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 Orson Welles Collection

7 MP3 CDs - 341 episodes

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Orson Welles
Retrospective (1936 - early 1950s)

Orson WellesBest known for his airing of "War of the Worlds", Orson Welles made numerous appearances on a variety of different shows during his magnificent radio career. He was truly a creative genius in radio, before he went on to Hollywood.

Between 1936 and 1941, Orson Welles was involved in more than a hundred radio drama productions as writer, actor and director. From this and his films, he is considered one of the outstanding figures in American creative arts. He continued on radio through the early 1950s.

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Radio was the golden key to his rise to fame. In September of 1937, Welles became the initially uncredited lead in the popular radio series, The Shadow. Writer Walter E. Gibson had created the character for the pulps; it grew into nationwide popularity due to it's fine adaptation to radio. From the first, Welles did the scripts with no rehearsal which, along with his wonderful voice and acting, gave the overtly melodramatic scripts an intelligence and urgency that was very different from other adventures on the radio dial.

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While doing radio shows during the day, Welles and John Houseman worked nights producing a dramatic scene in New York City - The Mercury Theater. The work was excellently received but some shows were so was politically charged that attempted governmental control was rumored. It seemed that Welle's outsider genius status was already effecting his radio prestige.

In spite of that, Welles was offered a slot on network radio for his fine creative radio theatre in 1938. Each week they would do a full hour of quality drama, with Pabst Beer sponsoring the show. The Mercury Theater embraced thrillers such as Dracula and War of the Worlds, and the classics of literature such as Pickwick Papers and Tale of Two Cities. The notoriety of War of the Worlds got Campbell Soups interested, and so the new Campbell Playhouse continued where The Mercury Theater left off, with the same great actors and quality treatments of dramatic classic and original radio material, some written by Welles himself.

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Orson WellsOrson continued to be a famous radio star post-Mercury Theater, and made many appearances on almost all the major radio shows of the time, as well as continuing his dramatic work on such shows as Norman Corwin's prestigious Columbia Theater Workshop and Suspense.

Later in Welles career after the creation of his great role in the film The Third Man, he was offered the Lime character in a radio series based on the movie. The Adventures of Harry Lime, it was called, but it continued to be known to the public as The Third Man. Produced in 1951 - 52, and then transcribed for America, of course it featured the atmospheric music of Anton Karas. Orson WellesWelles is able to make Harry Lime suave yet duplicitous while always working some scam or other for a hasty profit. Lovers of noir and the hard boiled school will admire the show's subtle European variations on the themes of crime and (escape from) punishment.

During that same period, Orson found time to do another UK production, The Black Museum. This was Scotland Yard's "mausoleum of murder," a "repository of crime." As narrator, Welles walked through the echoing museum, picking an common object and relating its criminal past.

The legendary Orson Welles was a phenomenon in the radio and cinema worlds, but his individual genius and auteurism were inherently counter-establishment. While remaining a famous personality, he lived to see his creative clout slowly diminish, until he was known for doing American TV commercials.

That he lives on in these truly magnificent radio works would seem to prove that "he who laughs last, laughs best".

See also: Orson Welles' Lear Old Time Radio Show.

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Volume 1 - 84 shows - total playtime 34 hours 17 minutes

Orson Welles Almanac 440126 01 Groucho Marx
Orson Welles Almanac 440202 02 Lionel Barrymore
Orson Welles Almanac 440322 Hamlet
Orson Welles Almanac 440503 15 Lucille Ball
Orson Welles Almanac 440607 20 Dday Program

Bergen and McCarthy
Bm440402 Orson Welles And Jane Powell
Bm441029 Halloween With Orson Welles
Bm441105 World Of Tomorrow (with Orson Welles)

Black Museum
Black Museum - 01 The .22 Caliber Pistol AKA Little Blue 22
Black Museum - 02 .32 Calibre Bullet
Black Museum - 03 Bath Tub
Black Museum - 04 The Black Gladstone Bag
Black Museum - 05 The Brick
Black Museum - 06 The Brass Button
Black Museum - 07 Can of Weed Killer
Black Museum - 08 Canvas Bag
Black Museum - 09 The Car Tire
Black Museum - 10 The Champagne Glass
Black Museum - 11 A Claw Hammer
Black Museum - 12 Door Key
Black Museum - 13 The Yellow Scarf
Black Museum - 14 Four Small Bottles
Black Museum - 15 French-English Dictionary
Black Museum - 16 Gas Receipt
Black Museum - 17 Frosted Glass Shards
Black Museum - 18 The Hammerhead
Black Museum - 19 The Jack Handle
Black Museum - 20 jar of acid
Black Museum - 21 The Khaki Handkerchief
Black Museum - 22 A Lady's Shoe
Black Museum - 23 The Leather Bag
Black Museum - 24 A Letter
Black Museum - 25 The Mandolin String
Black Museum - 26 Meat Juice
Black Museum - 27 The Notes
Black Museum - 28 The Old Wooden Mallet
Black Museum - 29 The Open End Wrench
Black Museum - 30 A Pair Of Spectacles
Black Museum - 31 A Piece Of Iron Chain
Black Museum - 32 The Pink Powderpuff
Black Museum - 33 Post Card With Picture Of The Rising Sun
Black Museum - 34 A Prescription
Black Museum - 35 The Raincoat
Black Museum - 36 Length of Sash Cord
Black Museum - 37 Auto Service Card
Black Museum - 38 The Sheath Knife
Black Museum - 39 The Shopping Bag
Black Museum - 40 Shilling
Black Museum - 41 A Silencer
Black Museum - 42 The Small White Boxes
Black Museum - 43 The Spotted Bedsheet
Black Museum - 44 The Straight Razor
Black Museum - 45 The Tan Shoe
Black Museum - 46 The Telegram
Black Museum - 47 The Trunk
Black Museum - 48 Two Bullets
Black Museum - 49 Walking Stick
Black Museum - 50 A Women's Pigskin Glove
Black Museum - 51 last show The Wool Jacket

Orson Upset During Rehearsal
Orson Welles 1
Orson Welles 2
Orson Welles 3
Ow Blooper Tale Of 2 Cities

Cavalcade of America
Cav411215 257 The Great Man Votes
Cav420928 298 Juarez
Cav421005 299 I Was Married On Bataan
Cav421026 302 In The Best Traditions

Ceiling Unlimited
Ceiling Unlimited 430201 Orson Welles
Ceiling Unlimited 440000 Gremlin Troubles
Ceiling Unlimited 440000 Rulers of the Earth
Ceiling Unlimited 440000 Secret Agent 23
Ceiling Unlimited 440000 Voyages by Man in Time and Spac

Columbia Workshop
Columbia Workshop 360919 109 Hamlet 1o2
Columbia Workshop 361114 116 Hamlet 2o2
Columbia Workshop 370411 Fall Of The City

Command Performance
Cp431221 099 Kate Smith, Orson Welles, Fre
Cp450719 184 J.canova H.shriner O.welles Donna D
Cp450814 000 Victory Special
Cp450902 000 Vj Day Special

Fred Allen
Fred 391108 The Doughnut Master
Fred 421018 Les Miserables
Fred 460303 Orson Welles Les Miserables (afrs)

GI Journal
Gi Journal 441215 073 Welles Faye Mackenzie
Gi Journal 450615 099 Fred Waring Kate Smith Orson Welles

Volume 2 (Campbell's Playhouse Vol. 1) - 24 shows - total playtime 21 hours 48 minutes

Campbell Playhouse 381209 01 Rebecca
Campbell Playhouse 381223 03 poor Christmas Carol
Campbell Playhouse 390106 05 CounseloratLaw
Campbell Playhouse 390113 06 mutiny On The Bounty
Campbell Playhouse 390127 08 Lost my Girlish Laughter
Campbell Playhouse 390203 09 Arrowsmith
Campbell Playhouse 390210 10 The Green Goddess
Campbell Playhouse 390310 14 Glass Key
Campbell Playhouse 390317 15 Beau Geste
Campbell Playhouse 390324 16 Twentieth Century
Campbell Playhouse 390331 17 Showboat
Campbell Playhouse 390414 19 The Patriot

Campbell Playhouse 390421 20 Private Lives
Campbell Playhouse 390505 22 Wickford Point
Campbell Playhouse 390512 23 Our Town
Campbell Playhouse 390519 24 incl The Bad Man
Campbell Playhouse 390526 25 American Caval Things We
Campbell Playhouse 390602 26 Victoria Regina
Campbell Playhouse 390910 27 Peter Ibbetson
Campbell Playhouse 390917 28 Ah, Wilderness
Campbell Playhouse 390924 29 What Every Woman Knows
Campbell Playhouse 391001 30 Count of Monte Cristo
Campbell Playhouse 391008 31 Algiers
Campbell Playhouse 391015 32 Escape

Volume 3 (Campbell's Playhouse Vol. 2) - 24 shows - total playtime 19 hours 31 minutes

Campbell Playhouse 391022 33 Liliom
Campbell Playhouse 391029 34 Magnificent Ambersons
Campbell Playhouse 391105 35 The Hurricane
Campbell Playhouse 391112 36 Murder of Rodger Ackroyd
Campbell Playhouse 391119 37 Garden Of Allah
Campbell Playhouse 391126 38 Dodsworth
Campbell Playhouse 391203 39 Lost Horizon
Campbell Playhouse 391210 40 Vanessa
Campbell Playhouse 391217 41 There's Always a Woman
Campbell Playhouse 391224 42 A Christmas Carol
Campbell Playhouse 400107 44 Vanity Fair
Campbell Playhouse 400114 45 Theodora Goes Wild
Campbell Playhouse 400121 46 The Citadel

Campbell Playhouse 400128 47 incl It Happened One Night
Campbell Playhouse 400204 48 Broome Stages
Campbell Playhouse 400211 49 incl Mr Deeds Goes To Town
Campbell Playhouse 400218 50 Dinner At Eight
Campbell Playhouse 400225 51 Only Angels Have Wings
Campbell Playhouse 400303 52 Rabble In Arms
Campbell Playhouse 400310 53 Craig's Wife
Campbell Playhouse 400317 54 HuckleberryFinn
Campbell Playhouse 400324 55 June Moon w Jack Benny
Campbell Playhouse 400331 56 Jane Eyre
Extra: Campbell Playhouse 401028 H.G. Wells Meets Orson Welles

Volume 4 - 87 shows - total playtime 40 hours 39 minutes

Hall of Fame
Hall Of Fame 441008 Orson Welles,mary Martin, Burle Ives
Hall Of Fame 441224 Bing Crosby,orson Welles

Harry Lime (The Third Man)
Harry Lime 510803 001 Toomanycrooks
Harry Lime 510810 002 Seenaplesandlive
Harry Lime 510817 003 Claypidgeon
Harry Lime 510824 004 Tickettotangier
Harry Lime 510831 005 Voodoo
Harry Lime 510907 006 Thebohemianstar
Harry Lime 510914 007 Loveaffair
Harry Lime 510921 008 Roguesholiday
Harry Lime 510928 009 Workofart
Harry Lime 511005 010 Operationmusicbox
Harry Lime 511012 011 Goldenfleece
Harry Lime 511019 012 Bluebride
Harry Lime 511026 013 Everyframehasasilverlining
Harry Lime 511102 014 Mexicanhattrick
Harry Lime 511109 015 Artislongandlimeisfleeting
Harry Lime 511116 016 Inpursuitofaghost
Harry Lime 511123 017 Horseplay
Harry Lime 511130 018 3farthingsforyourthoughts
Harry Lime 511207 019 Thethirdwoman
Harry Lime 511214 020 Anoldmoorishcustom
Harry Lime 511221 021 It'saknockout
Harry Lime 511228 022 Twoiscompany
Harry Lime 520104 023 Cherchezlagem
Harry Lime 520111 024 Handofglory
Harry Lime 520118 025 Thedoubledoublecross
Harry Lime 520125 026 5000pengoesandakiss
Harry Lime 520201 027 Thedarkenchantress
Harry Lime 520208 028 Earlontroubledwaters
Harry Lime 520215 029 Deadcandidate
Harry Lime 520222 030 Itsinthebag
Harry Lime 520229 031 Hyacinthpatrol
Harry Lime 520307 032 Turnaboutisfoulplay
Harry Lime 520314 033 Violetssweetviolets
Harry Lime 520321 034 Faithlimeandcharity
Harry Lime 520328 035 Pleasurebeforebusiness
Harry Lime 520404 036 Foolsgold
Harry Lime 520411 037 Manofmystery
Harry Lime 520418 038 Thepaintedsmile
Harry Lime 520425 039 Harrylimejoinsthecircus
Harry Lime 520502 040 Suziescue
Harry Lime 520509 041 Vive Le Chance
Harry Lime 520516 042 Theelusivevemeer
Harry Lime 520523 043 Murderontheriveria
Harry Lime 520530 044 Pearlsofbohemia
Harry Lime 520606 045 Anightintheharem
Harry Lime 520613 046 Blackmailisanastyword
Harry Lime 520620 047 Theprofessorregrets
Harry Lime 520627 048 Thehardway
Harry Lime 520704 049 Parisisnotthesame
Harry Lime 520711 050 Honeymoon
Harry Lime 520718 051 Bluecaribou
Harry Lime 520725 052 Greekmeetsgreek

Hello Americans
Hello Americans 421115 01 Carman Miranda
Hello Americans 421122 02 Christ Of The Andes
Hello Americans 421129 03 Santa Domingo Hiati
Hello Americans 421206 04 1o2 Alphabet Of The Islands
Hello Americans 421213 05 2o2 Alphabet Of The Islands
Hello Americans 421220 06 Abednego
Hello Americans 421227 07 Bad Will Ambassador
Hello Americans 430103 08 Rhythms Of The Americas
Hello Americans 430110 09 Mexico
Hello Americans 430117 10 Feed To The World-bad Snd
Hello Americans 430124 11 Rhythms Of The Americas
Hello Americans 430131 12 Panamericanism

Ktsa 401028 H.g.wells Meets Orson Welles (7min.)

Jack Benny
Jb400317 Jack Benny Takes Dramatic Lessons Frm Orson
Jb430314 Host Orson Welles
Jb430321 Jack Visits Orson Welles
Jb430328 Host Orson Welles
Jb430411 Jack Returns

Les Miserables
Les Miserables - Orson Welles.txt
Les Miserables Part 1 The Bishop
Les Miserables Part 2 Javert
Les Miserables Part 3 The Trial
Les Miserables Part 4 Cosette
Les Miserables Part 5 The Grave
Les Miserables Part 6 The Barricade
Les Miserables Part 7 Conclusion

Volume 5 - Mercury Theater - 40 shows - total playtime 27 hours 53 minutes

Mercury Theater 380711 101 Dracula
Mercury Theater 380718 102 Treasure Island
Mercury Theater 380725 103 Tale Of Two Cities
Mercury Theater 380801 104 The 39 Steps
Mercury Theater 380808 105 Three Short Stories
Mercury Theater 380815 106 Abraham Lincoln
Mercury Theater 380822 107 Affairs Of Anatol
Mercury Theater 380829 108 Count Of Monte Cristo
Mercury Theater 380905 109 Man Who Was Thursday
Mercury Theater 380911 110 Julius Caesar
Mercury Theater 380925 112 Immortal Sherlock Holmes
Mercury Theater 381009 114 Hell On Ice
Mercury Theater 381016 115 Seventeen
Mercury Theater 381023 116 Around World 80 Days
Mercury Theater 381030 117 The War Of The Worlds
Mercury Theater 381030 117a War Of The Worlds Uncut
Mercury Theater 381106 118 Two Stories
Mercury Theater 381113 119 A Passenger To Bali
Mercury Theater 381120 120 The Pickwich Papers

Mercury Theater 460607 301 [MST] Around the World i
Mercury Theater 460621 303 [MST] The HitchHiker
Mercury Theater 460628 304 [MST] Jane Eyre
Mercury Theater 460705 305 [MST] Passenger To Bali
Mercury Theater 460712 306 [MST] Search For Henri L
Mercury Theater 460719 307 [MST] Life w Adam
Mercury Theater 460726 308 [MST] Moat Farm Murder
Mercury Theater 460802 309 [MST] Golden Honeymoon
Mercury Theater 460811 310 [MST] Hell On Ice
Mercury Theater 460816 311 [MST} Abendego
Mercury Theater 460823 312 [MST] Two Stories
Mercury Theater 460830 313 [MST] Moby Dick
Mercury Theater 460906 314 [MST] The Apple Tree
Mercury Theater 460913 315 [MST] King Lear Scenes

Mercury Theater 410915 201 [LEOPW] Shredni Vashtar
Mercury Theater 410929 203 [LEOPW] InterlopersThe
Mercury Theater 411006 204 [LEOPW] There's A Full Moon (2 min)
Mercury Theater 411201A 211 [LEOPW] Wilbur Brown (10min)
Mercury Theater 411222 213 [LEOPW] The Prince Chris
Mercury Theater 420112 216 [LEOPW] The Apple Tree
Mercury Theater 420119 217 [LEOPW] My Little Boy

Volume 6 - 64 shows - total playtime 31 hours 49 minutes

Lux Radio
Lu440605 A Lux Jane Eyre Orson Welles Loretta Young
Lu440605 B Lux Jane Eyre (conclusion)
Lux440605 443 Jane Eyre
Lux440901 Break Of Hearts Orson Welles Rita Hayworth
Lux440901 Conclusion
Lux440911 449 Break Of Hearts
Lux450326 477 A Tale Of Two Cities

Adv Ellery Queen 460327 E59 The Armchair Detective
Bill Stern 460628 E347 Orson Welles
Biography In Sound 561113 Alexander Wollcott (thetowncrier)
Birdseye 440511 With Orson Welles
Columbia Presents Corwin 450814 07 Fourteen August
Danny Kaye 460301 Afrs 39 The Wife Of O'riley
Great Moments 401028 Hg Wells Meets Oson Welles [ktsa
Info Please 420918 Orson Welles Christopher Morley
Orson Welles 411222 Theatre Christmas Show
Orson Welles Payroll Savings Plan For War Bonds
Orson Welles-i Know What It Is To Be Young-01-i Know What It
Ow410915 Orson Welles Theatre Jimminy Cricket
Ow411200 Orson Welles Theatre Christmas Show
Sherlock Holmes541221 The Adventure Of The Final Problem
Stop Or Go 441126
The Free Company 410604 His Honor The Mayor
We Hold These Truths 411215 Norman Corwin

Orson Wells Library
Orson Welles Library Diamond As Big As The Ritz
Orson Welles Library Riki Tikki Tavi
Orson Welles Library Slredni Vashtar
Orson Welles Library The Secret Sharer

Rudy Vallee
Rudy Vallee 410116 Reh Horror Story
Rudy Vallee 410508 Reh Kilowatts


Volume 7 - 18 shows - total playtime 8 hours 49 minutes

Silver Theater
Silver Theater 381113 (07) Stars In Their Courses Part 1
Silver Theater 381120 (08) Stars In Their Courses Part 2
Silver Theater 410330 (57) One Step Ahead

Suspense 420902 011 The Hitchhiker
Suspense 420923 013 A Passage To Beneris
Suspense 430923 Most Dangerous Game Orson Welles
Suspense 431007 Philomel Cottage Orson Welles
Suspense 431019 062 Lazuruswalks Worsonwelles (afrs)
Suspense 440413 Magnificent Barastro Orson Welles
Suspense 440504 Dark Tower With Orson Welles
Suspense 440518 092 Donovan's Brain, Part One
Suspense 440525 093 Donovan's Brain, Part Two



This is My Best
This Is My Best 441219 16 Plot To Overthrow Christmas
This Is My Best 450000 Heart Of Darkness Orson Welles
This Is My Best 450327 Snow White
This Is My Best 450403 31 Diamond As Big As The Ritz

Tomorrow 1950s Civil Defense Drama 1
Tomorrow 1950s Civil Defense Drama 2

This last disk also contains an 'extras' folder
with some interesting scripts, articles and photos
of related Orson Welles material.



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