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 Don Ameche Collection

3 MP3 CDs - 97 episodes

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Don Ameche
Felice Amici emigrated from Italy and opened a bar in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and married Barbara Etta Hertle. Their bouncing boy Dominic was born on May 31, 1908. A colorful character, Felice was known to constantly carry a sidearm to discourage trouble makers, and Americanized the family name to Ameche. Little Dominic became Don Ameche, who chose a different path from his dad's.

Don AmecheDon went to college intending to study law, but fell in love with the theater and followed that path instead. He stared with a stock company when the leading man failed to show up and a friend talked Don into standing in. He had a short stand in New York then went on the vaudeville circuit with comedienne Texas Guinan (she dropped him for being “too stiff”). In the early Thirties he worked in Chicago area radio, appearing on The Empire Builders, acting in stories about the Great Northern Railroad.

By 19356, Don had made it to Hollywood, and was on his way to becoming a star. Despite a less than terrific screen test, Darryl F. Zanuck saw potential in the young actor, and Ameche began a long association with 20th Century Fox. He was memorable in support of Tyrone Power and Alice Faye in the musicals In Old Chicago (1937) and Alexander's Ragtime Band (1938), and starred with the Ritz Brothers in a send up of The Three Musketeers (1939). He literally became a household name with the popularity of The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (1939). The film was so popular that people began referring to their telephone as the Ameche (“You're wanted on the Ameche.”)

After Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy's successful premier on the Rudy Valley Program at the end of 1936, the sponsor decided to give them their own show. The Chase and Sanborn Hour starring Bergen and McCarthy premiered on May 9, 1937, hosted by Don Ameche. In the early years Dorothy Lamour co-starred.

On Halloween, 1938, Don and the Chase and Sanborn gang helped to save the world from Martians. Orson Welles (another Kenosha native) was presenting an interpretation of H.G. Wells' War of the World as a supposed newscast. Since most of the audience was listening to Charlie McCarthy, they joined Welles after the program was underway, and did not realize that it was a joke. Many supposed there was a real invasion happening.

Primarily a movie actor for most of his career, Don appeared on Lux Radio Theater in renditions of Vivacious Lady, Heaven Can Wait, Bordertown, Midnight, Manhattan Melodrama and several other pictures. Although his movie work began to dry up in the 1970's, Don came back on the screen with a vengeance as an evil billionaire in Trading Places (1983).

Don was married to Honore Prendergast for 54 years. A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6313 Hollywood Blvd honors Don Ameche's contributions to Radio, and another at 6101 Hollywood Blvd is for his work in Television.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 35 shows - total playtime 22 hours 46 minutes

20th Century Fox 370000 You Cant Have Everything
20th Century Fox Is On Air 380000 Alexanders Ragtime Band
20th Century Fox Is On Air 410000 That Night In Rio
Bergen Mccarthy 371219 Charlie Plans To Trap Santa 20 Min
Bergen McCarthy 390827 121 Miriam Hopkins
Bergen McCarthy 441224 Navy Choir
Bergen McCarthy 441231 Charles Laughton
Bergen McCarthy 450107 W Carmen Miranda
Bergen McCarthy 450114 Louis Bromfield
Bergen McCarthy 450128
Bergen McCarthy 450204 Albert E Wiggem
Bergen McCarthy 450218 Ginny Simms & Veronica Lake
Bergen McCarthy 450225 Gene Tierney
Bergen McCarthy 450311 Joan Blondell Bud Blooms In Brookl
Bergen McCarthy 450422 Rita Hayworth
Bergen McCarthy 450429 365 Ida Lupino
Bergen McCarthy 450520 W Janet Blair
Bergen McCarthy 471005 453 Don Ameche
Bergen McCarthy 480509 484 Getting Ready For Hunting Trip
Bergen McCarthy 481017 490 Don Ameche
Bergen McCarthy 641115 C&s 101st Anniversary
Biography In Sound 580116 92 Ernie Pyle
Bob Hope 481207 Xmas Shopping Doris Day & Bing
Chase And Sanborn 390813 119 [charlie Mccarthy] Joan Blondell 25644
Chase And Sanborn 390917 124 [charlie Mccarthy] Helen Broderick, Fred Macmurray 25644
Chase And Sanborn 441022 338 [charlie Mccarthy] Charlie Opens Frog Farm Billie Burke
Chase And Sanborn Hour 370509 01 Ann Harding
Chase And Sanborn Hour 370516 02 Carole Lombard
Chase And Sanborn Hour 370523 03 Mary Boland
Chase And Sanborn Hour 370530 04 Josephine Hutchinson
Chase And Sanborn Hour 370606 05 Constance Bennett
Chase And Sanborn Hour 370613 06 Joan Blondell
Chase And Sanborn Hour 370620 07 Mae Robson
Chase And Sanborn Hour 370627 08 Sonja Henie
Chase And Sanborn Hour 370704 09 Zazu Pitts

Volume 2: 35 shows - total playtime 23 hours 6 minutes

Chase And Sanborn Hour 370711 10 Gladys George
Chase And Sanborn Hour 370801 13 Bruna Castagna
Chase And Sanborn Hour 390903 122 Wendy Barrie
CP 420611 017 Don Ameche Bing Crosby Carole Landis
CP 420922 032 Don Ameche Edgar Bergen Tommy Dorsey
CP 431002 087 Don Ameche Betty Hutton King Cole Trio
CP 440325 112 Don Ameche Cass Daley Carmen Miranda
Don Ameche Show 460624 Aud Highwayman
Edgar Bergen 441203 Don Ameche
Edgar Bergen 470119 10th Anniversary Show
Edgar Bergen 471005 Don Amechee
Edgar Bergen 481226 500 Last Show For Chase & Sanborn
Edgar Bergen 540620 672 Nelson Eddy
Edgar Bergen And Charlie Mccarthy420906 253 Charles Ruggles
Edgar Bergen And Charlie Mccarthy470406 441 Don Ameche
Elgin Holiday Specials 441225 X Elgin Christmas Show 3rd Annual
Elgin Holiday Specials 481225 X Elgin Christmas Show 7th Annual
Empire Builders 301201 Amistice Day Reunion
Empire Builders 301222 Chrstms Columbia Rvr Girl & Business Man meet hospitl
Empire Builders 301229 Girl Leaves Boy for Singing Job in Seattle
Empire Builders 310105 Burt Pond Worrier and Baby
Empire Builders 310112 68 Montana Snowcharlies Fluea Job For Jimmy
Empire Builders 310112 Dispatcher at Havre, MY - A Job for Jimmy
Empire Builders 310119 69 Glacier National Park
Empire Builders 310119 Glacier NtlPrk-Cwby Actr Nan Monroe Mistaken Sheriff
Empire Builders 310126 Joachin Noriega
Ft 470213 001 Flight From Home
Ft 471218 045 Rose By Any Other Name
Ft 500503 168 Sara Bernhardt
Jack Benny 481121 670 Jack Tries To Reach His Advertising Agency
Jimmy Durante Show 500428 30 Don Ameche Has Wife Problems
Kraft 410626 Charles Boyer Josephine Tominia
Kraft 411023 There Be Some Changes,host D.ameche,g.murphy
Lassie 491105 X His Masters Eyes 1

Volume 3: 27 shows - total playtime 19 hours 53 minutes

Lux 390703 226 Bordertown
Lux 400520 264 Midnight
Lux 400909 272 Manhattan Melodrama
Lux 410106 289 Vivacious Lady
Lux 410623 313 Shop Around Corner
Lux 411006 320 Unfinished Business
Lux 420323 344 Strawberry Blonde
Lux 420928 363 Magnificent Dope
Lux 431011 409 Heaven Can Wait
Lux 440410 434 Happy Land
Lux 440703 447 It Happened Tomorrow
Lux 440925 451 Lucky Partners
Lux 441113 458 Magnificent Obsession
Lux 450514 483 Alexander Graham Bell
Lux 451210 505 Wife
Mail Call 450214 131 Don Ameche, Marguerite Chapman, Bobbie Baker
Millions For Defence 410730 05 With Jack Benny
NBC 1951 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Broadcast
New National Guard Show 22 Skipper Of Sea Wench
One Mans Family 590218 B133c37 Suspect
Recollections At 30 560718 05 Chase Sanborn Hour
Screen Guild 400303 046 Winter In Paris
Screen Guild 410119 070 Magnificent Obsession
Screen Guild 450219 233 Take Letter Darling
Sealtest Variety Theater 481111 09 Don Ameche, Dorothy Lamour
Spike Jones 490625 Don Ameche
Theat Of Rom 460305 088 Random Harvest



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