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 E Jack Neuman

3 MP3 CDs - 118 episodes

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"Escape: Open Boat"
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E Jack NeumanOnce you get past the glitter and the egos, Hollywood is essentially a working town, an industrial city like Pittsburgh or Detroit (San Jose and Silicon Valley are a modern example). You may never know the man who bolted the cup-holders into your Chevy. If you care to look, you can find out about the man who designed the car, and you can appreciate what a magnificent vehicle it is every morning while you are caught in morning traffic, but it just wouldn't be the same without the cup-holders.

We hear a lot about the big names in Hollywood, the stars and starlets, the studio bosses and the money men. We pay attention because, well, it is entertaining. We don't hear as much about the "factory floor" workers in Hollywood. Without their contributions,  Hollywood's entertainment product would never make it to our neighborhood movie house, TV screen, or even our radios.

Jack Warner once dismissed the contributions of the talent he hired: "Actors? Schmucks. Writers? Schmucks with Underwoods." E. Jack Neuman was an extremely prolific Schmuck with an Underwood. Neuman was born in Ohio in 1921. By the late Forties,  he found himself in Hollywood banging out scripts for radio programs.

Neuman specialized in Private Eye and Crime Stories. Many of his scripts would have fit nicely on the pages of Black Mask Magazine, the forum which helped to launch the careers of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. Radio shamuses (shami?) could be just as pulpy as their magazine brethren, and Neuman was not above using a storyline more than once, simply refreshing it to fit a new set of characters.

In August of 1948, Jack Webb as Jeff Regan, Investigator, travels to a small mountain town and gets framed for two murders involving a big pipe smoking man. On May 22, 1949, Rocky Jordan is drawn out of his place in Cairo into the desert where he will be framed for two murders involving a big pipe smoking man. Regan's episode "The Prodigal Daughter", July 17, 1948, would be expanded to fit the five 15 minute episodes of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar in 1956's "The Pearling Matter".

E Jack NeumanNeuman left radio for bigger money in Television. He became a TV producer, as well as a writer, his best known production was the mini-series Inside The Third Reich.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1:
40 shows - total playtime 19 hours 22 minutes
Box 13 481128 15 Double Right Cross
City 470309 Plastic Orchard
Dr Kildare 510105 50 E Lazetti
Dr Kildare 510209 55 Anthrax Infection
Dr Kildare 510330 62 J Quinn
Escape 500214 110 Two If By Sea
Escape 521012 152 Gringo 12848
Escape 530419 192 El Guitarero
Escape 530719 205 Open Boat
Escape 540814 235 Coward
Fort Laramie 560422 13 New Recruit
Hallmark Hall Of Fame 531206 30 Major Charles Yeager
Hallmark Hall Of Fame 540117 36 Samuel Clements
Hawk Larabee 471018 California Kid
Hollywood Playhouse Of Romance 521218 Bachelor
Jeff Regan 480717 Prodigal Daughter
Jeff Regan 480724 Lonesome Lady
Jeff Regan 480731 Lady With Golden Hair
Jeff Regan 480807 Man Who Liked Mountains
Jeff Regan 480814 Diamond Quartet
Jeff Regan 480828 Man In Door
Jeff Regan 480904 House By Sea
Jeff Regan 480911Cain & Able And Santa Maria
Jeff Regan 480925 Lady With No Name
Jeff Regan 481002 Man With Key
Jeff Regan 481009 Too Many Mrs Rogers
Jeff Regan 481016 Lost Lady
Jeff Regan 481204 Lawyer And Lady
Lineup 510926 Fur Flaunting Floozy
Lineup 511004 Wild Wild Woman Case
Lineup 511011 Frivolous Forger Fracas
Lineup 511018 Nicely Nixed Nixon Case
Lineup 511108 Pixie Picker Pickle Case
Lineup 520624 Cutiecalling Culprit Case
Lineup 520708 93 Lugar Lugging Laddie Case
Lineup 520729 108 Stanley Farmer Murder
Lineup 520910 Jane Doe Case
Lineup 521029 105 Sobbing Singer Saga Akasingers Husband Killed
Lineup 521112 107 Buggered Bunco Boys Akagrieving Families Cheated
Meet Miss Sherlock 460912 Wilmer & Widow


Volume 2:
40 shows - total playtime 19 hours 8 minutes
Night Beat 040 Slasher
Night Beat 501020 037 Judge Arnolds Daughter
Night Beat 510304 Big John Mcmasters
Night Beat 510629 048 Byline For Frank
On Stage 530212 Party
On Stage 530319 Eddie
On Stage 530514 Statement of Fact
On Stage 530723 Fling
On Stage 530916 Crustacean
On Stage 540217 Heartbreak
Richard Diamond 510223 087 Lady In Distress
Rocky Jordan 490501 Fall Guy
Rocky Jordan 490522 Make Up Man
Rocky Jordan 490529 Desert Betrayal
Rocky Jordan 490724 Coward of Mutakahn
Rocky Jordan 490828 Lady From Istanbul
Rogers Of Gazette 530610 Lance Oniel Troublemaker
Romance 540522 01 Frenchmans Career
Romance 540710 333 Cordoba
Romance 540731 336 Fling
Romance 560609 433 Bachelor
Sam Spade 500903 Farmers Daughter Caper
Sam Spade 501117 Over My Dead Body
Suspense 431123 067 Strange Death Of Charles
Suspense 470515 245 Death At Live Oak
Suspense 490929 352 Blind Date
Suspense 491027 356 Momentum
Suspense 500316 376 Motive For Murder
Suspense 501019 399 Wages Of Sin
Suspense 510208 415 Windy City Six
Suspense 510301 418 Gift of Jumbo Brannigan
Suspense 510412 424 Early to Death
Suspense 510510 428 Death On My Hands
Suspense 520609 477 Concerto For Killer And Eye Witnesses
Suspense 521201 489 Big Heist
Suspense 530420 509 Public Defender Suspense 531012 521 Shot


Volume 3:
28 shows - total playtime 12 hours 30 minutes
Suspense 540315 543 Girl In Car
Suspense 540405 546 Grand Theft
Suspense 540419 548 Card Game
Suspense 540503 550 Giant Of Thermopylae
Suspense 540524 553 Weekend Specialdeath
Suspense 540622 557 Sequel To Murder
Suspense 541118 572 Blind Date
Suspense 541202 574 Shot
Suspense 541216 576 Pretty Girl
Suspense 560711 658 Want Ad
Suspense 570929 718 Vamp Till Dead
Suspense 571013 720 Welldressed Corpse
Suspense 581123 778 Statement Of Fact
Suspense 581214 781 For Old Times Sake
Suspense 600207 839 Mystery Of Marie Roget
Whistler 470303 249 Blue Legend
Whistler 481212 340 Stormy Weather
Ytjd 500314 041 Eighty Five Little Minks
Ytjd 500404 044 Story Of Big Red School
Ytjd 500418 046 Story Of Thr Tenoeight
Ytjd 521212 142 Elliott Champion Noisy
Ytjd 530102 145 Baltimore Matter
Ytjd 530123 148 Marigold Matter
Ytjd 530206 150 Chicago Fraud Matter
Ytjd 530227 153 Underwood
Ytjd 530414 160 Madison Matter
Ytjd 530428 162 San Antonio Matter
Ytjd 550829 Audition Transpacific Matter Gerald Mohr




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