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 July 4th (Fourth of July) Collection

3 MP3 CDs - 127 episodes

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"Philadelphia July 4, 1776"
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Holiday (1953 - 56)

Will you go off with me on the 4th vintage card"We hold these truths to be self evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their creator, with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. United States Declaration of Independence 1776

The Fourth of July celebrates more than the American Revolution; it honors freedom, patriotism, family, history, and this sweet land of liberty. Originally it is the date that the Continental Congress adopted the resolution to split from the Kingdom of England. This led to the writing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4 th, 1776 by Thomas Jefferson. John Hancock and the delegates with smaller signatures later signed the document on August 2, 1776 knowing full well that signing such a document would cost them their heads should the Revolution fail. This signing was followed by firecrackers and Colonial-style hooting and hollering in the in the streets of New England.

Fourth of July old time radio showsThis grand ole collection of old time radio shows includes a You Are There and Cavalcade of America's different dramatized versions of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The legend of Paul Revere's "shout heard around the world" is enacted in Escape. Great Gildersleeve and Father Knows Best celebrate the Fourth of July as All-American families. Even the Quiz Kids celebrate Independence Day playing and exciting game of "Which President? Also included are shows that aired on the Forth of July throughout radio's history.

This land is your land and this land is my land and today Americans celebrate the Fourth of July with picnics, baseball games, fireworks, and of course classic American old time radio shows including Dare Devils of Hollywood. Be a Yankee Doodle Dandy and get a hot dog in one hand and a sparkler in the other and enjoy these patriotic-theme old time radio shows!

See also: Patriotic Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 50 shows - total playtime 20 hours 7 minutes

Alec Templeton Time 390704 Youre A Grand Old Flag
Anthology 540704 18 Special July 4 Th Edition
Arthur Godfrey 470704 I Want To Sing An American Song
Arthur Mann 400704 In London
Asttl 390704 On Stroke Of Eight
Avalon Hour 390708 27 Curt Massy Joins The Cast
B A Rolfe 340704 First Song Its A Swingy Little Thingy
Backstagewife 5007043939 rupertbarlowarrivesatmaryshome
Betty Bob 470704 Margaret Jamerson Hit Girl With Her Car
Bill Stern 470704 e399 George Jessel
BIMB 530704 172 John Rand Case
Bob & Ray 510704 Clyde Mccoys 1 st When Youre Smiling
Bristol Myers 450704 Opening Night At Lodge
Broadway Is My Beat 530704 e172 John Rand
California Melodies 400704 012 First Song Devil May Care
California Melodies 420704 114 First Song Waltztime Kiss
Calling All Cars 340704 e032 July Fourth Is a Radio Car
CAV420511 278 A Tooth For Paul Revere
Cbs World News Today 430704 Axis Territory Reverberating
Cbsen 400704 164 Th Anniv. Of Us Independence
Cch 480704 Guest Jo Stafford
Chandu 350704 Vindion Strikes
Charles Boyer 500704 01 Adventures Of Sliderule Blonde
Chase And Sanborn Hour 370704 09 Guest Zazu Pitts
Coke Time 540704 54 First Song Sunny Side Of Street
Columbia Presents Corwin 440704 17 Home For Forth
Columbia Workshop 440704 517 Home For The Fourth
COTY 460704 0438 Pup That Ate Too Much
Cw 440704 017 Home For Fourth
Cwm 530628 323 Why Do We Celebrate Independence Day
Daredevils Of Hollywood 38.07.04 Frank Mcgrath
Democracy In America 620131 03 4th Of July In Albany 1831
Democracy In America 620207 04 Arc Of Civilization
DF 480704 002 Railway to Freedom Harriet Tubmab
Double Or Nothing 420703 Independence Day Show
Escape 057 480704 A Tooth For Paul Revere
Escape 480704 057 A Tooth For Paul Revere
Eternal Light 610416 0832 Roots Of Independence
Eyes Aloft 420907 04 G Witman
Falcon 510704 43 Everybodys Gun
Father Knows Best 510705 088 Meaning Of Freedoms
FBIPW 580704 Retirement Plan
FDR 410704 Address At Hyde Park, New York.
Fifth Horseman 460704 Rehersal
Front Page Drama 350704 0115 Added Attraction
Front Page Drama 360704 0167 Dream Girl
Front Page Drama 410704 Speaking Of Ghosts
Fulton J Lewis Jr 410704 National Defense Program

Volume 2: 50 shows - total playtime 24 hours 58 minutes

GG460609 Flashback Fourth of July
GG520702 4th of July Speech
Green Hornet 440704 Make Believe Sheriff
Guns 530704 Dirt
Hall of Fame 440702 029 PSH Stars and Stripes Forever
Harry Lime 520704 049 parisisnotthesame
Hollywood Bowl 440704 Holocaust Special
Honor America Day 700704 Washington Dc W Jack Benny
ILA 480704 11 Assignment w Displaced Person
Info Please 410704 John Gunther Walter Duranty
Inheritance 540704 Proclaim Liberty
Inner Sanctum 490704 429 Pattern For Fear
Jubilee 470704 229 Guest Woody Herman Jesse Price
Jungle Jim 360704 e036 Jim And Kolu Lose Their Guide
Jungle Jim 420704 349 Army Officers Mysteriously Murdered
Lassie 480704 Miss Flash Pointer
Lr 380704 0073 When Blind See
Lr 410704 0535 Danger Landing
Lr 420812 0704 Twins Turnabout
Lr 450704 1169 Two For Fuzzy
Lr 510704 Shooting Star
Luigi 500704 Independence Day Parade
Magic Key 370704 091 Make Wish
Magnificent Montague 510630 34 July Fourth
Makers Of History 000000 Declaration Of Independence
Meet the Meeks 480703 Planning A Company Picnic
MMT 470704 2087 Challenge Of Listener
MPres 480704 e054 Andrew Jackson
Mr President 480704 054 Andrew Jackson
Murder By Experts 490704 04 Two Coffins To Fill
Myrt And Marge 460704
Mystery Playhouse 470704 Challenge To Listener
Name of the Law 360628 July Fourth Picnic
Nick Harris 390704 On Stroke Of Eight
Ons 440704 0331 Jimmy Dorsey [Pacific Sq. Ballrm Sd] Str
Our Miss Brooks 490703 048 July 4th Trip to Eagle Springs
Paul Whiteman 430704 05 Presents Dinah Shore
Philo Vance 500704 104 Muddy Murder Case
Private Files Of Rex Saunders 510704 10 A Masquerade
Quiz Kids 480704 420 Celebrating Independence Day
Quiz Kids 480704 420 Which President
Quiz Kids 510701 571 Most Appropriate Hairdo For July 4 Th
RCP 490704 Murder Is the Easiest Way
Recollections At 30 560704 03 Rudy Vallee Lum & Abner
Rex Saunders 510704 10 Feminine Mind
Ripleys Believe It Or Not 380705 050 Independence Days What Monarch Became Us Citizen
Rocky Jordan 510704 02 Lady From Tangiers V
Romance 500704 03 Germelshausen
Sam Spade 480704 Rushlight Diamond Caper
Screen Guild Theater 440704 We Will Never Die

Volume 3: 27 shows - total playtime 10 hours 44 minutes

Sealtest Variety 481007 04 Pirate Of New Orleans
Serenade In Blue 540704 175 Alexanders Ragtime Band
Skit Independence Day
Smiths Hollywood 470704 e26 Cecil's Party
Spns200 460704 An Evening's Diversion
Stars Over Hollywood 530704 086 To Bitter End
Superman 410704 e0219 WhitePlague,ThePart6
Superman 460704 e1004 HoratioFHorn,Detective3
Suspense 460704 200 An Evenings Diversion 12822 28331 29m32s
Theat Of Rom 440704 01 Goodbye Mr Chips
Uncle Josh 000000 65 Fourth Of July At Punkin Center 1911
Unexpected 480704 112 Museum
VS 440704 Sade Decides To Play Rummy
VS 460704 The Banjo And The Marching Band
We Came This Way 450816 07 Kossuth Struggle For Independence 1
We Will Never Die 440704 [1 Of 2]
We Will Never Die 440704 [2 Of 2]
Words At War 440704 53 War Criminals And Punishment
WW440704 e53 War Criminals and Punishment
X 1 570704 101 REPEAT Skulking Permit
Yankee Yarns 510701 Fourth Of July
Yfbi 520704 379 Five Fathom Stickup
You are There 480321 PhiladelphiaJuly41776
Your Hit Parade 480704 It Cant Be True Dear
Your Pocketbook 510704 Fighting Inflation
YTJD 510704 105 The Alanzo Chapman Matter
YTJD 560704 430 The Midas Touch Matter Part 3



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