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 Raymond Burr Collection

3 MP3 CDs - 124 episodes

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"Raymond Burr in Pat Novak for Hire"
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Raymond BurrRaymond Burr's characters were quiet and sullen, and in his early career, villains and heavies.  While people essentially think he is Perry Mason, he has a very long resume of television, stage, film, and radio roles.

Burr began playing roles of gruff customers in the films Raw Deal, Love Happy, and A Place in the Sun before beginning his accomplished TV career.  He appeared in several occasional roles, and it was in 1957 that he began playing the title role in Perry Mason.  He worked on the series until 1966, and returned for roles in made-for-TV specials from 1985-1993.

But there was also radio.  As he was becoming a known quantity in Hollywood, he was also becoming a star in the radio cosmos.  He appeared in Pat Novak For Hire and was a regular on Dragnet as the Chief of Detectives.

Raymond BurrThere, his cast mates were Harry Morgan, Ben Alexander, and, of course, Jack Webb. The show was known for its gritty and fearless realism, tackling sex and drug addiction.  It ran from 1949 to 1957 and goes down as one of the best-known radio shows of any genre.  Its catch phrases and style points have pervaded American pop culture.  

If Jack Webb insisted on strict realism for Dragnet, it was equally true that the creator of the series Fort Laramie did so.  This series, which ran for most of 1955, featured Burr in a starring role as Captain Lee Quince, head of the cavalry.  The show featured cerebral writing, delving into the psychologies of the characters.  This qualified it as an "adult Western," a sub-genre also included Have Gun, Will Travel, and Frontier Town.  One thing that enhanced this great writing is that the writers were veterans of Gunsmoke.  

Burr's Captain Quince led his second cavalry troop across hundreds of miles of frontier land in the Northwest U.S.  He was in turn compassionate and fired up with resolve.  

Collected here are radio programs featuring the man who would also enter America's households as televison's Perry Mason.  Pull up a chair and enjoy!
All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 50 recordings - total playtime 22 hours 56 minutes

Cbs Radio Workshop 560525 18 Little Prince
Cbs Radio Workshop 570421 62 Son Of Man
Cbs Radio Workshop 570630 74 Battle Of Gettysburg
Cbs Radio Workshop 570714 76 Silent Witness
Dangerous Assignment 490716 02 Sunken Ships Aka Sabotag
Dr Kildare 501020 39 Eddie Jenkins And Arsonist
Dragnet 490617 003 Werewolf
Dragnet 490624 004 Homicide, Bar Holdup & Shooting Aka Q
Dragnet 490707 005 Helen Corday Murder
Dragnet 490714 006 Red Light Bandit
Dragnet 490721 007 Attempted City Hall Bombing
Dragnet 490728 008 Big Missing Person, Juanita Lasky
Dragnet 490804 009 Benny T
Dragnet 490811 010 Woman Murdered And Mutilated
Dragnet 490818 011 Sixteen Jewell Thieves
Dragnet 490901 Myra, The Redhead
Dragnet 490910 015 Sullivan Kidnapping
Dragnet 490917 016 James Vickers Cop Killing Tunnel Chase
Dragnet 490924 017 Brickbat Slayer
Dragnet 491001 018 Truck Hijackers Tom Laval
Dragnet 491124 026 Mrs. Rinard, Albert Barry Motherinlaw Murder
Dragnet 500824 063 Big Chance
Escape 510718 Macao
Fort Laramie 560122 01 Playing Indian
Fort Laramie 560129 02 Boatwrights Story
Fort Laramie 560205 03 Squawman
Fort Laramie 560212 04 Woman At Horse Creek
Fort Laramie 560219 05 Boredom
Fort Laramie 560226 06 Captains Widow
Fort Laramie 560304 07 Shavetail
Fort Laramie 560311 08 Hattie Pelfrey
Fort Laramie 560318 09 Beasley Girls
Fort Laramie 560325 10 Coward
Fort Laramie 560401 11 Lost Child
Fort Laramie 560415 12 Stage Coach Stop
Fort Laramie 560422 13 New Recruit
Fort Laramie 560429 14 Quinces Capture
Fort Laramie 560506 15 Never Twain
Fort Laramie 560513 16 War Correspondent
Fort Laramie 560520 17 Black Hills Gold
Fort Laramie 560527 18 Sargeant Gorces Baby
Fort Laramie 560603 19 Dont Kick My Horse
Fort Laramie 560610 20 Young Trooper
Fort Laramie 560617 21 Winter Soldier
Fort Laramie 560624 22 Loving Cup
Fort Laramie 560701 23 Troopers Widow
Fort Laramie 560708 24 Talented Recruits
Fort Laramie 560715 25 Old Enemy
Fort Laramie 560722 26 Spotted Tails Return
Fort Laramie 560729 27 Nature Boy

Volume 2: 40 recordings - total playtime 19 hours 8 minutes

Fort Laramie 560805 28 Massacre
Fort Laramie 560812 29 Assembly Line
Fort Laramie 560819 30 Goodbye Willa
Fort Laramie 560826 31 Chaplain
Fort Laramie 560902 32 Return Of Hattie Pelfrey
Fort Laramie 560909 33 Buffalo Hunters
Fort Laramie 560916 34 Payroll
Fort Laramie 560923 35 Repeat Woman At Horse Creek
Fort Laramie 560930 36 Small Beginning
Fort Laramie 561007 37 Galvanized Yankee
Fort Laramie 561014 38 Still Waters
Fort Laramie 561021 39 Indian Scouts
Fort Laramie 561028 40 Last Show Army Wife
Ft 490824 132 Robert Of Sicily
Ft 491123 145 Courtship Of Miles Standish
Ft 500125 154 Lodging For Night
Ft 500308 160 Prince And Pauper
Ft 500628 176 Sir Lancelot Of Lake
Ft 500726 180 Julius Caesar
Ft 501115 196 Peter Zenger
Ft 501206 198 Robert Of Sicily
Lineup 501116 04 Trouble At Sea
Lineup 501221 Holsteder Case
Lineup 510111 Mad Bomber
Lineup 520610 89 Lobdells Poodle Cut Tomato Case Aka Hit Run Accident
Lineup 520722 107 Drinkler Kidnapping
Lineup 521008 Drinkler Kidnapped
Lux Radio Theater 501016 716 House Of Strangers
Michael Shayne 481218 25 Eager Victim
Night Beat 520717 102 Taste Of Peaches
Pat Novak 490220 302 Jack Of Clubs
Pat Novak 490227 003 Dont Tell Hilda Akamarcia Halpern
Pat Novak For Hire 490320 06 Rory Malone
Pat Novak For Hire 490327 07 Joe Candono Blackmail Pictures
Pat Novak For Hire 490402 08 Father Lahey Joe Feldman
Pat Novak For Hire 490423 11 Rita Malloy
Pat Novak For Hire 490514 14 Geranium Plant
Pat Novak For Hire 490521 15 Give Envelope To John St. John
Pat Novak For Hire 490618 19 Only Way To Make Friends Is To Die
Presenting Charles Boyer 500613 000 Adventures On Queen Of Sheba Audition

Volume 3: 34 recordings - total playtime 16 hours 45 minutes

Presenting Charles Boyer 500921 15 Adventure Of Painting 137
Railroad Hour 520526 191 My Maryland
Railroad Hour 530810 254 Trilby
Richard Diamond 520404 131 Enigma Of Big Ed
Richard Diamond 530823 155 Hollywood St
Rocky Fortune 540302 21 Doctors Dilemma
Romance 530926 Treadmill
Screen Dir Phouse 490119 003r Exile
Screen Directors Playhouse 490515 019 Hold Back Dawn
Screen Directors Playhouse 491017 039 Pitfall
Screen Directors Playhouse 500324 061 Chicago Deadline
Screen Directors Playhouse 500407 063 Fighting Oflynn
Screen Directors Playhouse 501228 083 Alias Nick Beal
Screen Directors Playhouse 510104 084 Prince Of Foxes
Silent Men 511028 Case Of Rubber Gloves
Suspense 481104 313 Death Sentence
Suspense 570310 689 Paralta Map Afrs
Suspense 570728 709 Murder On Mike Afrs
Suspense 571027 722 Country Of Blind
Suspense 581012 772 Treasure Chest Of Don Jose
Suspense 581221 782 Out For Christmas
Suspense 590607 805 Pit And Pendulumafrs
Whistler 520224 508 Matter Of Time
Whistler 520309 510 Breakaway
Whistler 520907 Secret Of Chalk Point
Ytjd 500411 045 Dead First Helpers
Ytjd 500509 049 Harold Trandem Matter
Ytjd 500720 059 Henry J Unger Matter
Ytjd 500810 062 Hartford Alliance Matter
Ytjd 501007 067 Richard Splain Matter
Ytjd 501028 070 Joan Sebastian Matter
Ytjd 501111 072 Adam Kegg Matter
Ytjd 530130 149 Kay Bellamy Matter
Ytjd 561230 519 Squared Circle



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