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 Rarities Adventure Detective

1 MP3 CD - 73 episodes


"Hearthstone of the Death Squad: Unheeded Warning"
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Mysterious Detective Man, Mr ChameleonThis collection is filled with hours of one show wonders. An extraordinary collection, Old Time Radios Rarities: Adventure and Detectives features extremely rare episodes from various adventure and detective radios shows - many of which were never before heard after their original air date (or at all!).

This disk contains unusual recordings including the curious episode of Fantasy as well as Batman and Robin Monsters of Dumprhey Hills. Both of these unique recordings were pilot episodes from series that never were created.

It also has some great episodes of Hearthstone of the Deathsquad, Mike Hammer, Troman Harper (Rumor Detective) and many others!

See also the Detectives Collection, Hard-boiled Detectives, and Soft Boiled Detectives. Fore more rare female detectives, see also Dame Detectives Collections: Female Crimefighters. See also: Rare Detective and Crime Shows.

(Please note that many of the rare recordings in this collection may be of inferior sound quality.)

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

73 shows - total playtime 27 hours 59 minutes

Action 80 1941 Nuclear Submarine
Batman And Robin 500905 01 Monster Of Dumphreys Hill
Black Ghost 1930 1
Black Ghost 1930 2
Black Hood 430830 Emerald Ring
Black Magic 1930 3
Black Magic 1930 4
Bob Barkley, Undercover Agent 1946
Bogart Presents 450917 Dead Man Audition
Bunco Squad 500415 The Book Worm
Buster Brown 471213 Shoot Down a German Plane
Call the Police 480706 Case of the Suntower Mystery Mansion
Chip Davis Commando Anniversary in Holland
Dann Dunn 01 Sabotage of Giant Bomber Ep 1
Dann Dunn 02 Sabotage of Giant Bomber Ep 2
Fantasy 470823 Entity from the Void Audition Pt 1
Fantasy 470823 Entity from the Void Audition Pt 2
Gus Gray 11 Nine Ivory Buddah s Ep. 11
Gus Gray 12 Nine Ivory Buddah s Ep. 12
Gus Gray 15 Nine Ivory Buddah s Ep. 15
Gus Gray 16 Nine Ivory Buddah s Ep. 16
Hawk 1930 09 no opening
Hearthstone 511213 Marriage Annulment Case
Hearthstone of the Deathsquad Unheeded Warning Murder Case
House of Mystery 450508 Monster In The Lake Chapter 2
House of Mystery 470803 A Gift from the Dead
I Cover the Waterfront 550829 Brother s Keeper Audition
Its A Crime Mr Collins Brown Alligator Briefcase
Judge 520213 Death of a Playboy Audition
King Kong Radio Version 1938
Latitude Zero 410211 First Show
Line Up 521119 Woman Murdered
Lost Empire 042 White Flower of Destiny
Man Named Jordan 450228
Man Named Jordan 450411
Mandrake The Magician 1940 Audition
Martin Kane PrivateDetective 531022 Part 1
Martin Kane PrivateDetective 531029 Part 2
MatthewSlade PI - Incredible Dr Lintz
Mc Coy 510424 Three Wayward Girls Pt 1 Audition
Mc Coy 510424 Three Wayward Girls Pt 2 Audition
Meet Miss Sherlock 46 09 12 Wilmer & the Widow
Michael Piper Private Detective Erie Basin Murder
Mike Hammer 540414 The Laura Fenton Case
Mr Chameleon 530424 Murder and the Million Dollar Smile
Mr Chameleon The Perfect Maid Murder Case
Murder Clinic 420818 Holloway Flat Murder Max C
MurderByExperts 490808 Dark Island
MurderByExperts 491226 The Case Of The Missing Mind
MurderByExperts 500424 Conspiracy
Mystery Award Theater 490613 Screwball Division
Notorious Tariq 470816 Audition
OHara The Judas Face
Operation Danger 500625 Audition Howard Culver
Other Horizons Saint Dennis Theory
Phantom Pirate 50 Last Voyage of the Sally Anne
Prowl Car Wilshire Werewolf
PValiant Prince Valiant becomes a Knight LP
Rip Lawson Adventurer 037 Meets the Dahi Lama
Rip Lawson Adventurer 038 The Experiment
SCanyon 480902 Fortune of Rubies
SCanyon Fortune of Rubies
Sexton Blake Detective The Enchanted Editor
SilverEagle Decoy for Death
Sleep No More 570116 Sleep no More the Waxwork
Special Investigator 1947 The Fake Diploma Mill
Stand By for Adv 1950 The Knife Audition
Tailspin Tommy 410905 Murder in the Sky Tungsten Mine 01
Tailspin Tommy 411003 Movie Murder
Troman Harper 421220 Do GI's Eat Alfalfa
Troman Harper 431024 Are All Chinese Communists
Uncle Ned's Squadron 5x1111 Title Unknown
United States Postal Inspector 470226 Aud w Warren Williams



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