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 Radio Noir Writers Collection

18 MP3 CDs - 402 episodes

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Patricia HighsmithAlfred HitchcockThe unsung heroes of radio drama are the writers. We marvel at the creative genius of the Special Effects Man, and we tune in to hear our favorite actors. However, radio drama is first and foremost a medium for that most ancient form of entertainment, storytelling.

Writers need to tell stories nearly as badly as actors need to act, and few genres tax the writer's talent like film noir. Film noir is not really even a genre so much as it is a style. The term didn't even come into common use until the film noir era was nearly over.

Denied access to American cinema during the War years, French critics were shocked to see how dark and pessimistic Yankee films had become during the Thirties and Forties. Visually, the films were influenced by German expressionism, featuring dark lighting and sharp, linear contrasts. For all their visual clues, the story, the characters and the situations were the telling feature of film noir.

Before the French coined the term "film noir", these stories were considered melodramas. The term melodrama implies a story with exaggerated plot and characters to elicit an emotional response. Noir stories usually have a strong morality message. While the lines between right and wrong may be blurred, they do exist and we empathize with the character's struggle to stay on the right side of those lines.

The most familiar noir stories are those from the hard boiled detective school of pulp fiction world. These are also the elements which transfer best to radio. With few exceptions, the writers who make up our Radio Noir collection did not write for radio. Their workcomes to us from novels and short stories which were first adapted for the big screen. This does not lessen their impact as radio stories, in fact it enhances the experience.

The ability of radio drama to create even more vivid images in the mind than movies and television has been explored many times. However, this phenomenon can only occur if the listener has a visual reference already in place. This reference comes from photos, drawings, magazine covers and movies that the listener has already seen. Radio's power is to allow the mind to cherry pick through these images to create the most effective mental picture. In this way dingy waterfront scenes become dingier, the creases on the bad guy's suit become sharper, the heroine's doe eyes become mistier, and the flint in the hero's eyes becomes harder.

The biggest limitation to Radio Noir is not the stories, it is the 30 minute or one hour format in which the adaptation is forced to fit. However, this allows the listener to enjoy the complete stories in manageable portions. Our collection includes stories from Patricia Highsmith, Cornell Woolrich, James M Cain, Frederic Brown, Agatha Christie, John Cheever, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, W.R. Burnett, Rex Stout, and Alfred Hitchcock.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Agatha Christie: 18 shows - total playtime 8 hours 30 minutes

Campbell Playhouse 391112 The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd
Hercule Poirot 450112 00 Case Of Roving Corpse
Hercule Poirot 450114 00 Case Of Roving Corpse
Hercule Poirot 450222 01 Case Of Careless Victim
Hercule Poirot 450503 11 Murder Wears A Mask
Hercule Poirot 450517 13 Death In Golden Gate
Hercule Poirot 450712 21 Rendezvous With Death
Hercule Poirot 450719 22 Deadest Man In World
Hercule Poirot 450913 30 Adventure Of Money Mad Ghoul
Hercule Poirot 451116 39 Trail Led To Death
Hercule Poirot 451123 40 Murder Is A Private Affair
Hercule Poirot 451130 41 Bride Wore Fright
Molle Mystery Theater 460531 2034 Witness For Prosecution
Murder Clinic 421006 Tragedy Of Marsdon Manor
Radio City Playhs 490425 Witness for the Prosecution
Suspense 430518 042 Abc Murders
Suspense 431007 Philomel Cottage Orson Welles
Suspense 490224 329 Where There's a Will

Aflred Hitchcock: 23 shows - total playtime 16 hours 52 minutes

Academy Aw Th 460724 18 Foreign Correspondent
Academy Aw Th 460911 25 Shadow Of A Doubt
Alfred Hitchcock Show 480921 Malice Aforethought
Biography In Sound 550501 15 Actor
Forecast 400722 03 When You Were Twentyone
Hollywood Radio Theater Birds
Info Please 430122 Alfred Hitchcock
Lux Radio Theater 480126 600 Notorious
Lux Radio Theater 480308 606 Spellbound
Lux Radio Theater 500109 685 Sorry Wrong Number
Lux Radio Theater 511203 768 Strangers On A Train
Screen Guild Theater 420208 103 Mr And Mrs Smith
Screen Guild Theater 430104 125 Suspicion
Screen Guild Theater 430531 146 Rebecca
Screen Guild Theater 481118 401 Rebecca
Sdp 501109 E 076 Shadow Of A Doubt
Sdp 501116 E 077 Lifeboat
Sdp 510125 E 087 Spellbound
Studio One 480323 47 Thirtynine Steps
Suspense 480214 284 Lodger
Suspense 600214 840 Sorry, Wrong Number
Three Investigators [A Hitchcock] Secret Of Terror Castle
Three Investigators [A Hitchcock] Stuttering Parrot

Cornell Woolrich: 43 shows - total playtime 22 hours 27 minutes

Escape 480124 Papa Benjamin
Escape 490319 Finger Of Doom
Hunters 481129 Aud Take Ballistics
Lux 440327 432 The Phantom Lady
Lux Radio Theater 440327 The Phantom Lady
Lux Radio Theater 460520 Deadline At Dawn
Mmt 441128 1061 Nightmare
Mmt 450130 1070 Deadline At Dawn
Mmt 451012 2002death Is Caused
Mmt 451019 2003 Leg Man
Mmt 471128 2107 Two Men Infurnished Room
Mr Da Backstage Murder Al Graham Murder
Mystery Playhouse 441128 Nightmare
Mystery Playhouse 450130 Deadline At Dawn
Mystery Playhouse 451012 Death Iscaused
Quiet Please 490227 E089 If I Should Wake Before I Die
Radio City Playhouse 490404 Wardrober Trunk
Screen Guild 440911 211 Phantom Lady
Sdp 490227 008 Night Hasthousand Eyes
Sleep No More 561212 06 Three Oclock
Suspense 430302 031 The Night Reveals
Suspense 430615 046 Last Night
Suspense 430706 049 White Rose Murders
Suspense 430902 056 Singing Walls
Suspense 431026 063 After Dinner Story
Suspense 431202 068 Black Curtain
Suspense 440113 074 Dimedance
Suspense 440831 107 Black Path Of Fear
Suspense 440914 109 Youll Never See Me Again
Suspense 441019 114 Eve
Suspense 450920 159 Library Book
Suspense 451206 170 I Wont Takeminute
Suspense 460404 Post Mortem Agnes Moorehead
Suspense 460418 189 Night Reveals
Suspense 461212 223 They Call Me Patrice
Suspense 470313 236 You Take Ballistics
Suspense 480103 278 Black Curtain
Suspense 480515 296 Deadline At Dawn
Suspense 490120 324 If Dead Could Talk
Suspense 490428 338 The Lie
Suspense 490526 342 Night Reveals
Suspense 491027 356 Momentum
Suspense 500518 385 Angel Face

Dorothy Hughes: 3 shows - total playtime 2 hours 28 minutes

Lux Radio Theater 440214 426 Fallen Sparrow
Lux Radio Theater 471208 593 Ride Pink Horse
Suspense 430916 058 Crosseyed Bear

Dashiel Hammett Volume 1: Special Episodes:
14 shows - total playtime 9 hours 10 minutes

Campbell Playhouse 390310 14 Glass Key
Leo Is On Air After Thin Man
Lux 360608 084 Thin Man
Lux 400617 268 After Thin Man
Lux 430208 382 Maltese Falcon
Mystery Playhouse 440400 Thin Man Murder In Record Shop
Mystery Playhouse 441006 Thin Man Noras Night Out
Mystery Playhouse [The Thin Man] Nora Is Drugged
Mystery Playhouse Noras Night Out
Screen Guild 460722 306 Glass Key
Studio One 480413 Glass Key
Suspense 421222 022 Two Sharp Knives
Suspense 450607 144 Two Sharp Knives
Suspense 480110 279 Kandy Tooth

Dashiel Hammett Volume 2: The Fat Man:
47 shows - total playtime 21 hours 48 minutes

Fat Man 460121 The Nineteenth Pearl
Fat Man 460200 Twice Told Secret
Fat Man 460708 The Black Angel
Fat Man 460909 The Crooked Horse
Fat Man 471003 A Window For Murder
Fat Man 480102 Murder Plays Hide And Seek
Fat Man 480409 Murder Rents A Flat
Fat Man 490401 Murder Wins The Draw
Fat Man 490722 Murder is the Medium
Fat Man 510117 Nightmare Murder
Fat Man 510905 Order For Murder
Fat Man 01 Murder Squares the Triangle
Fat Man 02 Murder Plays the Horses
Fat Man 03 Murder Sends A Christmas Card
Fat Man 04 Murder Runs a Want Ad
Fat Man 05 Murder Wears A False Face
Fat Man 06 Murder Stalks the Dead
Fat Man 11 Murder Through a Crystal
Fat Man 12 Murder Makes a Ham
Fat Man 15 Murder & The Peacock
Fat Man 16 Murder Calls The Undertaker
Fat Man 17 Murder Seeks a Lost Penny
Fat Man 18 Murder Makes A Statute
Fat Man 21 Murder Rings a Bell
Fat Man 22 Murder Repeats Itself
Fat Man 23 Murder Rides a Wheelchair
Fat Man 24 Murder Finds a Coffin
Fat Man 25 Murder for Sale
Fat Man 26 Murder by Mail 471003
Fat Man 29 Murder Shows an Unfamiliar Fac
Fat Man 30 Murder Makes The Kings Coffin
Fat Man 33 Murder Makes a Black Moon
Fat Man 34 Murder Makes a Phantom Face
Fat Man 35 Murder Makes a Silent Partner
Fat Man 36 Murder Makes Music
Fat Man 37 Murder Writes A Story
Fat Man 38 Murder Meets An Uncertain Lady
Fat Man 39 Murder Shows A Card
Fat Man 40 Murder Makes A Payoff
Fat Man 45 Murder In The Dark
Fat Man 46 Murder Shows Eyes in the Dark
Fat Man 47 Murder Makes a Broken Heart
Fat Man 48 Murder Pays Dividends
Fat Man 49 Murder From The Past
Fat Man 50 Murder Made Stylish
Fat Man 51 Murder Takes A Picture
Fat Man 52 Murder Is Forecast

Dashiel Hammett Volume 3: Sam Spade:
79 shows - total playtime 39 hours 22 minutes

Sam Spade 460802 A004 Sam And Psyche
Sam Spade 460809 A005 Death & Dr Denhoff Caper
Sam Spade 470608 B037 The Calcutta Trunk Caper
Sam Spade 470615 B038 Convertable Caper
Sam Spade 471005 B054 Adam Figg Caper
Sam Spade 471109 B059 Bow Window Caper
Sam Spade 480104 B067 One Hour Caper
Sam Spade 480125 B070 Gold Key Caper
Sam Spade 480620 B091 Death Bed Caper
Sam Spade 480627 B092 The Bail Bond Caper
Sam Spade 480704 B093 The Rushlight Diamond Caper
Sam Spade 480711 B094 Wheel Of Life Caper
Sam Spade 480718 B095 Missing Newshawk Caper
Sam Spade 480725 B096 Mad Scientist Caper
Sam Spade 480801 B097 Dry Martini Caper
Sam Spade 480808 B098 The Bluebeard Caper
Sam Spade 480815 B099 Critical Author Caper
Sam Spade 480822 B100 Vafio Cup Caper
Sam Spade 480829 B101The Lawless Caper
Sam Spade 480912 B103 Lazarus Caper
Sam Spade 480919 B104 Hot Hundred Grand Caper
Sam Spade 480926 B105 Dick Foley Caper
Sam Spade 481003 B106 The Sugar Kane Caper
Sam Spade 481024 B109 Insomnia Caper
Sam Spade 481031 B110 Fairly Bright Caper
Sam Spade 481107 B111 S.Q.P. Caper
Sam Spade 481128 B114 Quarter Eagle
Sam Spade 481212 B116 Bouncing Betty Caper
Sam Spade 490116 B121 Betrayal In Bumpus Hell
Sam Spade 490327 B131 Love Letter Caper
Sam Spade 490410 B133 Stopped Watch Caper
Sam Spade 490417 B134 Report On Edith Hamilton
Sam Spade 490501 B136 Battle Of Belvedere
Sam Spade 490605 B141 Overjord Caper
Sam Spade 490619 B143 Apple of Eve Caper
Sam Spade 490710 B146 Queen Bee Caper
Sam Spade 490717 B147 Cuttyhunk
Sam Spade 490724 B148 Tears Of Night
Sam Spade 490807 B150 The Champion Caper
Sam Spade 490828 B153 Prodigal Daughter Caper
Sam Spade 490925 B157 Chargogagog
Sam Spade 491106 B163 Cheesecake Caper
Sam Spade 491204 B167 Flopsy, Mopsy & Cottontail Caper
Sam Spade 500518 B191 Red Anapola Caper
Sam Spade 500528 B192 Honest Thief Caper
Sam Spade 500903 B206 Farmer's Daughter Caper
Sam Spade 501117 C001 Over My Dead Body
Sam Spade 501124 C002 Terrified Turkey Caper
Sam Spade 501201 C003 Dog Bed Caper
Sam Spade 501208 C004 The Dry Gulch
Sam Spade 501215 C005 251235679 Caper
Sam Spade 501229 C007 Prodigal Panda Caper
Sam Spade 510105 C008 Biddle Riddle Caper
Sam Spade 510112 C009 Red Star Caper
Sam Spade 510119 C010 Cloak & Dagger Caper
Sam Spade 510126 C011 Chateau McCloud Caper
Sam Spade 510202 C012 String of Death Caper
Sam Spade 510209 C013 The Sure Thing Caper
Sam Spade 510216 C014 The Soap Opera Caper
Sam Spade 510223 C015 The Shot In The Dark Caper
Sam Spade 510302 C016 The Crab Louie Caper
Sam Spade 510309 C017 The Spanish Prisoner Caper
Sam Spade 510316 C018 Sinister Siren Caper
Sam Spade 510323 C019 Kimberly Cross Caper
Sam Spade 510330 C020 The Vendetta Caper
Sam Spade 510406 C021 The Denny Shane Caper
Sam Spade 510413 C022 The Civic Pride Caper
Sam Spade 510420 C023 The Rowdy Dowser Caper
Sam Spade 510427 C024 last showThe Hail And Farewell Cap

Dashiel Hammett Volume 4: The Thin Man
10 shows - total playtime 5 hours 23 minutes

lux360608 The Thin Man
lux400617 268 After the Thin Man
Thin Man 431010 Nora's Wedding Anniversary
Thin Man 441006 Nora's Night Out
Thin Man 441201 Plunger and Joan Winslow
Thin Man 480706 Adventures of the Passionate Palooka
Thin Man 480713 Haunted Hams
Thin Man Blue Serum (2nd ½)
Thin Man Murder in the Record Shop
Thin Man Strange Case of Professor Wainger

Frederic Brown: 5 shows - total playtime 2 hours 51 minutes
Dimension X 500506 05 Knock
Lux 461230 552 Crack Up
X Minus One 550522 Knock
X Minus One 560807 The Last Martian
X Minus One 561226 081 Honeymoon In Hell
James M Cain: 6 recordings - total playtime 4 hours 47 minutes

Lux 410428 305 Wife, Husband and Friend
Lux 410707 315 Algiers
Lux 421214 374 Algiers
Lux 540614 885 Mildred Pierce
Screen Guild 450305 235 Double Indemnity
Suspense 450308 133 ALT Love's Lovely Counterfeit AFRS

John Cheever: 2 recordings - total playtime 57minutes

Cbsrw 560511 16 Enormous Radio
Nbc Short Story 511214 23 Pot Of Gold John Cheever

Patricia Highsmith: 2 Shows: 1 hours, 51 minutes

Lux 511203 767 Strangers on a Train
Lux 540412 876 Strangers on a Train

Raymond Chandler Volume 1: 40 shows - total approx. playtime 19 hours 38 minutes

Philip Marlowe 470612 000 Who Shot Waldo
Philip Marlowe 470617 001 Red Wind
Philip Marlowe 470708 004 King In Yellow
Philip Marlowe 470805 008 Trouble Is My Business
Philip Marlowe 480926 001 Red Wind
Philip Marlowe 481003 002 Persian Slippers
Philip Marlowe 481010 003 Panama Hat
Philip Marlowe 481017 004 Where Theres Will
Philip Marlowe 481024 005 Heart Of Gold
Philip Marlowe 481128 010 Hard Way Out
Philip Marlowe 481226 014 Old Acquaintance
Philip Marlowe 490108 015 Restless Day
Philip Marlowe 490115 016 Black Halo
Philip Marlowe 490122 017 Orange Dog
Philip Marlowe 490129 018 Easy Mark
Philip Marlowe 490205 019 Long Rope
Philip Marlowe 490212 020 Lonesome Reunion
Philip Marlowe 490305 023 Friend From Detroit
Philip Marlowe 490312 024 Grim Hunters
Philip Marlowe 490319 025 Dancing Hands
Philip Marlowe 490326 026 Green Flame
Philip Marlowe 490402 027 Last Laugh
Philip Marlowe 490409 028 Name To Remember
Philip Marlowe 490416 029 Heat Wave
Philip Marlowe 490423 030 Cloak Of Kamehameha
Philip Marlowe 490430 031 Lady In Mink
Philip Marlowe 490507 032 Feminine Touch
Philip Marlowe 490514 033 Promise To Pay
Philip Marlowe 490521 034 Night Tide
Philip Marlowe 490528 035 Ebony Link
Philip Marlowe 490604 036 Unfair Lady
Philip Marlowe 490611 037 Pigeons Blood
Philip Marlowe 490618 038 Busy Body
Philip Marlowe 490625 039 Key Man
Philip Marlowe 490702 040 Dude From Manhattan
Philip Marlowe 490716 042 Headless Peacock
Philip Marlowe 490730 043 Mexican Boat Ride
Philip Marlowe 490806 044 August Lion
Philip Marlowe 490813 045 Indian Giver
Philip Marlowe 490820 046 Lady Killer

Raymond Chandler Volume 2: 40 shows - total approx. playtime 19 hours 42 minutes

Philip Marlowe 490827 047 Eager Witness
Philip Marlowe 490903 048 Bums Rush
Philip Marlowe 490910 049 Rustin Hickory
Philip Marlowe 490917 050 Baton Sinister
Philip Marlowe 490924 051 Fatted Calf
Philip Marlowe 491001 052 Tale Of Mermaid
Philip Marlowe 491008 053 Open Window
Philip Marlowe 491015 054 Strangle Hold
Philip Marlowe 491022 055 Smokeout
Philip Marlowe 491029 056 Green Witch
Philip Marlowe 491105 057 Fine Italian Hand
Philip Marlowe 491126 060 Birds On Wing
Philip Marlowe 491203 061 Kid On Corner
Philip Marlowe 491210 062 Little Wishbone
Philip Marlowe 491231 065 House That Jacqueline Built
Philip Marlowe 500107 066 Torch Carriers
Philip Marlowe 500114 067 Covered Bridge
Philip Marlowe 500121 068 Bid For Freedom
Philip Marlowe 500128 069 Hairpin Turn
Philip Marlowe 500207 070 Long Arm
Philip Marlowe 500214 071 Grim Echo
Philip Marlowe 500221 072 Ladies Night
Philip Marlowe 500228 073 Big Step
Philip Marlowe 500307 074 Monkeys Uncle
Philip Marlowe 500314 075 Vital Statistic
Philip Marlowe 500321 076 Deep Shadow
Philip Marlowe 500328 077 Sword Of Cebu
Philip Marlowe 500404 078 Man On Roof
Philip Marlowe 500411 079 Anniversary Gift
Philip Marlowe 500418 080 Angry Eagle
Philip Marlowe 500425 081 High Collared Cape
Philip Marlowe 500502 082 Sea Horse Jockey
Philip Marlowe 500509 083 Hiding Place
Philip Marlowe 500516 084 Cloak Of Kamehameha
Philip Marlowe 500523 085 Foxs Tail
Philip Marlowe 500530 086 Bedside Manners
Philip Marlowe 500606 087 Uneasy Head
Philip Marlowe 500614 088 Face To Forget
Philip Marlowe 500621 089 Gold Cobra
Philip Marlowe 500628 090 Pelicans Roost

Raymond Chandler Volume 3: 25 shows - total approx. playtime 12 hours 5 minutes

Philip Marlowe 500705 091 Girl From Pitchfork Corners
Philip Marlowe 500712 092 Iron Coffin
Philip Marlowe 500719 093 Last Wish
Philip Marlowe 500728 094 Glass Donkey
Philip Marlowe 500804 095 Parrots Bed
Philip Marlowe 500811 096 Quiet Magpie
Philip Marlowe 500818 097 Dark Tunnel
Philip Marlowe 500825 098 Collectors Item
Philip Marlowe 500901 099 Soft Spot
Philip Marlowe 500908 100 Fifth Mask
Philip Marlowe 500915 101 Final Payment
Philip Marlowe 500922 102 White Carnation
Philip Marlowe 500929 103 Big Book
Philip Marlowe 510707 104 Seaside Sabbatical
Philip Marlowe 510714 105 Dear Dead Days
Philip Marlowe 510721 106 Life Can Be Murder
Philip Marlowe 510728 107 Good Neighbor Policy
Philip Marlowe 510804 108 Long Way Home
Philip Marlowe 510818 110 Young Mans Fancy
Philip Marlowe 510823 00x Heir For Gstring Rehearsal
Philip Marlowe 510825 111 Heir For Gstring
Philip Marlowe 510830 00x Nether Nether Land Rehearsal
Philip Marlowe 510901 112 Nether Nether Land
Philip Marlowe 510908 113 Medium Was Rare
Philip Marlowe 510915 114 Sound And Unsound

Raymond Chandler Volume 4: 9 shows - total approx. playtime 6 hours 47 minutes

Hollywood Star Time 460608 Murder My Sweet
Lux 450521 485 And Now Tomorrow
Lux 450611 487 Murder, My Sweet
Lux 480209 603 Lady in the Lake
Lux 511203 767 Strangers on a Train
Lux 540412 876 Strangers on a Train
MMT 460405 2026 Murder In City Hall
Suspense 450419 Pearls Are a Nuisance
Suspense 480110 Khandi Tooth Caper
Rex Stout: 32 shows - total playtime 15 hours 30 minutes
Author Meets Critics 490102 Larks In Popcorn
Info Please 390328 Rex Stout Moss Hart
Info Please 390829 Rex Stout Wilfrid Funk
Info Please 390926 Rex Stout Carl Van Doren
Info Please 410418 Rex Stout Henry Curran
Nero Wolfe 400700 Last Laugh Murder Santos Ortega
Nero Wolfe 461215 Shakespeare Portfolio Francis Bushman
Nero Wolfe 501020 e01 Stamped for Murder
Nero Wolfe 501027 E02 Care Worn Cuff
Nero Wolfe 501103 E03 Dear, Dead Lady
Nero Wolfe 501117 E05 Careless Cleaner
Nero Wolfe 501124 E06 Beautiful Archer
Nero Wolfe 501201 E07 Brave Rabbit
Nero Wolfe 501208 E08 Impolite Corpse
Nero Wolfe 501215 E09 Girl Who Cried Wolfe
Nero Wolfe 501222 E10 Slaughtered Santas
Nero Wolfe 501229 E11 Bashful Body
Nero Wolfe 510105 e12 Deadly SellOut
Nero Wolfe 510112 E13 Killer Cards
Nero Wolfe 510119 E14 Calculated Risk
Nero Wolfe 510126 E15 Phantom Fingers
Nero Wolfe 510202 E16 Vanishing Shells
Nero Wolfe 510216 E17 Party For Death
Nero Wolfe 510223 E18 Malevolent Medic
Nero Wolfe 510302 E19 Hasty Will
Nero Wolfe 510309 E20 Disappearing Diamonds
Nero Wolfe 510316 E21 Midnight Ride
Nero Wolfe 510323 E22 Final Page
Nero Wolfe 510330 E23 Telltale Ribbon
Nero Wolfe 510406 E24 Slight Case Of Perjury
Nero Wolfe 510420 E25 Lost Heir
Nero Wolfe 510427 E26 Room 304
WR Burnett: 4 shows - total playtime 3 hours 53 minutes

Lux 421026 Wake Island
Lux 430125 380 This Gun For Hire
Lux 440515 439 Action In North Atlantic
Lux 471117 590 Nobody Lives Forever



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