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 Roy Rogers

2 MP3 CDs - 77 episodes

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"Legend Of Pecos Bill"
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Roy RogersAs a Western Figure in old time radio, Roy Rogers wasn't the gruff Matt Dillion on Gunsmoke or stern Luke Slaughter.  The public was well aware that Roy Rogers wasn't really rounding up cattle in turquoise fringed western shirts.  However, Roy Rogers glamorized the representation of American Cowboy and created an icon with a trick horse, a beautiful cowgirl, an amazing dog, a bumbling sidekick, and lighthearted songs. 

Roy Rogers was born Leonard Franklin Slye on November 5, 1911 in Ohio.  When he was a year old, his family moved onto a houseboat built by his father and blind uncle.  Four years later, the family moved to a rural cabin.  To make ends meet, his father lived away during the week and the young Len only saw his father on weekends.  Dale EvansWith a strong sense of curiosity, Len spent his days "figuring out things" such as raising livestock, hunting, farming, plowing, teaching animals tricks, play musical instruments, and riding a race horse.

About 4 years after coming to California, Len Slye got his break singing with the western music group Sons of the Pioneers and changed his name to Dick Weston.  In 1935, he appeared in his first film and continued working in the western genre.  Len Slye became "Roy Rogers" after Gene Autry temporarily walked off the set and the director needed a new star (Gene Autry came back to the set).  Roy Rogers was born and was soon dubbed The King of The Cowboys.

Roy Rogers and BullettWhat would a King be without his Queen?  Roy Rogers met Dale Evans on the set of The Cowboy and the Señorita.   Soon after the death of Roy Roger's wife, he and Dale Evans married and she was soon dubbed The Queen of the West. 

Roy Rogers had other important sidekicks.  He purchased the golden palomino Trigger in 1938.  No stranger to stardom, himself, Trigger already performed in The Adventures of Robin Hood.  Roy Rogers used his animal training experience from childhood to train Trigger Billed as "The Smartest Horse in the Movies."  Trigger knew 60 tricks and could walk 150 steps on his hind legs; he starred alongside Roy Rogers in 87 movies and had a starring role in The Roy Rogers Show.  Dale and ButtermilkHis German Shepherd Dog, billed Bullet The Wonderdog, could run next to Trigger and often saved the day by untying Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

The Roy Rogers Radio show changed shape and format during it's ten year run.  It was originally a western music and variety show.  The shows from the early 50's are still in the earlier mode of some action in a storyline, whether it be outlaws, or tall tales, or a good old-fashioned deed to the ranch cliffhanger. Somewhere the story is broken up by song, with "The Sons of the Pioneers" and Roy and Dale. The music was always first rate Hollywood-style western music, excellently played. Roy featured other singers as well, some not country or western. Sidekicks included the great Gabby Hayes, then Pat Brady, who went on to TV with Roy and Dale, and for a time in 1951, Forrest Lewis. Roy was a fine singer, actor, and riding Trigger, a pretty good cowboy, too.

A brilliant marketer, Roy Rogers' image was on everything including lunchboxes, comic books, playsets, folding knifes, cookie jars, cap guns, watches, and much more.  The Roy Rogers old time radio show had a number of sponsors by Post Grape Nuts Cereal (Roy's Favorite Cereal), Goodyear Tires, Quaker Oats, among others.  

The show closed with Happy Trails (written by Dale Evans) and performed in harmony with Roy and Dale

Happy trails to you, until we meet again.
Happy trails to you, keep smilin' until then.
Who cares about the clouds when we're together?
Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.
Happy trails to you, 'till we meet again.

For kid's favorite cowboys, listen to Tennessee Jed, Tales from the Diamond K, The Cisco Kid, and Wild Bill Hickok. For western adventure, there are a bunch, including Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel, Frontier Gentleman, and Six Shooter. See also the "Mexican Roy Rogers": Tito Guizar.

For more OTRCAT singing cowboys, see also:

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


Volume 1: Roy Rogers Show
59 shows - total playtime 26 hours 53 minutes

Roy Rogers 450123 110 W Sarah Berner
Roy Rogers 450508 125 Porter Hall Villain
Roy Rogers 450508 The Legend Of Pecos Bill
Roy Rogers 480328 Aud Case Of The Mysterious Puppet
Roy Rogers 480824 Mystery Of The Circle Efirst Show
Roy Rogers 510304 Wagon Raiders
Roy Rogers 511012 402 Ed Baileys Bad Luck
Roy Rogers 511019 403 Night Riders
Roy Rogers 511026 404 Prospecting Friends
Roy Rogers 511102 405 The Doug Manson Gang
Roy Rogers 511109 406 After Counterfeiters
Roy Rogers 511116 407 Lawmans Badge
Roy Rogers 511123 408 Debona Gang
Roy Rogers 511130 409 The Map
Roy Rogers 511207 Eight Convicts
Roy Rogers 511214 Bribe
Roy Rogers 511221 412 Prodigal
Roy Rogers 511228 413 The Da Bona Gang
Roy Rogers 520104 414 Andy Sales
Roy Rogers 520111 415 The Cattle Swindle
Roy Rogers 520118 416 The Owlhoot Trail
Roy Rogers 520125 417 Wake Of The Storm
Roy Rogers 520201 418 Bothered By Rustlers
Roy Rogers 520208 419 Loco Weed
Roy Rogers 520828 01 Paradise Valley Sweepstakes
Roy Rogers 520904 02 Diamond Smuggling
Roy Rogers 520911 03 Smuggled Pearls Via Frozen Salmon
Roy Rogers 520918 04 Red Danger & Black Gold
Roy Rogers 520925 05 Rodeo Yarn
Roy Rogers 521002 06 Smuggling Aliens
Roy Rogers 521009 07 Fred App Wants To Buy The Ranch
Roy Rogers 521016 08 About Indians
Roy Rogers 521023 09 Lefty Roberts
Roy Rogers 521030 10 Wailing Gold Mine
Roy Rogers 521106 11 Range War
Roy Rogers 521113 12 Lefty Roberts
Roy Rogers 521120 13 Trigger Has Been Stolen
Roy Rogers 521127 14 Stealing Cattle By Whirly Bird
Roy Rogers 521204 15 The Last Coach
Roy Rogers 521211 16 Boiling Treasure Chest
Roy Rogers 521218 17 White Buckskin Jacket
Roy Rogers 521225 18 Night Before The Night Before Christmas
Roy Rogers 530101 19 Corky Lewis
Roy Rogers 530108 20 The Key
Roy Rogers 530115 21 Gold Mine Spread
Roy Rogers 530122 22 Cash & Carry Rodeo
Roy Rogers 530129 23 The Shack
Roy Rogers 530205 24 Fireworks
Roy Rogers 530212 25 Uranium Claim
Roy Rogers 530219 26 Happy Birthday Sheriff
Roy Rogers 530226 27 Checkered Neckerchief
Roy Rogers 530305 28 Apache Grazing Land
Roy Rogers 530312 29 Domino
Roy Rogers 530319 30 Black Gold
Roy Rogers 530326 31 Rabies
Roy Rogers The Adopted Daughter
Roy Rogers The Missing Atomic Scientist
Roy Rogers The Upside Down Liberty Stamp
Roy Rogers Tornado

Volume 2: Roy Rogers Guest Appearances
18 shows - total playtime 8 hours 9 minutes

Bergen McCarthy
Bergen Mccarthy 430328 W Roy Rogers
Bergen Mccarthy 460331 W Roy Rogers
Bergen Mccarthy 470125 Roy Rogers
Bergen Mccarthy 470423 Roy Rogers
Bergen Mccarthy 471207 Roy Rogers

Bill Stern
Bill Stern 470613 393 W Roy Rogers

Bing Crosby
Bing Crosby 440629 With Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers Audition Bloopers And False Starts 480328

Bob Hope
Bob Hope 520610 San Diego Nas Dale Evans & Roy Rogers

Command Performance
Cpusa 440325 112 Don Ameche
Cpusa 440624 126 Maxine Sullivan N Eddy T Dorsey
Cpusa 450301 164 Helen Forrest Jack Ca

Fred Allen
Fred 421025 Roy Rogers Courting Of Jenny Sugs

Hedda Hopper
Hedda Hoppers Hollywd 510304 20 Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

Kraft Music Hall
Kmh 440629 With Roy Rogers
Kmh 490317 Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

Lux 440313 431 In Old Oklahoma

Night Before Christmas
521225 Roy Rogers Night Before The Night Before Christmas



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