inner Sanctum 450918 237 Terror By Night
Inner Sanctum 460205 257 Skeleton Bay
Inner Sanctum 491031 A Corpse For Halloween
Inner Sanctum 500327 Murder Mansion
Inside A Communist Cell
Jfk Endorses Conelrad
Lets Pretend 490416 Snowdrop And Seven Dwarves
Lets Pretend 521213 Snow Queen
Lr 410127 0468 A Fire In Sky
Lr 410924 0569 Winter Rescue
Lr 420313 0639 Cloudy Waters 2 O 7
Lr 420415 0653 Divining Rod
Lr 520222 2205 Blinding Storm
Lr 530831 32192440 Drought Repeat
Lr 540728 2580 Flood Waters
Lux 390227 208 Ceiling Zero
Lux 400304 253 Trade Winds
Lux 490516 659 April Showers 1 Of 2
Lux 490516 659 April Showers 2 Of 2
Mercury Theater 381009 114 Hell On Ice
NBCut 490109 023 Grapes Of Wrath
Nht 510805 07 Aleutian Islands
Nht 510819 09 Fog Bound
Our Miss Brooks 501008 100 Radio Bombay
Renfrew Of Mounted 390204 Bribe
Renfrew Of Mounted 480118 Aud
Renfrew Of Mounted 480119 Young Mountie
Renfrew Of Mounted 4802 Dd A Leader Of Men
Renfrew Of Mounted Yymmdd Aud Preserved In Ice
Science Magazine Of Air 072 Saga Of A Storm
Sealed Book 450422 06 Death At Storm House
Sleep No More 561219 07 Storm
Suspense 560228 639 Diary Of Captain Scott

Volume 3: 23 shows - total playtime 10 hours 43 minutes

Suspense 420916 012 Kettler Method
Suspense 421215 021 Til Death Do Us Part
Suspense 431216 070 Wet Saturday
Suspense 440803 103 Banquos Chair
Suspense 451018 163 Summer Storm
Suspense 451101 165 Dunwich Horror Afrs
Suspense 501116 403 On A Country Road
Suspense 521222 492 Arctic Rescue
Suspense 530302 502 Storm
Suspense 531102 524 Ordeal In Donner Pass
Suspense 541028 569 Shelter
Suspense 560228 639 Diary Of Captain Scott
Suspense 570714 707 Flood On Goodwins
Suspense 580629 757 Rain Tonight
Suspense 590510 801 On A Country Road
Suspense 610702 883 Night Of Storm
Suspense 620715 934 Snow On 66
Tomorrow 1950 S Civil Defense Special W Orson Welles
Whistler 420920 019 Fog
Whistler 481212 340 Stormy Weather
Whistler 500326 408 Lady In Snow
Whistler 510218 455 Man In Storm
World Adventurers Club 320000 23 Storm On Sea



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