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(1905 - 1906)
VOL. 3

 Wax Cylinders 3 (1905 - 1906)

1 MP3 CD - 158 episodes


"Edison Military Band: Good Night Waltz "
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Wax CylinderFrog Legs RagEnrico Caruso VIIIWax Cylinders from 1905-1906

Corrine MorganIn Wax Cylinder 3 we continue on our journey through early 20th century recordings.  This collection includes Wax Cylinder from 1905 and 1906.  It was during this time that wax cylinders and other recording devises were becoming more popular. 

Other popular entertainment revolutions were occurring during this exciting era.  By 1906 there were over 4,000 Nickelodeon across America entertaining audiences.  And on Christmas Eve 1906, the first radio program in the US was broadcast to ships at sea from Massachusetts. 

Included in this recording are popular music stars such as

  • Enrico Caruso – popular Italian operatic tenor who used the most up to date mass communication technologies of his day including newspapers, wire services, and even the telephone.  He began experimenting with recording music in 1904.
  • Ada Jones – This sweet Irish Lass was one of the most popular female recording artists of her time.  Ada Jones often teamed up with both Billy Murray and Len Spencer respectively. 
  • Billy Murray – Vaudevillian turned recording artist, Billy Murray recorded for every label in existence.  His romantic-comedy duets with Ada Jones were incredibly popular.
  • Len Spencer – Born Leonard Garfield Spencer, he was know for comedic sketches and popular music including "Hello! Ma Baby" which was later popularized by Al Jolson.
  • The Haydn Quartet – Once called the Edison Quartet, the members included Baritone S. H. Dudley, Bass William F. Hooley and tenors John Bieling and Harry Macdonough.
  • Corinne Morgan – This contralto Corinne performed with some of the biggest names of her day including Charles D'Almaine, Frank Stanley, and the Haydn Quartet.
  • Harry Tally – popular recording artist the charming "Let's Go Into A Picture Show" referring to the new moving picture shows (aka movies) and "Wait until the Sun Shines Nellie"

For additional early recordings, see also:

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

158 recordings - total playtime 6 hours 43 minutes

Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Courtship Of Barney And Eileen
Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Heinie
Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Jimmie And Maggie At Hippodrome
Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Mr And Mrs Murphy
Ada Jones-My Carolina Lady
Ada Jones-Wouldn't You Like To Have Me For A Sweetheart
Arthur Collins-Bye Bye My Eva, Bye Bye
Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Afloat On A Five Dollar
Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Anxious
Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Coax Me
Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Come Along Little Girl
Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-In My Merry Oldsmobile
Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-My Irish Molly O
Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Right Church But Wrong Pew
Arthur Collins-My Irish Molly O
Arthur Collins-Preacher And Bear
Arthur Collins-What You Gonna Do Rent Comes Round
Arthur Pryor-A Band Contest
Bert Williams-George Walker-My Little Zulu Babe
Billy Golden-Turkey In Straw
Billy Murray-Bob Roberts-Won't You Fondle Me
Billy Murray-Cant You See Heart Beats All For You
Billy Murray-Come Take A Trip In My Airship
Billy Murray-Everybody Works But Father
Billy Murray-Give My Regards To Broadway
Billy Murray-In My Merry Oldsmobile
Billy Murray-It's Great At A Baseball Game
Billy Murray-Len Spencer-Cant You See Heart Beats For You
Billy Murray-My Irish Molly-O
Billy Murray-Tammany
Billy Murray-Whole Damm Family
Billy Murray-Yankee Doodle Boy
Bob Roberts-Everybody Works But Father
Bob Roberts-There's A Dark Man Coming With A Bundle
Byron G Harlan-Frank C Stanley-Battle Cry Of Freedom
Byron G Harlan-Frank C Stanley-In Shadow Of Pines
Byron G Harlan-Frank C Stanley-Soldier Boy
Byron G Harlan-Longing For You
Byron G Harlan-Wait Till Sun Shines Nellie
Byron G Harlan-Where Morning Glories Twine Around Door
Cal Stewart-Ada Jones-Uncle Josh-Aunt Nancy In Subway
Cal Stewart-Uncle Josh At White House
Columbia Qrtet-Kentucky Babe
Corinne Morgan-Frank Stanley-Just My Style
Corinne Morgan-Haydn Qrtet-Dearie
Corinne Morgan-Love's Old Sweet Song
Edison Military Band-Good Night Waltz
Enrico Caruso-Cavalleria
Enrico Caruso-Serenata Com'e Gentil
George Lockwood-Riding On Top Of Car
Harry MacDonough-In Valley Of Yesterday
Harry MacDonough-My Cozy Corner Girl
Harry MacDonough-Sweet Thoughts Of Home
Haydn Qrtet-Harry MacDonough-Down Slv'ry Mohawk Flows
Haydn Qrtet-Harry MacDonough-Grandfathers Clock
Haydn Qrtet-Harry MacDonough-In Shade Old Apple Tree
Haydn Qrtet-Holy City
Haydn Qrtet-My Little Canoe
Haydn Qrtet-Where Southern Rose Bloom
Henry Burr-In Shade Of Old Apple Tree
Irving Gillette-Girl From U S A
Irving Gillette-In Shade Of Old Apple Tree
John Kaiser-Casey Courting His Girl
John Philip Sousa-In Good Old Summertime
Len Spencer - Dr Jekyll+ Mr Hyde Transformation Scene
Len Spencer-Ada Jones-Courtship Of Barney And Eileen
Peerless Qrtet-Kentucky Babe
Peerless Qrtet-O Come, All Ye Faithful
Richard Jose-When I'm Away From You Dear
Silas Leachman-When Birds Go North Again
Will F Denny-Youll Have To Get Off And Walk

Ada Jones-Bullfrog And Coon
Ada Jones-I'm Only Star That Twinkles On Broadway
Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Bashful Henry And His Lovin' Lucy
Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Down On Farm
Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Fritizy And Louisa
Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Let Me See You Smile
Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Original Cohens
Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Peaches And Cream
Ada Jones-Moon Has His Eyes On You
Ada Jones-So Long Mary
Ada Jones-Waiting At Church [My Wife Won't Let Me]
Albert Campbell-Love Me And World Is Mine
Albert Whelan-Whistling Bowery Boy
Arthur Collins-Abraham Washington Jefferson
Arthur Collins-Bill Simmons
Arthur Collins-Brother Noah Gave Out Checks For Rain
Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Camp Meetin' Time
Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-I'm Crazy 'bout It
Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Leader Of German Band
Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Out In An Automobile
Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Paddle Your Own Canoe
Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Susan Kiss Me Good And Hard
Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Would You Leave Happy Home
Arthur Collins-Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo
Arthur Collins-I Dont Know Where Going But I'm On My Way
Arthur Collins-Parson And Turkey
Arthur Pryor-Silver Heels
Bert Williams-Here It Comes Again
Bert Williams-Let It Alone
Bert Williams-Mississippi Stoker
Bert Williams-Nobody
Bert Williams-Pretty Desdemone
Billly Murray-45 Minutes From Broadway
Billy Murray-Cheyenne
Billy Murray-College Life
Billy Murray-Everybody Works But Father
Billy Murray-Grand Old Rag
Billy Murray-In My Merry Oldsmobile
Billy Murray-Is Your Mother In Molly Malone
Billy Murray-Not Because Your Hair Is Curly
Billy Murray-Waltz Me Around Again Willie
Bob Roberts-Come Down Mcginty
Byron G Harlan-Edison Military Band-Dixie Rube
Byron G Harlan-Good Old U S A
Byron G Harlan-Keep On Sunny Side
Byron G Harlan-Wait Till Sun Shines Nellie
Cal Stewart-Sunday School Picnic At Pumpkin Center
Corinne Morgan-Frank Stanley-Moon Has His Eyes On You
Corinne Morgan-So Long Mary
Dewolf Hoppe-Casey At Bat
Edison Concert Band-Chopin Funeral March
Edison Military Band-Byron G Harlan-Dixie Rube
Edison Symphony Orch-La Belladora
Edward M Favor-Mcginty At Living Pictures
Elsie Baker-Silent Night Hallowed Night
Enrico Caruso-Antonio Scotti-Forza Del Destino-Solenne
Enrico Caruso-La Boheme-Raccantodi Radolfo Rudolph's Recital
Frank C Stanley-Harry Macdonough-Almost Persuaded
Frank C Stanley-I Want What I Want When I Want It
G W Kennedy-In Shade Of Old Apple Tree
George Alexander-Dearie
Harry MacDonough-Aint You Coming Back Old NH Molly
Harry MacDonough-Elise Stevenson-Because You're You
Harry MacDonough-My Old Kentucky Home
Harry MacDonough-When Mocking Birds Are Singing In Wildwood
Harry MacDonough-Where River Shannon Flows
Harry MacDonough-Will You Love Me In Dec As You Do In May
Harry Tally-On An Automobile Afternoon
Harry Tally-Wait Till Sun Shines Nellie
Haydn Qrtet-Billy Murray-Waltz Me Around Again Willie
Haydn Qrtet-In Dear Old Georgia
Haydn Qrtet-When Roll Is Called Up Yonder
Haydn Qrtet-Will You Love Me In December
Helen Trix-Bird On Nellie's Hat
Henry Burr-Good Night Little Girl Good Night
Henry Burr-Irving Gillette-Won't You Come Over To My House
Henry Burr-Love Me And World Is Mine
J W Myers-Good Old U S A
John Mccormack-Trottin' To Fair
John Philip Sousa-Moonlight
Julian Rose-Hebrew Vaudeville Speciality
Len Spencer-First Promotional Message On Phonograph
Len Spencer-Steve Porter-Flanagan's Night Off
Richard Jose-Nearer My God To Thee
Vess L Ossman-Buffalo Rag
Victor Orchestra-Glow Worm
Will F Denny-Nothing Like That In Our Family




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