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 HV Kaltenborn Edits the News

1 MP3 CD - 34 episodes

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"Sinking of the Bismark"
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HV Kaltenborn

H.V. Kaltenborn given the 1944 Alfred L Du Pont Award for his aggressive independent and meritious gathering of the news...H. V. Kaltenborn was one of the first broadcasters to analyze the news and provide insight into current events, regardless of the popularity of the analysis.  Kaltenborn was a very respected journalist and, in a huge coup, NBC snatched him away from CBS to give him his own show sponsored by the Pure Oil Company.  The show premiered on April 6, 1940 and lasted into the 1950s.

Kaltenborn was known for his rich descriptions, excellent vocabulary, and his precise diction. However, he was not afraid to acknowledge when he made a mistake.  During the 1948 elections, Kaltenborn called the election for Thomas Dewey after a large vote fluctuation in Dewey's favor.  Later during election night, there was another large swing in Harry Truman's favor prompting Kaltenborn to retract and call the election for Truman.

During Kaltenborn's newscast, he described how Truman impersonated him (Kaltenborn) describing how Truman  was losing the election.  He was not afraid to laugh at himself saying, "Beware of that man in power who has no sense of humor."

Certainly a character, Kaltenborn ran away from home to fight in the Spanish-American War after which he spent time traveling around Europe.  Eventually, he came back home taking a job with the Brooklyn Daily Eagle then leaving the paper at 24 to enroll in college at Harvard University.  After graduation, he returned to the paper and started providing commentary on the radio beginning in 1928 at CBS. 

HV KaltenbornKaltenborn was an unending well of information about  international politics and foreign affairs making him uniquely suited to provide commentary on the state of the world in the 1930s.  He covered the Spanish Civil War and the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1938.  Some analysts credit Kaltenborn's vivid descriptions and personal credibility with helping move The United States away from its isolationist tendencies.

For additional news commentary, see also:

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


34 shows - total playtime 7 hours 3 minutesminutes

HV Kaltenborn 390827 Neville Henderson To Give Britains Reply To Germany Tomorrow
HV Kaltenborn 390921 Romania Installs Military Government
HV Kaltenborn 390925 Senate Foreign Relations Committee Recesses
HV Kaltenborn 390927 Warsaw Surrenders
HV Kaltenborn 390929 Fdr Repeats Determination To Stay Out Of War
HV Kaltenborn 391002 Cardinal Mundelein Dies
HV Kaltenborn 391003 Axis Peace Proposals From Pakersburg, W. Va
HV Kaltenborn 391004 Hitler To Address Reichstag On Friday
HV Kaltenborn 391006 Chances Of Peace Slight Following Hitler Address
HV Kaltenborn 391009 Senate To Vote On Tobey Motion
HV Kaltenborn 391010 Analysis Of Yet Another Hitler Speech
HV Kaltenborn 391011 Berlin Announces Conf. With Russia Upcut
HV Kaltenborn 391013 Britain Reports 3 German Subs Destroyed
HV Kaltenborn 391016 German Air Raid On Scotland
HV Kaltenborn 391017 Auto Workers On Strike From Detroit, Mich
HV Kaltenborn 391018 Kirkwall, Scotland Has Multiple Air Alerts
HV Kaltenborn 391020 Slurs Against Ny World Fair
HV Kaltenborn 391023 Potential For New Deal Between Us And Japan
HV Kaltenborn 391024 Germans Seize City Of Flint
HV Kaltenborn 391025 City Of Flint Mystery Deepens
HV Kaltenborn 391027 Critical Of Neutrality Bill Debate Process
HV Kaltenborn 391030 City Of Flint Whereabouts Still Unknown
HV Kaltenborn 391031 German Subs Hit British Convoy Hard
HV Kaltenborn 400126 Fdr & Reporters
HV Kaltenborn 400409 Report That German Liner Bremen Sunk
HV Kaltenborn 401219 Fdr To Appoint New Defence Council
HV Kaltenborn 410102 New Congress Starts Tomorrow
HV Kaltenborn 410224 Convoy Issue Dominant Tonight
HV Kaltenborn 410506 President Conferred With Defence Advisers Today
HV Kaltenborn 410527 Comments On Sinking Of Battleship Bismark
HV Kaltenborn 411207 Comments Just After Attack On Pearl Harbor
HV Kaltenborn 450507 Comments On End Of War In Europe
HV Kaltenborn 450814 Special Comments On Japanese Surrender
HV Kaltenborn 470623 Taft Hartley Act



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