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 Legal Comedies

3 MP3 CDs - 123 episodes

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"Andy Gets Married"
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Amos and AndyOne of the most compelling forms of fiction is the Legal Drama. As a subgenre of Crime Drama, the Legal Drama departs from the Detective Story or Police Procedural Drama by focusing not on the crime or the criminals, but on the court system where Justice is ultimately decided. Legal Drama employs the taut rules of the courtroom, the formality of hearings where life and death are at stake, and the dignity and tradition of the legal profession.

They fairly scream to be made fun of!

That is exactly what the clowns of OTR, our favorite radio comedians, set out to do in our Legal Comedies Collection. The laugh merchants are up to their old tricks when the face off with Lady Justice. It's the traditions of the Legal Profession versus the the Clowns of the Airwaves, who knows how the outcome will be adjudicated.

In “Courtroom Catastrophe”, Amos 'n' Andy's friend Kingfish is being sued for calling a man “a crook, a loafer, a swindler and a bum!” Kingfish is only exercising his rights to free speech! His lawyer, (paid by hawking Sapphire's engagement ring for $15) advises that the only way get out of the suit is to scare the opposing attorney into dropping the case. In “Andy versus Abigail Simpson Brown” Andy is sued for acting in bad faith in regards to his engagement to Abigail.

Fred AllenThere is little surprise that Charlie McCarthy would wind up in court sooner or later. When Humphrey Bogart shows up on the Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Show to pitch for the Third War Loan, he finds out that Charlie has bought a jail in a War Bond Auction. Bogie helps Charlie make a profit by becoming a celebrity prisoner. Edgar and Charlie visit The Fred Allen Show so that Charlie can sue Fred, claiming to have been led astray by Fred who “swindled” him at an audition. Things are going Charlie's way until the judge realizes that he knows Fred from the old neighborhood...

On Fibber McGee and Molly, Fibber somehow found his share of trouble with the law. On Mar 26, 1946, Bullets Brannigan breaks out of the local jail, and takes refuge at 79 Wistful Vista. McGee explains that only a sap would get stuck on jury duty, but he is willing to do his part for the civic good when a case worthy of his attention comes along, like the one on Mar 2, 1948.

How could The Great Gildersleeve have legal problems? After all, his best friend is a judge. Maybe it is because he is embroiled in Summerfield city politics, but legal trouble just seems to find Gildy. William BendixLike when the town reservoir was low, as Water Commissioner Gildy authorizes the payment of $500 in city funds... to a rainmaker! In a later episode we ask: Does it count as legal problems if Aunt Hattie has a thing Judge Hooker?

On The Life Of Riley, even a war plant worker like Chester Riley has run ins with the law when he takes on the Mayor over the appointment of the city dog catcher. In “Riley, Crime Buster”, our hero gets involved in neighborhood betterment, but will the neighborhood survive?

Our favorite teacher, Our Miss Brooks,is involved in a traffic accident, and then has to convince Principal Conklin to let her off for the afternoon so she can go to traffic court.

The American Legal system is an old and noble institution, but it can be bit confusing to a foreign point of view. Jack BennyIn Life With Luigi, our hero gets involved with the courts when he is a witness to a traffic accident. In another letter home, Luigi tells his momma about election day, imagine his confusion when he finds out that so many people feel they have more important things to do than vote.

The court system can be efficient. Jack Benny proves it when he runs his rehearsal like a courtroom when the cast does their version of “I Stand Condemned”. At the end of March, 1948, Jack “borrows” Ronald Coleman's Oscar, only to be robbed on his way home (and gets to do one of his most famous gags, the “your money or your life” bit.) Jack spends the next few weeks asking his guests if he can borrow their Oscars. In “Murder At The Racquet Club”, Jack plays a Captain at the Palm Springs Police Department investigating a murder when none other than Frank Sinatra shows up- and blows his first line!

Justice may be blind, but we can see the scales jingling and hear Justice snickering behind her blindfold while she listens to the Legal Comedies Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 50 Shows: 24 hours, 22 minutes

Amos & Andy 431022 Courtroom Catastrophe
Amos & Andy 440505 031 Electric Clock Caper
Amos & Andy 440512 Impersonating An Officer
Amos & Andy 440526 Andy Fugitive
Amos & Andy 440602 Nazi Spy
Amos & Andy 450302 Andy Inflates His Tax Return To Impress Girl
Amos & Andy 450309 More Tax Woes
Amos & Andy 450511 Kingfish Thinks Sapphire Is Out To Kill Him
Amos & Andy 461015 Sapphire Is Wanted Criminal
Amos & Andy 490327 Pawn Shop Robbery
Amos & Andy 490403 204 Deputy Dirt Commissioner Kingfis
Amos & Andy 491023 Kingfishs Car Used In Robbery
Amos & Andy 491211 Proxy Marriage
Amos & Andy 491218 223 Andy Gets Married Pt 2
Amos & Andy 500101andygetsmarried1
Amos & Andy 500108andygetsmarried2
Amos & Andy 500115 Andy Versus Abigail Simpson Brown
Amos & Andy 500129 Bungling Burglars
Amos & Andy 501203 Policewoman Mixup
Amos & Andy 501217 257 Kingfish Suspects Foul Play
Bergen Mccarthy 430307 Sydney Greenstreet
Bergen Mccarthy 430912 Humphrey Bogart
Bergen Mccarthy 440130 313 Basil Rathbone
Bergen Mccarthy 451028 Court Case
Bergen Mccarthy 490130 Basil Rathbone
Bergen Mccarthy 491113 507 Dick Powell
Bergen Mccarthy 540228 657 W June Allyson & Dick Powell
Bergen Mccarthy 560304 Fugitives From F B I
Bergen Mccarthy 560520 Westerndetective Little Bo Peep
Bob & Ray 590901 47 Unrehearsed Courtroom Of Air
Bristol Myers 450314 24 On Trial
Ed Wynn 450205 E W S Ed Becomes Warden
Fibber Mcgee And Molly 460326 0472 Bullets Brannigan
Fibber Mcgee And Molly 480302 0543 Volunteering For Jury Duty
Fibber Mcgee And Molly 540127 0823 Three Hundred Dollar Lawsuit
Fibber Mcgee And Molly 540517 0900 Fibber On Trial
Fm391212 Jewelry Store Robberydetective Mcgee
Fmm 390530 0207 Escaped Convicts
Fmm 410211 0274 Fibber Watch Salesman
Fmm 411125 0302 Investment In Cosmetic Clay
Fmm 420113 0309 Mrs Uppingtons Window Part 1
Fmm 420120 0310 Mrs Uppingtons Window Part 2
Fmm 421027 0336 Old Timer On Lam
Fmm 430427 Black Market Meat
Fmm 430518 0365 Mcgee Steals Car And Goes To Jail
Fmm 450501 0438 Briefcase Bronson
Fmm 460122 0463 Pioneer Day
Fred Allen 360930 Gangbusters
Fred Allen 361007 Who Killed Rappaport
Fred Allen 390322 Murder At Madison Square

Volume 2: 43 Shows: 22 hours, 23 minutes

Fred Allen 410402 One Long Pan Charlie Chans Murder
Fred Allen 420503 Freak Show Murder
Fred Allen 430103 One Long Pan Vs Mr Moto
Fred Allen 440409 Reginald Gardiner Fetlock Bones
Fred Allen 440604 Killers
Fred Allen 451118 Karloff Renting House
Fred Allen 460411 Basil Rathbone
Fred Allen 471019 Perfect Crime
Fred Allen 481111 Samshovel With Arthur Treacher
Fred Allen 481226 Maine Murder Trial
Fred Allen 490213 175 Murder Case
Fred Allen 490320 180 Mob Buster
Fred Allen 490424 One Long Pan Basil Rathbone
Fred Allen Town Hall Tonight 360930 092 Gangbusters
Fred Allen Town Hall Tonight 361223 E104 Ambrose Smith, Department Store Santa
Gg440319 Gildy To Run For Mayor
Gg440507 Campaign Heats Up
Gg440528 Gildys Campaign Hq
Gg440910 Rainmaker
Great Gildersleeve 450225 158 Hattie And Hooker
Jack Benny 410309 1223 Murder At Th
Jack Benny 430328 1426 Host Orson W
Jack Benny 440220 1520 Grouch
Jack Benny 440409 1527 Repairing Ja
Jack Benny 441022 1604 Captain Obe
Jack Benny 450325 1626 Murder Myste
Jack Benny 451007 1702 Jack Listens
Jack Benny 451028 1705 $ 85000 Bet
Jack Benny 451104 559 Jack Is Sick In Bed Robbed $10000
Jack Benny 451111 1707 Joe Louis Ac
Jack Benny 451118 1708 From Birming
Jack Benny 460303 1723 Murder At Lo
Jack Benny 460324 1726 I Stand Cond
Jack Benny 460324 579 I Stand Condemned 8044
Jack Benny 460505 1732 Leaving For
Jack Benny 461124 597 Killers
Jack Benny 471102 628 Dark Passage Movie Skit
Jack Benny 471130 1909 Turkey Dream
Jack Benny 471130 Turkey Dream
Jack Benny 480328 649 Jack Is Robbed Of Ronald Colmans Oscar
Jack Benny 480404 650 Jack Wants To Borrow Bings Oscar
Jack Benny 480411 1928 From Palm Sp
Jack Benny 480418 Murder At Racquet Club

Volume 3: 30 Shows: 14 hours, 11 minutes

Jack Benny 480509 1932 Ronald Colma
Jack Benny 500226 722 Whistler
Jack Benny 500430 2134 Easter W Basil Rathbone
Jack Benny 501210 2214 Murder At Th
Kmh 460221 Frank Morgan
Life Of Riley 440507 017 Dog Catcher 3222
Life Of Riley 460406 107 Riley Finds Fur Coat
Life Of Riley 460413 108 Riley Thinks Junior Is
Life Of Riley 460427 110 Gambling Doesnt Pay
Life Of Riley 460608 116 Bread Shortage And Bl
Life Of Riley 470426 154 Simon Waiter Blackmails
Life Of Riley 471011 170 Riley Cop
Life Of Riley 480403 195 Riley, Crime Buster
Life Of Riley 480501 199 Juniors Baseball Uniform
Life Of Riley 480626 207a Vacation On Prison Farm
Life Of Riley 491014 249 Geiger Counter
Life Of Riley 491021 250 Policeman Boarder
Luigi 490710 Registered Letter
Luigi 490904 050 Hit & Run Witness
Luigi 490919 052 Midget Radio Law Suit
Luigi 501031 105 Right To Vote Taken Away
Luigi 501128 109 Not Counted By Census Bureau
Luigi 501226 113 Visit From Immagration Service
Luigi 510619 138 Luige Decides To Paint His Own Safety Zones
Luigi Lawsuit
Luigi Luigi Loses Store
Maxwell House Coffee431104 In Court
Mel Blanc 470520 37 Trial Seperation
Our Miss Brooks 500528 094 Reckless Driving
Rudy Vallee 401226 Reh Courtroom Trial



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