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 Lets Pretend

1 MP3 CD - 50 episodes

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Lets PretendOutstanding Children's Theater (1929 - 54)

"Heel-looo, Pretenders! Helllloooo, Uncle Bill!"

Uncle Bill PretendsLet's Pretend started radio life as The Adventures of Helen and Mary in 1934 when it was transformed by Nila Mack into the show that would last for two decades until 1954. Mack believed that, if the stories were for children, then children should tell the story.

Nila Mack used a core of regular children's actor's including Sybil Trent, Arthur Anderson, Jack Grimes, Miriam Wolfe, Gwen Davies and Michael O'Day. Anderson went on to write a book about his time on the show called Let's Pretend and the Golden Age of Radio. Mack died in 1953 and the show lasted one more year under the direction of Jean Hight.

The Peabody award-winning show was broadcast with an audience full of children beginning with Uncle Bill Adams' salutation, "Hello Pretenders!" followed by the response "Hello, Uncle Bill!".  After some back and forth with the kids, the show would launch into an adaptation of a classic children's stories and fairy tales like Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty, Thumbelina and many, many more.

For other great Children's show see also: Howdy Doody Time, Minnesota School of the Air, Cinnamon Bear, Wormwood Forest, and Children's Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

49 shows - total playtime 20 hours 8 minutes

Lets Pretend 420822 Why The Sea is Salty
Lets Pretend 420829 The Little Mermaid
Lets Pretend 420905 The Elves and The Shoemaker
Lets Pretend 420912 The Water of Life
Lets Pretend 421219 Prince Gigi and the Magic Ring
Lets Pretend 421226 House of the World- xmas special
Lets Pretend 430320 Princess Moonbeam
Lets Pretend 460504 Jorinda and Joringal
Lets Pretend 460727 Yellow Dwarf, The
Lets Pretend 460803 Goose Girl, The
Lets Pretend 460810 Story of Faithfull John, The
Lets Pretend 461026 Jack and The Bean Stalk
Lets Pretend 461102 Puss and Boots
Lets Pretend 470607 Six Swans
Lets Pretend 470621 Bluebeard
Lets Pretend 470628 Thumbelina
Lets Pretend 470705 BrotherAndSister
Lets Pretend 470719 Rapunzel
Lets Pretend 470726 TheChineseNightingale
Lets Pretend 470816 Youth who Learned to Shiver & Shake
Lets Pretend 470823 Mell-A-Lot
Lets Pretend 470830 Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
Lets Pretend 470906 Twelve Months
Lets Pretend 470913 The Donkey the Table and the Stick
Lets Pretend 470920 The Enchanted Frog
Lets Pretend 470927 Cinderella
Lets Pretend 490403 The Princess and the Pea
Lets Pretend 490416 Snowdrop and the Seven Dwarves
Lets Pretend 490709 Tinder Box, The
Lets Pretend 520816 The White Cat
Lets Pretend 521129 One Eye Two Eyes Three Eyes
Lets Pretend 521213 Snow Queen
Lets Pretend 521220 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Lets Pretend 531128 Ceres and Proserpina
Lets Pretend 540109 Robin Hood
Lets Pretend 540605 Beauty & Beast
Lets Pretend 540619 Andine
Lets Pretend 541002 King Arthur
Lets Pretend 541009 Hansel & G
Lets Pretend Douban the Physician
Lets Pretend Emperor's New Clothes, The
Lets Pretend Frog Prince
Lets Pretend Golden Fleece
Lets Pretend Juniper Tree
Lets Pretend King Midas and the Golden Touch
Lets Pretend King Thrushbeard
Lets Pretend Puss and Boots
Lets Pretend Sleeping Beauty
Lets Pretend The Magic Carpet



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