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 Johnny Mercer Collection

3 MP3 CDs - 85 episodes

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"Swing Session Ep 71 with Johnny Mercer"
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Johnny Mercer

Johnny Mercer was a popular singer and song writer in the golden age of radio.  IJonny Mercer behind Microphonen the 1940s, Mercer was the "it-man" for Hollywood's musical entertainment.  Frequent collaborator Hoagy Carmichael called Mercer a "young, bouncy butterball of a man from Georgia." 

As a child, Johnny Mercer earliest experiences with music include going to vaudeville shows with his mom, mimicking local singers, and singing in the church choir at age six.  Growing up in Savannah, Georgia Mercer was also greatly influenced by the African-American music tradition in the south.  He had an early love of music and entertainment and headed to New York in search of fame and fortune by the age of 19.  After a chance meeting with Johnny Mercer career as a lyrist took off.  His first hit was the Depression-era favorite, Lazybones (see Paul Robeson).

Johnny Mercer moved to Hollywood to write music for the movies and began working with the biggest names in the business Bing Crosby, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Martha Tilton, Count Basie, Judy Garland, and many more.  His career hit it's height in the 1940s as he wrote some of the top songs in Hollywood.  Mercer won four Academy Awards for best song. 

Johnny MercerThis collection contains no commercial releases, but is Johnny Mercer's live guest appearances on all various old time radio broadcasts (Vol. 1 & 2) as well as his broadcast show, Johnny Mercer's Music Shop (on Vol. 3). His guest appearances include such popular and rare programs as:

  • Benny Goodman
  • Bing Crosby
  • Call for Music
  • Command Performance
  • Dennis Day
  • Ford Theater
  • Here's to Veterans
  • Jubilee
  • Kraft Music Hall
  • Les Brown
  • Mail Call
  • Open House Party
  • Paul Whiteman
  • Request Performance
  • Screen Guild Theater
  • Sound Off
  • Yank Swing Session
  • Your Hit Parade
  • ..

    See also: B.A. Rolfe and His Orchestra.

    All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

    Volume 1: 38 recordings - total playtime 21 hours 39 minutes

    Benny Goodman 390103 Camel Caravan
    Benny Goodman 390110 Camel Caravan
    Benny Goodman 390207 Camel Caravan
    Benny Goodman 390214 Camel Caravan
    Benny Goodman 390307 Camel Caravan
    Benny Goodman 390314 Camel Caravan
    Benny Goodman 390404 Camel Caravan
    Benny Goodman 390411 Camel Caravan
    Benny Goodman 390502 Camel Caravan
    Benny Goodman 390509 Camel Caravan
    Bing Crosby 490112 Johnny Mercer
    Bing Crosby 490518 105 Philco Rt W J Mercer R Fleming
    Bob Hope 430615 Johnny Mercer
    Call For Music 480213 01 First Show
    Call For Music 480319 06 Blues
    Call For Music 480326 07 Annie Get Your Gun
    Call For Music 480402 08 Im Just Wild About Harry
    Call For Music 480409 09 Wait Till Sun Shines Nellie
    Call For Music 480420 10 I Cried For You
    Call For Music 480511 13 Heartbreaker
    Call For Music 480518 14 Toolie Oolie Doolie
    Call For Music 480601 15 Put Em In A Box
    Call For Music 480608 16 Bride And Groom Polka
    Call For Music 480615 17 Toolie Oolie Dooley
    Call For Music 480622 18 Highway To Love
    Call For Music 480629 20 Bride And Groom Polka
    Cpusa 440520 120 P Goddard J Durante L Armstrong
    Cpusa 440913 138 Bob Hope Johnny Mercer June
    Cpusa 441125 151 L Adler G Simms C Ramirez
    Cpusa 441202 152 Irene Dunn Johnny Mercer Je
    Cpusa 441224 000 Special Christmas Sh
    Cpusa 450405 169 Bing Crosby Lionel Barrymore
    Cpusa 450814 000 Special Victory Celebration 1 o 2
    Cpusa 450814 000 Special Victory Celebration 2 o 2
    Cpusa 451225 Special 1945 Christmas Show
    Cpusa 460110 206 J Mercer Pied Pipers A Sisters
    Cpusa 460207 210 Guest Larry Adler
    Cpusa 470504 272 Marilyn Maxwell

    Volume 2: 28 recordings - total playtime 14 hours 58 minutes

    Dennis Day 550713 Possible Date Afrs#191
    Ford 470212 Guest Johnny Mercer
    Hall Of Fame 450225 063 Francis Langford
    Heres To Veterans 1482 Guest Johnny Mercer
    Jubilee 061 Cp Johnson Johnny Mercer
    Jubilee 088 International Sweethearts Of Rhythm
    Kingsmen 490816 10 Johnny Mercer
    Kmh 331207 Paul Whiteman Deems Taylor
    Kmh 340111 Paul Whiteman
    Kmh 340201 Paul Whiteman Raggin Scale
    Kmh 340628 Paul Whiteman Lee Wiley
    Kmh 450104 Guest Johnny Mercer
    Les Brown 005 1951 Johnny Mercer & George Shearing
    Les Brown 006 1951 Johnny Mercer & George Shearing
    Les Brown Show Youre Cream In My Coffee
    Mail Call 440105 072 Jack Benny
    Mail Call 440928 111 Ginny Simms
    Mail Call 441005 112 K Kyser G Gibbs King Sisters
    Open House Party 430410 Paul Whiteman Wiffenpoof Song
    Paul Whiteman 430620 03 Presents Dinah Sk
    Request Performance 481 Johnny Mercer
    Screen Guild 430913 161 Birth Of Blues
    Screen Guild Theater 450924 264 Kiss Boys Goodby
    Sound Off 315 Johnny Mercer Nodaway Road
    Yank Swing Session 71 Guest Johnny Mercerafrs
    Yank Swing Session 86 W Dick Jurgens Tea For Two
    Your Hit Parade 460316 Afrs Doctor Lawyer Indian Chief
    Your Hit Parade 460420 Afrs Let It Snow

    Volume 3: 19 recordings - total playtime 4 hours 32 minutes

    JM Music Shop 440711 01 Is You Is Or Is You Aint My Baby
    JM Music Shop 440712 02 Sugar
    JM Music Shop 440727 13 Dance With A Dolly
    JM Music Shop 440728 14 When Red Red Robin Comes
    JM Music Shop 440810 23 How Many Hearts Have You Broken
    JM Music Shop 440811 24 Minding My Business
    JM Music Shop 440816 27 Better Do It Now
    JM Music Shop 440817 28 Tumbling Tumbleweeds
    JM Music Shop 440824 33 Exactly Like You
    JM Music Shop 440825 34 I Cant Help It
    JM Music Shop 440901 39 Highway Polka
    JM Music Shop 440904 40 I Didnt Know About You
    JM Music Shop 440905 41 Tired Teddy Bear
    JM Music Shop 440907 43 Ja Da
    JM Music Shop 440908 44 Sunny Side Of Street
    JM Music Shop 440911 45 I Just Cant Help It
    JM Music Shop 440912 46 Happy As Day Is Long
    JM Music Shop 440913 47 Crazy Rhythm
    JM Music Shop 440914 48 When Its Roundup Time In Texas



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