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 Kay Starr Collection

1 MP3 CD - 22 episodes

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"Chesterfield Supper with Kay Starr"
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Kay Starr

Some great singers performing at an early age as part of church services, and others at family gatherings. Kay Starr began singing in the backyard ffor the family chickens!

Kay StarrIt wasn't recorded if Kay's singing had any effect on egg production, but an aunt was impressed enough to arrange for Kay to appear on Dallas radio and make the talent show circuit. By the age of ten she had a 15 minute show singing pop and "hillbilly" songs, and making $3 a night; not bad at all for a pre-teen during the depression!

Kay stayed with radio performing when the family moved to Memphis in 1935. When she was 15 the Joe Venuti orchestra was contracted to appear at a Memphis hotel with their female vocalist. They didn't have a female vocalist, but when they heard Kay on the radio and asked her to join them. Because she was still in junior high, her parents insisted on a midnight curfew. She stayed mostly with Venuti for the nest few years, but did have short gigs with Bob Crosby and Glenn Miller.

After high school Kay moved to Los Angeles, where she became part of Capitol Records' stable of girl singers. Because the record label was preparing for a possible musicians strike, they kept the female singers busy building a back-log of unreleased material, but Kay was junior enough that she was forced to record "the left-overs", mostly older material from years past. She returned to her native Oklahoma around 1950 and heard a recording of Bonaparte's Retreat played on fiddle. The tune delighted her enough that she contacted Roy Acuff directly. There was some miscommunication while she convinced Acuff that she was a singer, not a fiddler, and that a new lyrics would have to be written, but eventually the song became one of Starr's earliest hits. She also had a hit with The Rock and Roll Waltz.

Kay Starr is largely remembered as one of the earliest female country swing artists, but she also appeared on a few episodes of The Great Gildersleeve, and she was a regular Thursday night guest on The Chesterfield Supper Club.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

22 shows - 10 hours 7 minutes

Chesterfield Show 520423 104 Guest Kay Starr Bell Sisters
Chesterfield Supper Club 490623
Chesterfield Supper Club 490630
Chesterfield Supper Club 491124 Thanksgiving Show
Cp 460307 214 Ginger Rogers Burl Ives Kay Starr
Cp 481130 353 Vincent Price Kay Starr Joan Davis
Glenn Miller 390724 Glenn Island Casino
Glenn Miller 390726 Glen Island Casino
Great Gildersleeve 490525 329 Gildy Sues Bullard
Great Gildersleeve 490601 330 Folk Dancing Class
Guest Star 491002 0132 Great Day
Guest Star Radio 325 Kay Starr
Jubilee 470110 204 Guest Cliff Lang Kay Starr
Jubilee 470131 204 Cliff Lang Kay Starr Andre Previn
Jubilee 471227 254 Guest Benny Carter Benny Goodman
Jubilee 480103 255 Guest Earl Spencer Aho Kaye Starr
Jubilee 480305 264 Guest Jimmy Zito Kay Starr
Music Depreciation 450401 22 Parisian Market
Philco Radio Time 481117 080 Kay Starr
Philco Radio Time 481208 083 Morton Downey And Kay Starr
Philco Radio Time 490216 093 Bob Burns And Kay Starr
Philco Radio Time 490406 100 Jimmy Stewart And Kay Starr



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