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 Robots Collection

1 MP3 CD - 27 episodes

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"The Robot Killer"
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Robot & Woman

RobotThis collection includes the best science fiction old time radio episodes featuring robots. 

Humans have long been fascinated with the idea of a mechanical man.  The word robot is attributed to the Czech playwright Karel Capek's play R.U.R (Rossum's Universal Robots) in 1920. 

Many science fiction old time radio shows attempt to sift out the ethics of robotics and bigger existential questions like defining what it is to be human (free will, consciousness of being, self control, agency, etc.). 

Similar to Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, the topic of human invention gone awry with murderous robots is popular in science fiction old time radio shows.  In theory, robots are incapable of error, but because humans create them they are "imperfect":

  • In the old time radio show, "The Doom Machine" a robot is created to help gather energy from the sun with calamitous consequences. 
  • In the story "Almost Human," a scientist builds a robot named Junior capable of consciousness and judgment (Dimension X and X-Minus One). 
  • In X-Minus One, "Open Warfare," a scientist challenges a championship golfer to an 18-hole match-up against his golfing robot.  The human golfer and his caddy must put their heads together to beat the mechanical plaid pants putter.  
  • In 2000 Plus "The Robot Killer," a young suburban couple wins a robotic servant, but the wife has murderous streak.  In the show's opening a professor proclaims after the robot accidently kills a kitten, Are you a Robot?"You see what happens when fools play with science!"

In science fiction old time radio shows there are often ramifications of creating intelligent beings that can surpass man's abilities both physical and mental: 

  • In the Issac Asimov story, "The Liar," a robot develops ESP and reads the minds of its creators.
  • In "Marionettes, Inc." a man creates a robot identical to himself so that he can go on vacation away from his wife. 

This collection includes robots in science fiction old time radio shows including 2000 Plus, Beyond Tomorrow, Dimension X, Planet Man, X-Minus One, and many more.  

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

27 recordings - total playtime 10 hours 52 minutes

2000+ The Robot Killer
Beyond Tomorrow 500000 The Trouble With Robots
Dimension X 500415 02 With Folded Hands
Dimension X 500513 06 Almost Human
Dimension X 510830 46 Marionettes Inc
Exploring Tomorrow 580000 13 The Liar
Exploring Tomorrow 580000 26 The Trouble With Robots
Hall Of Fantasy 530727 36 Automaton
Man Called X 520304 74 Robot Weather Stations In Arctic
Mindwebs The Perfect Robot
Mysterious Traveler 440409 019 Beware Of Tomorrow
Planet Man 500000 68 A Robot Civilization
Planet Man 500000 70 Robot 012 Takes Over
Planet Man 500000 71 Who Is Robot T21
Space Patrol 540703 092 The Robot Of Vortena
Space Patrol 541030 109 Realm Of The Robot
SpacePatrol 541113 111 The Frightened Robot
Suspense 620304 915 The Doom Machine
Tales Of Tomorrow 530101 01 Watchbird
X Minus One 55-12-28 (031) A Logic Named Joe
X Minus One 550811 (013) Almost Human
X Minus One 551221 (030) Marionettes, Inc
X Minus One 560403 (045) Howto
X Minus One 560508 (050) The Seventh Order
X Minus One 570123 (085) Open Warfare
X Minus One 580102 (124) Prime Difference
X Minus One 730127 (126) The Iron Chancellor



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