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 Mickey Rooney Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 56 episodes

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"Crooked Hero"
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Mickey Rooney and Ann Blyth

Comedy, News, Music, Variety (1930s-1950s)

Mickey Rooney married to Ava GardnerGolf and pony fanatic and all-around funny guy, Mickey Rooney was born Joe Yule Jr. to a couple of vaudevillains (a comic and a chorus gal). He made his film debut as a midget in 1926, at the age of six, in the movie Not to Be Trusted. The next year, he got into the big time when he starred in a serial, based on the comic, Mickey McGuire.

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His mother wanted to change his name to Mickey McGuire for publicity but the author of the comic refused this stunt. Instead, she changed it to Mickey Rooney. Close enough.

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Always one to show off and get into trouble, Mickey's career advanced even further during a comedic game of table tennis. David O Selznick caught his improvised act and plugged him at MGM, which eventually landed him a role in Manhattan Melodrama. He was well known for his role as Andy Hardy, and starred in The Hardy Family. Mickey went on to play in over 200 movies, costarring with many great leading ladies (such as Judy Garland and Lana Turner and marriage to Ava Gardner).

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Young Mickey RooneyVolume 1 of the colletion contains Rooney's guest appearances in shows such as

Volume 2 contains The Hardy Family and Shorty Bell.

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Volume 1: 37 shows - total playtime 22 hours 43 minutes

America Calling 410208 Salute To Greece Epart 1
Bill Stern 461122 E 368 Mickey Rooney
Bloopers Mickey Rooney
Bob Hope 530325 W Mickey Rooney
Burns & Allen 490519 Gracie Adopts Mickey Rooney
Cavalcade Of America 491213 634 South Of Cape Horn
Command Performance 420602 E 016 Mickey Rooney
Duffy 490302 Mickey Rooney
Good News 380324 021 w Robert Montgomery
Good News 380901 036 w Father Edward J Flannagan
Good News 381006 041 w Wallace Beery
Good News 381124 048 w Tony Martin
Good News 390202 058 w Mickey Rooney
Good News 390420 069 w Mickey Rooney
Good News 390427 070
Hollywood Is On Air 38 Love Finds Andy Hardy
Hollywood Star Playhouse 510709 64 Knee High To A Corpse
JC 430824 A Date With Mickey Rooney
Leo Is On Air 390000 Babes In Arms
Leo Is On Air 400000 Strike Up Band
Leo Is On Air 420000 Courtship Of Andy Hardy
Leo Is On Air Babes On Broadway 1941
Lux 401028 Strike Up Band
Lux 401223 287 Young Tom Edison
Lux 410331 301 Stablemates
Lux 411117 326 Merton Of Movies
Lux 470203 558 National Velvet
Mgm Theater Of Air 500203 17 Stablemates
Philco Radio Time 470108 Mickey Rooney and Peggy Lee
Recollectat 30 561017 17 Judy Garland At 12 Years Old
Screen Guild Theater 390409 014 Variety Review 5
Screen Guild Theater 390924 023 Variety Review
Screen Guild Theater 411109 090 Babes In Arms
Sdp 490909 E 033 Human Comedy
SUSP 490428 338 Lie
SUSP 491208 362 For Love or Murder
SUSP 510104 410 Alibi Me

Volume 2: 19 shows - total playtime 8 hours 32 minutes

Hardy Family - 059 Costume Ball
Hardy Family - 064 Fued Jr Coc Visting Dig'
Hardy Family - 162a Job As A Night Watchman
Hardy Family - 162b Andy Hardy, Jr Executive
Hardy Family - 334a Truth About Marrage
Hardy Family - 335a Andy's Jangled Nerves
Hardy Family - 335b Horse Race Betting
Hardy Family - 446a Fishing Trip
Hardy Family - 446b Andy Loses His Sex Appeal
Hardy Family - 447a Becomes A Bachelor
Hardy Family - 447b Andy's New Job
Hardy Family - 860a The Family History
Hardy Family - 860b Skiing Star
Hardy Family - Hot Rod

Shorty Bell, Cub Reporter 471218 Mickey Rooney 1o4
Shorty Bell, Cub Reporter 480328 Aud W Mickey Rooney
Shorty Bell, Cub Reporter 480613 Crooked Hero
Shorty Bell, Cub Reporter 480620 Movie Script
Shorty Bell, Cub Reporter 480626 Shorty Scoops Photograph



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