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 Tom Corbett

2 MP3 CDs - 60 episodes

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"Space Station Of Danger Part 1"
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Kellogg's Pep, the buildup wheat cereal, invites you to rocket into the future with TOMMMM CORRRBETT, SPACE CADET!
Stand by to raise ship!...
Blastoff minus five! (Music Sting)
…four!(Sting)…Three! (Sting)…Two! (Sting)…One! (Sting)… Zero!

Tom Corbett, which also appeared in comic books and a newspaper strip, began its dramatic life as an early TV series. The show was fueled by the highly successful films, Destination Moon, and by Captain Video.

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Tom Corbett book coverTom Corbett blasted into "outer" space first in comics and newspaper comics, and had already blasted onto the small TV screen as one of the first TV kiddie's series in 1950. The same cast that did the TV show did the radio version, like Space Patrol did. Of course, there was no reason not to…the sponsor Kellogg's was pleased to get the kids as fans both ways. Jackson Beck, great radio announcer (Superman, Mark Trail) and actor (Hop Harrigan, Cisco Kid, Bluto on Popeye cartoons) counted down to the half-hours exciting adventures of the Solar Guards on "distant planets and far-flung stars."

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Based loosely on the Robert A. Heinlein (who also wrote for Beyond Tomorrow) novel, Space Cadet, and bringing along some space baggage from Flash Gordon and radio's classic Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, the stories are really quite good. They center around the voyages of the space ship Polaris, whose crew includes pilot Tom Corbett (Frankie Thomas), Tom's best buddy, the often hot-headed Astrographer Roger Manning (Jan Merlin), Astro, the alien from Venus who handled the Powerdeck, Dr. Joan Dale (Margaret Garland) and Captain Strong (Edward Boyce.) Commander Arkwright, head of the Space Academy, is played by Carter Blake.

Kellogg's PEP sponsor of Tom CorbettThe episodes are heavy on action, with good special sound effects for the blastings and power thrusters, and carry along with the action a very definite pride in Space Academy procedures and principals. In that sense, it was a forerunner of Star Trek that was still far off in the future.

Tom Corbett is remember fondly by young sci-fi fans as a thrilling show with very strong dialog ("Aw, go blow your jets…") and plenty of action taking care of space baddies that often sound just like hometown thugs. Imagine Hop Harrigan going into the Solar Guards 400 years from now. Tom Corbett, Space Cadet was there, rocketing into the future and adventure!

There are a bunch of great kid's shows on radio, many of them adventure and superhero serials, such as Captain Midnight, Superman, Green Hornet, Hop Harrigan. Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen, and Sergeant Preston of the Yukon. In terms of science fiction shows, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century ran throughout most of the 1930s and '40s, Flash Gordon and Space Patrol was another popular kid's show that was a contemporary of Tom Corbett, Space Cadet.

See also: Sci-Fi Listener's Favorites, Robots of Old Time Radio, and Aliens, Martians, and UFO's Collection.

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space cadet patch
Volume 1 - 26 shows - total playtime 9 hours 55 minutes

520103 02 Crystal Smugglers Of Titan (2-2)
520108 03 Rocket Into Danger (1-2)
520110 04 Rocket Into Danger (2-2)
520115 05 Space Station Of Danger (1-2)
520117 06 Space Station of Danger (2-2)
520122 07 Shanghaied (1-2)
520124 08 Shanghaied (2-2)
520129 09 Operation Hide & Seek (1-2)
520207 12 Doomed Cargo (2-2)
520221 16 Ice Caves Of Pluto (1-1)
520226 17 Trial In Space (1-2)
520228 18 Trial In Space (2-2) HQ
520304 19 Asteroid Of Danger (1-2) HQ

520306 20 Asteroid Of Danger (2-2) HQ
520311 21 Giant Of Mercury (1-2)
520313 22 Giant Of Mercury (2-2)
520318 23 Atmosphere Of Death (1-2) HQ
520320 24 Atmosphere Of Death (2-20 HQ)
520325 25 Mission Of Mercy (1-2)
520327 26 Mission Of Mercy (2-2) HQ
520401 27 Double Cross In Space (1-2)
520403 28 Double Cross In Space (2-2)
520408 29 Sparkling Meteor (1-2)
520410 30 Sparkling Meteor (2-2)
520415 31 Holiday Of Terror (1-2) HQ
Volume 2 - 34 shows - total playtime 10 hours 1 minutes

Tom Corbett
520205 11 Doomed Cargo 1o2
520221 16a longer Ice Caves of Pluto 2o2
520221 16b beeter Ice Cave Of Pluto 2o2
520417 32 Holiday Of Terror (2-2)
520422 33 Riddle Of Astro (1-2) HQ
520424 34 Riddle Of Astro (2-2) HQ
520429 35 Escort Of Death (1-2)
520501 36 Escort Of Death (2-2)
520506 37 Danger In Deep Space (1-2) HQ
520508 38 Danger In Deep Space (2-2) HQ
520513 39 Marooned With Death (1-2) HQ
520515 40 Marooned With Death (2-2) HQ
520520 41 Greatest Show In The Universe (1-2) HQ
520522 42 Greatest Show In The Universe (2-2) HQ
520527 43 Revolt On Prison Rock (1-2) HQ
520529 44 Revolt On Prison Rock (2-2) HQ
520603 45 Vultures Of Space (1-2) HQ
520605 46 Vultures Of Space (2-2)
520610 47 Satellite Of Death (1-2)
520612 48 Satellite Of Death (2-2)
520617 49 Pursuit Of Danger (1-2)
520619 50 Pursuit Of Danger (2-2)


Kids In Space
01Tom Corbett Space Academy Theme
02 Rocky Jones Pirates In Space
03 Captain Video Rocket Tubes Clogged
04 Tom Corbett At The Space Academy
05 Space Patrol Carter Kidnaps Carol
06 Tom Corbett Rescue In Space
07 Destination Moon
08 Captain Video Ambassador Henderson Disapears
09 Space Patrol Buzz Escorts Ship
10 Rocky Jordon Shipwrecked In Space
11 Rod Brown Of The Rocket Rangers Theme
Tom Corbett At The Space Academy (record)



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