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2 MP3 CDs - 227 episodes

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"Tarzan Rescues Jane's Father"
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James H Pierce
Jungle Adventure
(1932 - 36) (1951 - 53)

Tarzan ClubTarzan ranks in the pantheon of American hero characters, although real fans would tell you Tarzan was an Englishman. His author, Edgar Rice Burroughs, was an American born to a prosperous family in Chicago, who before Tarzan led a life full of failures. At the age of 35 he began writing - firmly convinced that he could write as well as most pulp fiction magazines required with absolutely no prior experience in the field. Like his literary predecessors Jules Verne, Alexander Dumas, Lord Dunsany Arthur Conan Doyle and Burroughs succeeded beyond his widest dreams with Tarzan of the Apes, published in 1914. He wrote the Tarzan novels, and many other novel series as well. All was fantasy adventure fiction for the masses- none considered great literature, but still in print worldwide,

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Burroughs himself was involved in the production of the first of the Tarzan radio serials, Tarzan of the Apes. It is considered to be the first major syndicated radio serial, and was popular from the start. This first serial gave the story of Tarzan and his background, and was very true to the novel. It also was good radio, with a vivid scenes and good sound effects for all the action. Burrough's daughter Joan played Jane, and her husband, James Pierce played Tarzan. The famed radio actor Gale Gordon (best known for principal Conklin on Our Miss Brooks) was Cecil Clayton. The second of the series, Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher, 1934, starred Carlton KaDell as Tarzan. Joan Pierce was pregnant, so Jane wasn't in this adventure. Also, Burroughs took more control than he had on the first series on this one, The Fires of Toth, begun in 1936, was the third and final serial series of the early era. All three are great jungle radio serials.

Jane and TarzanTarzan is one of our most popular adventure figures, so he was repackaged for radio, although it was many years after the early 1930s serials. Perhaps WWII made our battle with Europeans and Orientals more vivid in the public mind than the dark continent exploits of an imaginary Ape Man. In 1951, a new Tarzan show was produced, with Lamont Johnson and Tarzan. In the new format, a story was finished in a single half-hour show. Even though Tarzan had been a staple of Hollywood movies both good and mediocre throughout the years as a radio broadcast it was successful series late for old time radio.

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Great 1930s serial series are Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen and Captain Midnight, while the 1940s favorites are Dick Tracy, Superman, The Green Hornet, and I Love a Mystery.

For additional reading, see also Tim DeForest's article on Tarzan of the Apes. See also: Jungle Jim.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1 - 186 shows - total playtime 43 hours 55 minutes

Tarzan 32[1]0912 Ep001 Tarzansfirstbirthday
Tarzan 32[1]0914 Ep002 Battlewiththeapes
Tarzan 320916 03 Tarzan In Young Manhood
Tarzan 320919 04 Tarzan Attacked By Tabor
Tarzan 320921 05 Tarzan Sees A Ship
Tarzan 320923 06 Tarzan Rescues The Captain
Tarzan 320926 07 Tarzan Rescues The Captain Again
Tarzan 320928 08 Did The Bottle Really Go Overboard
Tarzan 320930 09 The Captain Is In Quicksand
Tarzan 321003 10 A Fight Aboard Ship
Tarzan 321005 11 Tarzan's Shack
Tarzan 321007 12 Mutinous Captain Killed
Tarzan 321010 13 Tarzan Delivers The Sailor
Tarzan 321012 14 Tarzan Rescues Jane's Father
Tarzan 321014 15 Clayton Tries To Rescue The Professor
Tarzan 321017 16 Tarzan Saves Clayton
Tarzan 321019 17 Tarzan Saves Jane
Tarzan 321021 18 Tarzan Reads Jane's Letter
Tarzan 321024 19 Morning Arrives
Tarzan 321026 20 Tarzan Presides Over Apes
Tarzan 321028 21 Tarzan Rescues Jane From The Apes
Tarzan 321031 22 The Professor Wants To Search
Tarzan 321102 23 Rescue
Tarzan 321104 24 Tarzan's Hut Afire
Tarzan 321107 25 Clayton Hunts Tarzan
Tarzan 321109 26 Tarzan Fires At Clayton
Tarzan 321111 27 The Ship Leaves
Tarzan 321114 28 Search Party Is Attacked
Tarzan 321116 29 Philander Is Captured
Tarzan 321118 30 Search Party Finds A Clue
Tarzan 321121 31 The Jungle Awakes
Tarzan 321123 32 Jane Is Captured By Cannibals
Tarzan 321125 33 Search Party Is Trapped
Tarzan 321128 34 Tarzan Learns More English
Tarzan 321130 35 Jane And Tarzan Go Into The Hut
Tarzan 321202 36 Search Party Makes Their Move
Tarzan 321205 37 Cannibals Choose The Professor
Tarzan 321207 38 Second Escape Try
Tarzan 321209 39 Jane Is Attacked
Tarzan 321212 40 The Poison Drink
Tarzan 321214 41 Ape Battles Snake
Tarzan 321216 42 Return Of The Ship
Tarzan 321219 43 Tarzan Saves Jane
Tarzan 321221 44 Tarzan Recaptured
Tarzan 321223 45 Reunited
Tarzan 321226 46 Escape
Tarzan 321228 47 Rain Comes
Tarzan 321230 48 Jane Receives Greystoke Locket
Tarzan 330102 49 Tarzan And The Crocodiles
Tarzan 330104 50 Rescuers Seek Safety In Cave
Tarzan 330106 51 Attempted Rescue
Tarzan 330109 52 Sounds In The Cave
Tarzan 330111 53 The Witch Doctor Escapes
Tarzan 330113 54 Witch Doctor Noises
Tarzan 330116 55 Tarzan Fires Dynamite
Tarzan 330118 56 The Cannibals Attack
Tarzan 330120 57 The Attack
Tarzan 330123 58 The Lion Attacks
Tarzan 330125 59 The Proffessor Collapses
Tarzan 330127 60 The Party Gets Mad At Clayton
Tarzan 330130 61 The Mutineers Return
Tarzan 330201 62 Jane Is Attacked
Tarzan 330203 63 Tarzan And Jane Talk
Tarzan 330206 64 Jane Is Captured Again
Tarzan 330208 65 Tarzan To The Rescue
Tarzan 330210 66 Tarzan To The Ship
Tarzan 330213 67 Ship Rescue
Tarzan 330215 68 Shipwreck
Tarzan 330217 69 Captain Tracy's Arm
Tarzan 330220 70 Others On The Reef
Tarzan 330222 71 Jane With The Apes
Tarzan 330224 72 Jane At The Dum Dum
Tarzan 330227 73 Elephant Stampede
Tarzan 330301 74 Lt Darnot Makes His Escape
Tarzan 330303 75 Tarzan Meets Mutineers
Tarzan 330306 76 The Escape
Tarzan 330308 77 Weeks Later
Tarzan 510104 The Decoy
Tarzan 510111 Black Ivory
Tarzan 510118 Hooded Death
Tarzan 510125 The Manuema
Tarzan 510201 Siren Of Omdurmara
Tarzan 510208 Black Gold Of Africa
Tarzan 510215 The Coward
Tarzan 510222 Female Of The Species
Tarzan 510301 End Of The World
Tarzan 510308 Across A Continent
Tarzan 510315 The Killer
Tarzan 510322 Jungle Legacy
Tarzan 510329 Jungle Orchids
Tarzan 510405 Gold Coast Robbery
Tarzan 510412 Life Or Death
Tarzan 510503 Contraband

Tarzan 510510 Lake Of Blood
Tarzan 510517 Congo Magic
Tarzan 510524 Jungle Heat
Tarzan 510531 Jungle Hijackers
Tarzan 510607 The Stranger
Tarzan 510621 In Captivity
Tarzan 510628 Gold Of The Sudan
Tarzan 510705 Stolen Jewels
Tarzan 510712 Drum Without A Heart
Tarzan 510719 Terror At Night
Tarzan 510726 Trouble Off San Laurencia
Tarzan 510816 Trophy Room
Tarzan 510823 Tarzan's Mistake
Tarzan 510830 Death Has Small Wings
Tarzan 510906 Magic Amulet
Tarzan Asher01
Tarzan Asher02
Tarzan Asher03
Tarzan Asher04
Tarzan Asher05
Tarzan Asher06
Tarzan Asher07
Tarzan Asher08
Tarzan Asher09
Tarzan Asher10
Tarzan Asher11
Tarzan Asher12
Tarzan Asher13
Tarzan Asher14
Tarzan Asher15
Tarzan Asher16
Tarzan Asher17
Tarzan Asher18
Tarzan Asher19
Tarzan Asher20
Tarzan Asher21
Tarzan Asher22
Tarzan Asher23
Tarzan Asher24
Tarzan Asher25
Tarzan Asher26
Tarzan Asher27
Tarzan Asher28
Tarzan Asher29
Tarzan Asher30
Tarzan Asher31
Tarzan Asher32
Tarzan Asher33
Tarzan Asher34
Tarzan Asher35
Tarzan Asher36
Tarzan Asher37
Tarzan Asher38
Tarzan Asher39
Tarzan Fire01
Tarzan Fire02
Tarzan Fire03
Tarzan Fire04
Tarzan Fire05
Tarzan Fire06
Tarzan Fire07
Tarzan Fire08
Tarzan Fire09
Tarzan Fire10
Tarzan Fire11
Tarzan Fire12
Tarzan Fire13
Tarzan Fire14
Tarzan Fire15
Tarzan Fire16
Tarzan Fire17
Tarzan Fire18
Tarzan Fire19
Tarzan Fire20
Tarzan Fire21
Tarzan Fire22
Tarzan Fire23
Tarzan Fire24
Tarzan Fire25
Tarzan Fire26
Tarzan Fire27
Tarzan Fire28
Tarzan Fire29
Tarzan Fire30
Tarzan Fire31
Tarzan Fire32
Tarzan Fire33
Tarzan Fire34
Tarzan Fire35
Tarzan Fire36
Tarzan Fire37
Tarzan Fire38
Tarzan Fire39

Volume 2 - 41 shows - total playtime 17 hours 42 minutes

Tarzan 1933 Recap 1
Tarzan 19xxxxxx Valley Of The Talking Gorillas
Tarzan 510419 D Is For Diamonds And Death
Tarzan 510426 Pirates Of Cape Bandeira
Tarzan 510614 Arab Vengeance
Tarzan 510802 Curse Of The Pharaohs
Tarzan 510809 Head Hunters Of Wombesi
Tarzan 510913 Strange Book Of Araby
Tarzan 510920 Cathedral Of The Congo
Tarzan 510927 City Of Sleep
Tarzan 511004 Jungle Odds
Tarzan 511011 All Presumed Dead
Tarzan 511018 Small Packages
Tarzan 511025 Ghost Of The Karmiki
Tarzan 511101 On The Road To Timbuktu
Tarzan 511108 Strange Island
Tarzan 511115 A Message To Fort Shabier
Tarzan 511122 African Thanksgiving
Tarzan 511129 Hunter's Fury
Tarzan 511206 Trouble Comes In Pairs
Tarzan 511213 Congo Murder
Tarzan 511220 Congo Christmas
Tarzan 511227 Hand Of Death
Tarzan 520103 Man From Another World
Tarzan 520110 Quicksands Of Wadehara
Tarzan 520306 Omen Of The Emerald
Tarzan 520313 Volcano Of The Sun
Tarzan 520417 Jungle Smoke
Tarzan 520501 Rays Of Death (Missing Element)
Tarzan 520508 Tarzan And The Lypagor
Tarzan 520515 Mask Of Montiki
Tarzan 520605 The Long Journey
Tarzan 530124 Trail Of Death
Tarzan 530131 Killer At Large
Tarzan 530207 Paradise Island
Tarzan 530214 Demon Of Rongu
Tarzan 530228 Simba Hudari
Tarzan 530509 Tarzan And The Lypagor
Tarzan 530516 Hot Rod Kid
Tarzan 530530 None So Blind
Tarzan Never Broadcast First Prize Death


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