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Old Time Radio Legal Dramas

Order in the court! Where there is the law, there is drama! Enjoy radio shows about the courtroom, lawyers, and judges!

Legal Dramas
Legal Drama Collection
This original collection includes old time radio shows about law enforcers, law breakers, lawyers, and a "lawt" of good legal drama.

Fred Allen in Legal Comedies
Legal Comedies
Laugh merchants (Amos and Andy, Fred Allen, Jack Benny, & more!) are up to their old tricks when the face off with Lady Justice.

Case Dismissed
Case Dismissed
A Show about the Law and Liberty that We Hold Dear--Order in the Court!

A Life in Your Hands
A Life in Your Hands
Rather than the usual formula for a murder mystery, A Life In Your Hands takes the listener into the courtroom where the evidence is presented, and then they can decide for themselves whodunit.

Drama of the Courts
The Drama of the Courts
A well written courtroom procedural drama a la Perry Mason, Defense Attorney, Indictment, and A Life In Your Hands.


Assistant District Attorney Edward McCormick directs the investigations of tough criminal cases in Indictment, a 1950s courtroom drama.

Mr District Attorney
Follow "Mr. D.A." on his adventures into the heart of the crime world and sending shockwaves of fear through all villains, fictional AND in reality.

Order in the Court
Order in the Court

is a dramatic old time radio show that gives the tale of fictional courtroom stories.Any given court case has a history behind it and the best ones are surrounded by dramatic tales of misfortune and mystery.

Perry Mason
Perry Mason Radio Show
There was a lot more to Radio's Perry Mason than the thoughtful and proper courtroom genius Raymond Burr portrayed on TV. The radio Mason was as likely to answer a slight with gunshots as an "objection, your Honor."

Up For Parole
Up for Parole

Based on Authentic Parole Cases!

True Legal Dramas
True Legal Dramas
This 15 minute commercial for the legal profession is also well written and entertaining radio drama.

You Are the Jury
You Are the Jury

This fictitious crime drama series was written by a criminologist. In each episode the listener is asked to be the jury and guess the verdict in a murder trial.

Famous Jury Trials
Famous Jury Trials
This courtroom drama takes its cases from real life.
The stories and testimonies are sometimes presented as flashback.
Famous Jury Trials lets the listener decide guilt or innocence.

Guilty Party
Guilty Party

This series was a rather successful attempt to combine mysteries and quiz shows.

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