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 Tallulah Bankhead

2 MP3 CDs - 53 episodes

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Tallulah Bankhead (DISK 1 ONLY) Guest Appearances
Tallulah Bankhead (DISK 2 ONLY) Big Show

"Tallulah Bankhead Hosts THE BIG SHOW with Fred Allen, Danny Thomas"
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Tallulah Bankhead
"Dahlings, I was wonderful!!"

Tallulah BankheadTallulah Bankhead was born Adelaide Eugenia Bankhead Born in Huntsville, Alabama.  Sadly, her mother died less than a month after she was born.  Her family came from a long line of Southern Democrats; her father was at one time Speaker of the house and her grandfather and uncle were both at one time senators.  Her real life and sexual exploits were perhaps more exciting and notorious than her career.

Tallulah Bankhead became known for her wild behavior as early as her teen years and soon moved to New York at the age of 15.  She soon earned the reputation as a party girl and moved to Hollywood in 1930s to make movies.  After some compromising interviews with news magazines (soon after the creation of The Production Codes), her career was briefly on shaky ground. 

Undeterred, Tallulah Bankhead continued to work on Broadway including in 1939 in The Little Foxes.  Her performance in Alfred Hitchcock's Lifeboat won rave reviews. 

As the host of radio's The Big Show, she was billed as the "the glamorous, unpredictable Tallulah Bankhead."  One anecdote explains, because Bankhead couldn't remember everyone's name on the show, she referred to everyone as "dahling."  She added fabulous ad-libs to The Big Show and gave witty and wonderful performances each week. 

This collection includes episodes fromThe Big Show in Volume 2 and radio guest appearances in Volume 1.  Tallulah BankheadMany rare recordings are included in Vol. 1 including Cancer Crusade Program and the Democratic National Committee Program from 1944.  Other series with Tallulah Bankhead guests appearances included in this collection are:

See also: Mae West.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Tallulah Winking
Volume 1: Guest Appearances
23 recordings - total playtime 14 hours 19 minutes

Bergen Mccarthy 460224 396 Guest Tallulah Bankhead
Bergen Mccarthy 461117 W Tallulah Bankhead
Bing Crosby 510221 056 Tallulah Bankhead And Peggy Lee
Biography In Sound 550306 08 Actor
Biography In Sound 560529 50 Fred Allen
Biography In Sound 561218 71 Fred Allen
Cancer Crusade Program 1955 Tallulah Bankhead Baseball Cracker Barrel
Cpsua 420904 029 Bankhead Froman Stoopnagle
Cpusa 420329 005 G Jessel C Miranda T Bankhead
Democratic National Comittee Program 441106
Fred Allen 460505 486 W Tallulah Bankhead
Fred Allen 461027 498 Breakfast Show
Guest Star 029 Private Lives
Hall Of Fame 440116 07 pt.24 Tallulah Bankheadfran
Mail Call 441026 115 Tallulah Bankhead
Recollections At 30 561107 20 Veterans Day Wars From Past
Rudy Vallee 370617 Fanny Brice Tallulah Bankhead
Screen Dir 501116 077 Lifeboat
Screen Dir 510215 090 Dark Victory
Screen Dir 510419 099 Humoresque
Theater Guild On Air 521116 127 All About Eve

Volume 2: The Big Show
30 shows - total playtime 41 hours 47 minutes

Big Show 501105 Debut Fred Allen, Jimmy Durante
Big Show 501112 Groucho Marx, Fanny Brice, Ezio Pinza
Big Show 501119 Jimmy Durante, Bob Hope
Big Show 501126 Fred Allen, Ed Wynn, Ed Gardner
Big Show 501203 Fred Allen, Phil Silvers, Margaret Truma
Big Show 501210 Clifton Webb, Charles Boyer, Imogene Coc
Big Show 501217 Bob Hope, Phil Harris, Louis Armstrong
Big Show 501224 Jimmy Durante, Ed Wynn, Margaret O'brien
Big Show 501231 09 Vivian Blaine, Jose Ferrer, Sam Levine
Big Show 510107 Fred Allen Danny Thomas
Big Show 510114 Jack Carter, Jimmy Durante, Martha Raye
Big Show 510121 Fred Allen, Judy Holliday
Big Show 510128 Danny Kaye, Ray Bolger, Gary Cooper
Big Show 510204 Fred Allen, Judy Holliday, Leo Durocher
Big Show 510211 Groucho, Martin & Lewis, Joan Davis
Big Show 510218 Fred Allen, Jack Carson, Ed Wynn
Big Show 510225 Judy Holliday, Jack Haley, Monty Woolley
Big Show 510304 Fred Allen, Herb Shriner, Ethel Merman
Big Show 510311 Jimmy Durante, Jack Pearl, Celeste Holm
Big Show 510318 Fred Allen, Ella Fitzgerald, Ethel Water
Big Show 510325 Judy Holliday, J Durante, Carmen Miranda
Big Show 510401 Groucho Marx, Bob Hope, Ethel Barrymore
Big Show 510409 Jimmy Durante, Milton Berle, Ethel Merma
Big Show 510415 Martha Raye, O De Havilland
Big Show 510422 Fred Allen, Judy Holliday, Joan Davis
Big Show 510429 Jimmy Durante Milton Berle
Big Show 510506 Fred Allen, Groucho Marx, George Jessel
Big Show 510930 2nd Season Premiere In London (Inc)
Big Show 520309 Fibber & Molly, Ethel Mermen, Peter Lorr
Promo 195X Duffys Tavern, Big Show



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