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 South African Rarities

2 MP3 CDs - 86 episodes

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"Night Surgeon Woman With Amnesia"
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Rare South African shows - Drama, Comedy, Horror, Detective, and Adventure, and Historical Programs

Get your ear ready to hear a countless collection of rare South African wonders. Whether it's drama, comedy, horror, quiz, detective, or adventure you seek, you are sure to find it all here. For the drama lovers, there's The Inheritors, a story about family wealthold time radio picture, power, and intrigue; or perhaps you've been itching to find the Finger of Fate, a show focusing on the moment in every man's life when fate takes a hand and his road is revealed by the finger of fate (one particular story is a fascinating one about a specialist in still lives).

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If history and documentary is your deck of cards, then pick up the phone and Call Back the Past. You'll be delighted to find Percy Sieff on the other end of this Thursday evening documentary. On each program Percy focuses on a different year in the past, pulling amazing archival sound clips and the most interesting information about the history of that year you'd ever care to hear. Or get your belly rolling with Deadline Thursday Night, a news satire program that boasts, "for your edification and your delight, we bring you the news on Thursday night!

South African FlagThere's no need to open the freezer to chill your bones, because Tales of the Supernatural will do it for you. It's the show of weird and strange uncanny tales brought to you from the world beyond the shadows. Listen to the tale of two ordinary people in the present year in which one rises again. Or perhaps your bones prefer the wrath of Mr. Cassius on Playhouse 90, a program that brings you stories from sensational playwrights around the world. Listen to the tale of Mr. Cassius, a man who has his heavy hand on everyone around him, a man whose family and business associates are his victims, a man who is the center of destruction. (So watch out!)

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Or change your tune and show off your smarts with quiz programs such as Test the Team, a Sunday evening program of general knowledge, questions and answers that come from radio listeners and are meant to stump a panel of smarty pants. Or rev up your engine with Wheels, and adventure program with stories of men traveling the highlands of the North American Continent.

Crack open that barrel of monkeys, because it's time for the Pip Freedman Show. Pip is a comedian that self-produced his own old time radio show and is well known for his terrific tune, "Traffic Cop, which hit #1 in South Africa. Then there's Father Dear Father, a comedy about a father, his two daughters, their boyfriends, loving wife and the nanny.

In addition to all these great programs, there are also some great takeoffs from American programs, such as Lux Radio Theater, Suspense, Navy Lark, and Nightbeat. And just to add a little more flavor to this fine steak of a collection, we have added a few commercials for other South African shows and products (including one in Dutch!)

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Disk 1 - 44 recordings - total playtime 18 hours 35 minutes
Afrikaans Cobus Robinson Skota Patoors
Afrikaans Staal Burger En Die Dodelike Dokter
Airport International
Airport International Above Suspicion
Boer War 03 The End Of The Boer War
Boer War 09 1881 The First Boer War
Boer War 21 1899 The Second Boer War
Call Back The Past 1911
Carling Collection1
Carling Collection2
Carling Collection3
Castle Lager Sports Quiz Frag
Comedy Caravan
Comedy With Shelly Berman
Darryl Jooste Miemps & Wouter
Deadline Thursday Night
Death Touched My Shoulder 66 Bridge Awash
Fab Show The Generation Gap
Father, Dear Father Bikini On Account
Father, Dear Father Magazine Questionnaire
In Sounds Malcomb Gooding
Kelly Tyres Sport Star Of The Week
Kosinski & Clancy Medical File Day They Burned The City
Lux Radio Theatre Sa 05 The Late Edwina Black
Lux Radio Theatre Sa 06 The Man Upstairs
Lux Radio Theatre Sa 07 The Meyerling Affair
Lux Radio Theatre Sa 15 Sailor Beware
Lux Radio Theatre Sa 16 Sound Of Murder
Lux Radio Theatre Sa 20 Trap For A Lo
Lux Radio Theatre Sa 22 You're Not The Woman I Ma
Medical File Life In The Dark (v) [sbr]
Medical File That People Might See (v) [sbr]
Mirror Of The Mind
Mirror Of The Mind Fleur De Lise
Mirror Of The Mind Music Box
Mirror Of The Mind The War
Music Of The Stars Eric Cordell
Music, Various Eric Cordell
Navy Lark
Navy Lark On The Beach
Navy Lark Secret Mission
Navy Lark Stamps
Navy Lark Train Journey
Disk 2 - 42 recordings - total playtime 20 hours 4 minutes
Night Surgeon Car Accident
Night Surgeon Confessor Of Crimes
Night Surgeon Mrs Warren Is Blackmailed
Night Surgeon Woman With Amnesia
Nightbeat Last Show The Bill Talmidge Story
Nightbeat Stone's Christmas Eve
Nightbeat The Carfullest Driver
Nightbeat The White Zombie
No Place To Hide 68 Operation Oblivion
Only If It's Fatal You'll Die Laughing
Pip Freedman Show
Playhouse 90 The Cassius Touch
Probe Episodes 112
Rod Steele Standin For Murder
Sexton Blake Detective The Enchanted Editor
Silver Jubilee 1o4
Silver Jubilee 2o4
Silver Jubilee 3o4
Silver Jubilee 4o4
Skip Show 21
Suspense I'm No Hero
Suspense Ransom
Suspense Something Short Of Murder
Suspense The Position
Tales From The Seven Seas The Man Who Made Knives
Tales Of Antiquity
Tales Of Antiquity (bad Fade At End)
Tales Of The Supernatural I Shall Rise Again
Test The Team 1
Test The Team 2
The Destined Hour
The Finger Of Fate
The Inheritors 1 Thru 4
The Inheritors 5 Thru 8
The Marriage Game
The Uninvited Old Debts
Two's Company
Wheels 1
Wheels 2
Win Place Or Show 451027 W Teddie Marr


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