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 News Recordings 1940

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"Edward Murrow News from London"
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Hitler in Paris
Like any other year, 1940 dawned with a mixture of reflection and anticipation. The decade of the Great Depression was receding into the past and Americans were waiting to hear from the man who led them through the crisis: would FDR run for a third term?

Edward Murrow London 1940
Lord Haw Haw
Solviet Finland War 1940

Murrow Boys 1940
Congress opened session in early January with an agenda centered on domestic issues but with overtones of each party positioning itself as the party of peace. All ears were opened for news from Europe, where the Phony War dragged on.

The Western powers were technically at War with the Axis, although on land relatively little had happened since Germany invaded Poland in September of 1939. The Winter War started when the Soviets invaded Finland in November, 1939, under the pretense of shoring up their defenses of Leningrad. During a broadcast from Amsterdam in mid January, Edward R. Murrow shared the how difficult the War was making it for journalists to get around the Continent.

During the "Sitzkrieg" phase of the Phoney War, there was plenty of action on the high seas. The pocket battleship Graf Spee had been neutralized at the Battle of the River Plate just before the New Year. The German tanker Altmark was carrying English POWs from Montevideo through neutral Norwegian waters when it was captured by the British Navy. Then Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill announced the end of the Altmark Incident during a speech over the British radio; "the Navy is here!"

Another voice heard over the air in Great Britain was Lord Haw Haw. Tasked with demoralizing the troops and civilian population in England, Lord Haw Haw appeared on the Germany Calling program, broadcast by the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda from a medium wave station in Hamburg. Haw Haw was voiced early in the War by journalist Wolf Mitler, but the name most associated with Lord Haw Haw is William Joyce.

The Soviets signed a treaty with Finland on March 12, ending the Winter War and gaining even more than they had demanded at the beginning of the hostilities. Germany began invading the Scandinavian countries in April in order to secure their access to the Swedish iron ore needed by their steel industry. France and Great Britain send an Expeditionary force to aid in defending formally neutral Norway, but the efforts stalled in May when Germany invaded France.

In Great Britain, Prime Minister faced constant criticism in Parliament over the Norway Issue and his handling of the War to date. When he resigned on May 10, King George VI appointed Winston Churchill to replace him. On the same day the Nazis attacked Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Great Britain invaded Iceland that day as well to prevent German forces from advancing there after the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Churchill made his first address to Parliament as Prime Minister on May 13, promising nothing but his "blood, toil, tears and sweat". German forces continued to roll across France and the Low Countries, trapping Allied armies between Panzer divisions and the Channel. Allied troops, including the majority of the British Expeditionary Force, were able retreat to the port city of Dunkirk. A hastily assembled flotilla of ships and boats, including a number of privately owned pleasure craft, evacuated 338,226 men from Dunkirk between May 27 and June 4. Most of the heavy equipment and tanks had to be left behind, and the incident is fondly remembered as one of Britain's finest hours, although Churchill was careful to remind his people that "Wars are not won by evacuations".

On June 3, Luftwaffe bombs fell for the first time on Paris.

While England's ears were still ringing with Churchill's promise that "We shall fight them on the beaches...", Nazi forces continued to advance across the French countryside. Paris was largely undefended when the German's arrived on June 14. In his "Finest Hour" speech on June 18, Churchill states "the Battle of France is over. The Battle of Britain is about to begin".

On June 22, Hitler personally attended the France's surrender at Compiegne, the site of the German surrender at the end of WWI. Although Vichy France had capitulated, Free French forces evacuated by whatever means possible so that they might fight another day, including a number of combat aircraft crossing the Mediterranean to French African colonies. Charles de Gaulle did all he could to rally the Free French from his headquarters in London.

The Democratic National Convention took place in Chicago, and Roosevelt was nominated to run for a third term on July 16. On July 19, Hitler made a quiet offer of peace to Great Britain in a speech from the Reichstag. Reportedly, the Fuhrer's speech was given in a relatively calm voice, but with the attitude of a victor, having conquered the whole of continental Europe. Speaking for Churchill, the cabinet and the British people, Lord Halifax rejected the offer, and German authorities told reporters that "the die is cast".

Bugs Bunny appears on the screen for the first time on July 27 in A Wild Hare.

America's eyes in the Battle of Britain and the Blitz were those of "The Murrow Boys", correspondents hired by and working with Edward R. Murrow, including Larry LeSueur, Charles Collingwood and Eric Sevareid. The news was analyzed in network studios but great names like Elmer Davis and Raymond Gram Swing, but it was the Murrow Boys who took us into the air raid shelters, Trafalgar Square just before a bombing attack, and to the English countryside to inspect where the bombs had fallen.

The official reports were conflicted depending upon which side was giving them. The German propaganda service claimed that the raids were doing more damage than they did and that the British were inflating the number of enemy aircraft destroyed. The Murrow Boys gave continual reports of the high morale of the British people during the Blitz.

On this side of the Atlantic, there were quiet and not so quiet preparations for a War that everyone hoped to avoid fighting. On September 2, President Roosevelt makes an agreement with Great Britain to transfer 50 old destroyers to the Royal Navy in exchange for 99 year leases on British bases in the North Atlantic, the Bahamas and the West Indies.

1940 ends with Edward R. Murrow reporting a grim Christmas in London, sending greetings less of Merry Christmas and more of So Long and Good Luck. The BBC, however, broadcast a Christmas message of defiance if not joy, with the plucky attitude that carried England through the Blitz and steeled her will to face an uncertain future in 1941 and beyond.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volumne 1: 145 shows - total playtime 19 hours 39 minutes

News 400000 BBC Girl Tells Of Bomb Shelters
News 400000 BBCD Lilli Marleen
News 400000 NBBS New British Broadcasting Station ID Nazi
News 400101 MBS In Review 1939 In Review
News 400101 NRK Prince Olaf Of Norway To Norwegians Living Abroad
News 400102 CBS Elmer Davis News Congress Convenes Tomorrow
News 400118 CBS Today in Europe Murrow from Amsterdam
News 400120 RSH Lord Haw Haw Sinking Of Graf Spee
News 400121 RSH Lord Haw Haw Germany Not Going Invade Balkans
News 400126 NBC Kaltenborn Edits News FDR Reporters
News 400127 BBC Winston Churchill Free Trade Hall Manchester Heckler
News 400204 BBC Ear Of Britain
News 400205 NBC Glenn Miller Cafe Rouge
News 400206 CBS We People Daughter Of Lillian Russell
News 400211 CBS Elmer Davis News Europe Speculates On Sumner Welles Visit
News 400212 CBS Elmer Davis News Court Sets Aside Negro Death Sentences
News 400213 CBS Elmer Davis News Finnish Losses On Mannerheim Line
News 400216 RSH Lord Haw Haw Altmark Incident
News 400218 RSH Lord Haw Haw Mocks Winston Churchill
News 400223 BBC Winston Churchill Navy Is Here
News 400223 CBS Elmer Davis News British Arctic Fleet On Watch
News 400227 RSH Lord Haw Haw British Minister Of Misinformation
News 400227 RSH Lord Haw Haw Mocks British Fear Of German Bombs
News 400309 NBC News Of World
News 400331 CBS Elmer Davis News Allies To Stop Scandinavian Ore Shipments To Germany
News 400401 CBS Elmer Davis News Japanese Reorganizing Nanking Government
News 400402 CBS Elmer Davis News Germans Raid Scapa Flow In Orkneys
News 400403 PTT French Premier Paul Reynaud Appeals For US Aid
News 400409 BBC Alvar Liddell On Invasion Of Denmark Norway
News 400409 NBC Kaltenborn Edits News German Liner Bremen Has Been Sunk
News 400409 RSH Lord Haw Haw Denmark Norway
News 400413 RSH Lord Haw Haw Russo Finnish War Concluded
News 400415 KFWB Robert Arden News Commentary War News
News 400416 RSH Lord Haw Haw Scandinavian Update Schmidt Smith
News 400430 CBS Elmer Davis News Probable That Germans Hold Dombas Norway
News 400501 CBS Elmer Davis News Germans Have Taken Dombas
News 400502 CBS Elmer Davis News British Forces Withdraw In Norway
News 400504 WHAS Kentucky Derby Bryan Field
News 400508 CBS Murrow On Non Confidence Debate In Commons
News 400509 CBS Elmer Davis News Unusual Precautions In Netherlands Tonight
News 400510 AVRO Proclamation Of Queen Wilhelmina On Attack On Holland
News 400510 BBC Chamberlain Resigns As Prime Minister
News 400510 BBC Holland Belgium Invaded
News 400510 CBS Edward R Murrow Much War News From England
News 400510 CBS Elmer Davis News Germans Invade Low Countries
News 400510 NBC HV Kaltenborn
News 400510 PTT Hubert Pierlot Dnonce Linvasion De La Belgique
News 400511 CBS Elmer Davis News Germans Advance In Netherlands
News 400511 CBS Elmer Davis Reports On First Day Of Blitzkrieg
News 400512 CBS Elmer Davis News Third Day of German Advances In Netherlands
News 400513 BBC Bernard Stubbs On BEF Advance Into Belgium
News 400513 BBC Winston Churchill New Administration
News 400513 CBS Elmer Davis News Germans Ahead Of Schedule In Low Countries
News 400514 BBC German Advance On Antwerp
News 400514 BBC Sec State Anthony Eden Calls For Local Defense Volunteers
News 400514 CBS Elmer Davis News Dutch Army Surrenders
News 400517 Sonny Boy Williamson War Time Blues
News 400519 BBC Churchill 1st Speech as PM
News 400519 BBC Winston Churchill First Speech As Prime Minister
News 400519 CBS I Was There Wilson Vs Hughes Election
News 400520 KFWB Robert Arden News Commentary A Biography of Hitler
News 400521 CBS Elmer Davis News Germans Push Toward Channel Ports
News 400522 CBS Elmer Davis News Allies Counter Retake Arras
News 400523 CBS Elmer Davis News Battles In France Belgium Undecided
News 400524 NBC Story Behind Headlines Third Invasion Of France
News 400527 CBS News Bob Trout Paul Renaud Speech
News 400528 BBC Winston Churchill On Capitulation Of Belgium
News 400528 RSH Lord Haw Haw Holland Belgium Invaded
News 400529 BBC An Appeal For Boating Skills
News 400530 WOL Fulton Lewis Commentary
News 400531 BBC Bernard Stubbs On Evacuated Troops From Dunkirk
News 400531 BBC Bernard Stubbs On Evacuated Troops In London
News 400531 BBC Bernard Stubbs Reports On Returning Troops
News 400531 BBC Bernard Stubbs Trains Full of Evacuatee
News 400531 BBC Bernard Stubbs Troops From Dunkirk
News 400602 BBC RAF Dispatched To Dunkirk Edward R Murrow
News 400602 CBS Edward R Murrow On Dunkirk
News 400602 CBS Elmer Davis News Germans Near Dunkirk
News 400602 NBC Anthony Eden Dunkirk
News 400603 BBC Dunkirk Evacuation BEF Experiences
News 400603 CBS Elmer Davis News Germans Bomb Paris
News 400604 BBC Edward R Murrow Churchill News Of Dunkirk
News 400604 BBC Winston Churchill We Shall Never Surrender
News 400604 CBS Elmer Davis News Germans Capture Dunkirk
News 400605 BBC JB Priestley Pays Homage To Small Boats Of Dunkirk
News 400605 BBC JB Priestly On Dunkirk
News 400606 BBC Minister Of Shipping Ronald Cross
News 400608 BBC Charles Martin Describes Dunkirk
News 400610 EIAR Benito Mussolini Italy Declares War On Allies English Translation
News 400610 EIAR Benito Mussolini La Dichiarazione di Guerra
News 400613 PTT Paul Reynaud Tours La France Ne Peut Pas Mourir
News 400614 BBC Eyewitness Account From Paris
News 400614 CBS Rebroadcasts Nazi Announcement
News 400614 Last Marseillaise Broadcast As Paris Falls
News 400614 RRG Nazi Radio Announces Fall Of Paris
News 400617 BBC Winston Churchill Their Finest Hour
News 400617 CBC Princess Juliana Of Netherlands On Asylum In Canada
News 400618 BBC Churchill Finest Hour Speech
News 400619 CBS Elmer Davis And News
News 400620 CBS Elmer Davis And News
News 400620 CBS Elmer Davis News French To Surrender Tomorrow
News 400620 NBC News of World
News 400621 CAN Eric Sevareid On Fall Of Paris
News 400621 CAN WIlliam C Kirker On French Armistace At Compiegne
News 400621 CBS Elmer Davis News French Receive Armistice Terms
News 400621 CBS French Surrender Wm Shirer
News 400621 CBS NBC Coverage of French Surrender
News 400621 NBC HV Kaltenborn
News 400621 RSH Lord Haw Haw Fall Of France
News 400622 BBC Charles DeGaulle la Rsistance Contre Loccupant Allemand
News 400622 CBS Elmer Davis News French German Armistice Signed
News 400622 Conversation Tlphonique Entre Le Gnral Huntziger Et Le Gnral Weygand
News 400622 NBC BBC News John V Kennedy
News 400627 Verne Marshall Nominates Hanford MacNider
News 400628 Channel Islands Bombed-Balbo Shot Down Over
News 400628 RSH Lord Haw Haw British Invasion Looms
News 400701 BBC Radio Newsreel Fannie Hurst
News 400701 Diplomat Expulsions-British & German Air Raids
News 400703 British Mainland & Isles Bombed-British Bom
News 400704 British Attack French Fleet At Oran-Egypt
News 400704 MBS Arthur Mann In London
News 400705 Oran Aftermath
News 400706 Hitler Returns To Germany-UK Invasion Rumor
News 400708 BBC Bill Herbert Bombing of Caen
News 400708 German & British Air Raids-Rumors Of UK Inv
News 400709 France To Become Vichy-German & British Air
News 400710 British & Italian Naval Clash-Hungary-Oran
News 400711 Axis & Russia Agree On Balkans-British & It
News 400712 German Air Raids On UK-British & Italian Na
News 400713 German-UK Air Raids-Italian UK Naval Clash
News 400714 BBC Charles Gardner On Convoy Attack Dogfight
News 400714 BBC Charles Gardner Reports More On Dogfight
News 400714 BBC Dogfight Over Channel
News 400714 BBC Winston Churchill War Of Unknown Warrior
News 400714 MBS Sigrid Schulz From Berlin
News 400715 CBS Elmer Davis News Democratic Convention Opened Today
News 400715 Dnc Meets-German & UK Air Raids-Kenya
News 400716 CBS Elmer Davis News FDR To State 3rd Term Shortly
News 400716 Dnc-Blockade Of Italy-UK Air Raids On Germ
News 400717 CBS Elmer Davis News Wheeler Withdraws As Candidate upcut
News 400717 Dnc-Germany & UK Air Raids-Axis Propaganda
News 400718 Fdr Vs Wilkie-German & UK Air Raids-Balkans
News 400718 NBCR News Carlton Smith Eleanor Roosevelt
News 400719 Fdr Accepts 3rd Term-UK & German Air Raids
News 400719 MBS Raymond Gram Swing Hitler offered peace to Britain in a speech today

Volumne 2: 112 shows - total playtime 21 hours 44 minutes

News 400720 UK Home Forces Commander-Germany Demand
News 400721 CBS Elmer Davis News Havana Inter American Conference Opens
News 400722 CBS Elmer Davis News Cordell Hull Suggests Inter American Collective Trusteeship
News 400722 Havana Conference Begins-UK Naval Losses
News 400723 CBS Elmer Davis News Germans Say Die Is Cast
News 400723 CBS European News
News 400723 Highest UK Budget Ever-Havana Conference Be
News 400724 BBC Lord Beaverbrook On Aircraft Production
News 400724 German & UK Air Raids-Germans Threaten UK I
News 400725 German-UK & Italian Air Raids-Germans Use
News 400726 Italians Bomb Gibraltar-Balkans-Europe's N
News 400727 German Air Raids On & Peace Offers To UK-Ge
News 400729 British Isles Near Invasion-French Channel
News 400730 UK Isles Bombed-Germans Concentrate Forces
News 400731 UK Blockade Of Germany & Italy-German Dayli
News 400800 BBC Dangers Of Combat
News 400801 Germans Bomb UK-UK Bombing Raids-UK Blocka
News 400802 Leaflets Dropped On UK-Air Raids On UK & Sc
News 400803 UK Bombs Europe-Germans Bomb UK-UK Arrests
News 400805 UK Invasion Near-Norway
News 400806 CBS European War
News 400806 UK Invasion Near-UK & German Air Raids
News 400808 Europe & East Africa Fighting Intensifies-G
News 400809 Dogfights Over English Channel & Libya
News 400810 Air Raids On UK Intensify-Somaliland-Tobruk
News 400812 Huge Air Battles Over Se UK-Somaliland
News 400813 UK Hit With Worst Air Raids So Far-Believes
News 400814 CBS European News
News 400814 Midlands & Wales Bombed-Berlin Bombed-Germ
News 400815 Bad Weather Hampers German Air Raids-Paratr
News 400816 CBS Battle Of Britain
News 400816 CBS European News
News 400816 Great Air Raids On UK-North Italy Bombed-G
News 400817 More Great Raids On UK Expected-UK Suburbs
News 400818 Somaliland-UK Bombed-Germany Warns Us
News 400819 CBS European News
News 400819 UK Bombings Continue-Somaliland-Ethiopia-
News 400820 BBC Winston Churchill First Year
News 400820 UK Bombings Lessen-Churchill To Address Com
News 400821 UK Midlands & S.e. Bombed-Berlin Radio Off
News 400822 BBC Convoy Shelled In Straits Of Dover
News 400822 UK Cabinet Changes Possible-Egypt
News 400823 1st Night Raid On London-Invasion Of Greece
News 400824 CBS Edward R Murrow Trafalgar Blitz
News 400824 CBS March Of Time Wartime Recipes
News 400824 CBS Murrow on Blackout
News 400824 CBS Special Broadcast London After Dark
News 400824 Lull In Air Rairs-Dover Shelled-Balkans
News 400825 CBS Edward R Murrow Blitz Effects
News 400826 Berlin & London Bombed-Somaliland
News 400827 Heaviest Air Raids On UK Yet-Berlin Bombed,
News 400828 Mass Daylight Air Raid On UK-Italy Bombs Ha
News 400829 London & Berlin Bombed-Suez Canal & Alexand
News 400830 Romania May Accept New Hungarian Border-UK
News 400831 London & Berlin Bombed-Romania Halved By Di
News 400902 CBS Elmer Davis News Heavy Damage In Night Raids Over Britain
News 400902 CBS European News
News 400902 London & Berlin Bombed-Munich & Sardinia &
News 400903 2 London Bombings-Berlin Bombed-Transylvan
News 400903 CBS Elmer Davis News FDR Pledges 50 Destroyers To Britain upcut
News 400903 CBS We People Boy Finds A Dog
News 400904 London & Berlin Bombed-Romania-UK Us Nav
News 400905 Antonescu Overthrows Romania's King-UK Heav
News 400906 King Carol Abdicates To Michael-Longest Lon
News 400907 Berlin & Many UK Cities Heavily Bombed-Us C
News 400908 BBC A Londoner On Shelters And Blitz
News 400909 Heaviest London Bombing Yet-Hamburg Bombed,
News 400914 London & UK Bombed-N. Africa-Buckingham Pa
News 400915 BBC Alvar Liddell Reports 175 German Aircraft Destroyed
News 400915 BBC Robin Duff Covers Convoy Attack Off Dover
News 400916 London & Liverpool & Belfast Bombed-N. Afri
News 400917 BBC Winston Churchill House Of Commons Secret Session
News 400917 London Heavily Bombed-Us Conscription Becom
News 400918 CBS Elmer Davis News One Raid In Eight Reaches London
News 400918 Longest London Bombing Yet-Benghazi-Egypt,
News 400919 London Heavily Bombed-Us Conscription Proce
News 400920 CBS Edward R Murrow During Blitz
News 400920 CBS European News
News 400920 Von Ribbentropp Visits Mussolini-London Bom
News 400921 London Heavily Bombed-Indochina-Von Ribben
News 400922 CBS Edward R Murrow London Rooftop Blitz
News 400923 J Edgar Hoover On Opponents Of War Preparedness
News 400923 London & UK Heavily Bombed-Indochina-Germa
News 400924 London Heavily Bombed-Heaviest Berlin Bombi
News 400925 London & UK Bombed-Berlin & Invasion Ports
News 400927 3 Power Alliance (axis) Formed-London & UK
News 400929 MBS CBC Canadian Red Cross Emergency Funds Appeal
News 401005 BBC Robin Duff in Air Raid Shelter
News 401010 NBC Earl Browder CPUSA Communist Nominee
News 401013 3AW AU Pepsodent Presents Sunday Night At 8
News 401013 BBC Princess Elizabeth Margaret Speak To Evacuated Children
News 401015 BBC Blitz Emergency Services
News 401021 BBC Winston Churchill Pledge To Free France
News 401021 BBCF Winston Churchill To France En Franais Pt2
News 401021 BBCF Winston Churchill To France En Francais Pt1
News 401027 MBS NY Worlds Fair Closing
News 401030 RDN Marchal Ptain Collaboration Franco allemande
News 401110 3AW AU Pepsodent Presents Sunday Night At 8
News 401115 BBC Coventry Loudspeaker Announcement
News 401115 BBC Very Reverend RT Howard Coventry Cathedral Destroyed
News 401117 CBS World Today
News 401200 REI Radio Eireann Ireland ID
News 401202 CBS Edward R Murrow London At War At Night
News 401216 CBS Elmer Davis News British Request Aid From US
News 401217 CBS Elmer Davis News FDR Outlines British Finance Plans
News 401218 CBS Elmer Davis News FDR Aid Plan Receives Mixed Reception
News 401219 NBC Kaltenborn Edits News FDR To Appoint New Defense Council
News 401220 BBC Robin Duff Sees London Burning
News 401223 BBC Winston Churchill Address To Italy
News 401224 CBS Edward R Murrow Grim Christmas In London
News 401225 BBC Christmas
News 401231 BBC Herbert Morrison Minister For Home Security



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