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 Railroad Collection

1 MP3 CD - 85 episodes


"Ozzie Harriet - The Electric Train"
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Railroad Collection
Murder, Mystery, Comedy, Western, and Science Fiction

All aboard for the Railroad Collection, a collection of railroad stories that span across decades and genres. Wherever your destination, you are sure to enjoy the trip. If you’re headed west, lend an ear to Gunsmoke where you’ll hear a tale of a swindle for railroad land, or tragedies with gold trains. Or board the comedy train and enjoy Charlotte Greenwood’s trips to Hollywood and New York, or enjoy some hilarious train Bloopers. Climb aboard a train to the future with Dimension X. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for spooks and chills, you can board murder trains or mystery trains. But keep your valuable belongings close, because train robberies are popular in this collection. Wherever you are headed don’t forget the Railroad Collection, because it is packed full of chills, laughs, and entertainment!

For more railroad themed old time radio shows, see also: Railroad Hour, Empire Builders & Grand Central Station, Green Valley Line, and Mysterious Traveler.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

85 shows - total playtime 34 hours 34 minutes

Academy Award Theater 461113 34 Night Train
Adv Ellery Queen 430325 e51 The Circus Train
Alka Seltzer Time 531012 Choo Choo Train'
Alka Seltzer Time 531020 Choo Choo Train'
Beyond Our Ken 620104 The Great Train Robbery
Bloopers Vietnam Railroad Crossings
Boston Blackie 440714 Star of the Nile
Boston Blackie 461224 Derailed Gold Train
Boston Blackie 470924 Old 86 Is Missing
Cavalcade Of America 360415 028 Railroad Builders
Charlotte Greenwood 440808 Train Ride to New York
Charlotte Greenwood 451014 On Train to Hollywood
Columbia Workshop 390313 1130 In The Train
COTY 430923 0295 Murder on Train Time
Creaking Door 30 Who Stopped the Train Signalma
DAD760622 e56 The Royal Train
Dennis Day 470924 Impersonates Big Railroad Boss
Dick Cole 25 Man on a Train
Escape 530906 212 Train From Olbiefelde
Fire Fighters 062 Railroad Flats Discussed
Frontier Fighters 1935 e22 Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroad
Frontier Gentleman 580727 25 Jesse James part2
Great Gildersleeve 410831 Arrives In Summerfield
Great Gildersleeve 420503 Liberty Ship Christening
Great Moments W J Bryant RailRoad Question Waxcylinder
Green Valley Line 1934 e01 Spider And The Stranger
Guns 000000 000 Railroad Land Swindle
Guns 521027 The Railroad
Hawk Durango 470718 Mountain central railroad
Hawk Larabee 470718 Race to Build Two Railroads
Jack Benny 370328 826 The Train Po
Jack Benny 470504 1832 To The Train
Jack Benny 480125 640 On The Train To Hollywood
Jack Benny 540221 2524 Jack At Train Station
Jack Benny 540314 2527 On Train To Los Angeles
Jack Benny 550515 2834 Friend At Union Station
Jerry of the Circus 029 Railroad Bridge Problems for Circus
Judy Canova 451201 Train Trip East
Leonidas Witherall 441008 Murder On The Train
Let George 491219 Follow That Train
Lightning Jim 11 Union Pacific Railroad

LR 380429 0045 Train Wreck Plot
LR 380729 0084 Women Of The Wagon Train
LR 380831 0098 Land For The Railroad
LR 381012 0116 Wagon Train Survivor
LR 381104 0126 Railroad Bridge
LR 410312 0486 Robbers On The Railroad
LR 410623 0530 Death Train
LR 410929 0571 Train Robbery
LR 411003 0573 Relief Train
LR 420608 0676a Lumber For The Railroad 1o13
LR 430419 0811 The Train Wreck
LR 470303 1427 Runaway Railroad
LR 470331 1439 Railroad Survey
LR 470801 1492 The Gold Train
LR 510124 Train From Independence
LR 530504 2391 Train Robbery
Milton Berle 470826 25 Railroads
Msa Look What We Found Trains
Navy Lark Train Journey
Nightbeat 19520619 Railroaded
Nightbeat 520619 Railroaded
Ozzie Harriet 540129 The Electric Train
Phil Harris Alice Faye 500129 Train Tickets To New York
QuietPlease 480126 e034 Green Light
RedSk 461203 Railroads
RedSk Railroads
Ripley 080 Sad Day for a Railroad
Ripley 209 Gage of Railroads
Saint 510603 Train
Silver Theater 390507 (32) Train Ride
Superman 400223 e0006 Intro Train Switch Thrown
Superman 470000 The Flying Train
Suspense 530413 508 The Great Train Robbery
TIFH 580305 1109 278 Train trip to Brighton
Top Secret 500612 Night Train To Berlin
TopSecret 500611 0001 Night Train To Berlin
TX Rangers 520406 TROOP TRAIN
V&s 400202 Mr Donahue Gets Promotion
V&s 400503 Engine Cab Ride To Chicago
V&s 410400 40 Lbs Of Golf Clubs
Vic & sade 410224 Uncle Fletcher To Meet 1 Am Train
WBHickock 541115 e254 Grandpa Granger's Train Ride
Ytjd 500706 057 The Bello Horizonte Railroad


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