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 Doctor Kildare

1 MP3 CD - 60 episodes


"A Morgan"
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lew ayres
Lew Ayres

Lew AyresThe show has many radio veterans in the dramatic roles. Ted Osborne plays Dr. Carough, chief of administration, who seems to be a thorn in the side of Dr. Kildare much of the time. Jane Webb plays Mary Lamont, who is a friend and confidant to Dr. Kildare. The fine radio actress Virginia Gregg is really a caution as the fussy, ramrod straight Nurse Parker. In fact, she's exactly 180 degrees opposite in personality from her radio role as the sultry, alluring and rich Helen Asher on Richard Diamond, Private Eye, which was also running in '49. Indeed, 1949 was a very good year for Miss Virginia Gregg, one of the great ladies of radio.

And Lionel Barrymore would be fuming that he's at the bottom of this bill. But not on Dr. Kildare…he plays Dr. Gillespie to the hilt, and offers up a continuing feast of dramatic delivery, feet firmly placed in the hallmark location of the bravura actor… upstage.

Please also see Dr. Christian, Halls of Ivy, One Man's Family, The Goldbergs, Life with Luigi, Green Valley Line, Honest Harold, My Favorite Husband, Adventures of Uncle Jimmy, and the Adventures of Maisie for more human interest radio drama.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

60 shows - total playtime 27 hours 22 minutes

Dr Kildare 500201 01 Angela And Steven Kester
Dr Kildare 500208 02 Marjorie Northrup
Dr Kildare 500215 03 Benjamin Barkley
Dr Kildare 500222 04 Rico Marchianos Dying Wife
Dr Kildare 500301 05 Vernon Pendleton Hypochondriac
Dr Kildare 500308 06 Barbara Lane Dope Addict
Dr Kildare 500315 07 Caroline Shelley
Dr Kildare 500322 08 Jane Dane New Cancer Treatment
Dr Kildare 500412 11 Warren Jacksons Allergy
Dr Kildare 500419 12 Terry Murphys Hearing Problem
Dr Kildare 500426 13 Philip Van Courts Amnesia
Dr Kildare 500503 14 Abandoned Baby
Dr Kildare 500510 15 Kildares Old Girlfriend
Dr Kildare 500517 16 Nurse Parker Resigns
Dr Kildare 500524 17 Dr Carews Fat Wife
Dr Kildare 500531 18 Dickbrennansteals 5000 Or 50000
Dr Kildare 500601 19 Colonel Boregards Paralysis
Dr Kildare 500608 20 Gordon Mallorys Lead Poisoning
Dr Kildare 500615 21 Glaucoma
Dr Kildare 500622 22 Pricillas Broken Arm
Dr Kildare 500629 23 Dr Gillespie Almost Gets Engaged
Dr Kildare 500706 24 Hunting Trip
Dr Kildare 500713 25 Dan Malloys Peptic Ulcer
Dr Kildare 500720 26 Mrs Stanfords Angina Pectoris
Dr Kildare 500810 29 Buffalo Barnie Mcclure
Dr Kildare 500817 30 Appendicitis Operation At Sea
Dr Kildare 500907 33 Carew Gets Medical Examiner Mixed Up
Dr Kildare 500914 34 Marion Lewis Teen Age Alcoholic
Dr Kildare 500921 35 Sam Lubinski Has Spinal Paralysis
Dr Kildare 500928 36 Mumpkins First Baby
Dr Kildare 501020 39 Eddie Jenkins And Arsonist
Dr Kildare 501027 40 Ling Co Refuses Leg Surgery
Dr Kildare 501117 43 Mr Bradleys Heart
Dr Kildare 501124 44 Mr Kramerparker Needs A Hobby
Dr Kildare 501201 45 Lady Dunabees Annual Visit
Dr Kildare 501208 46 Arthur Morgan Needs Brain Surgery
Dr Kildare 501229 49 David Norton Has Pneumonia
Dr Kildare 510105 50 Eddie Lazetti Kidnaps Nurse
Dr Kildare 510112 51 Dr Gillespies Testimonial Dinner
Dr Kildare 510119 52 Dr Conlon Quack
Dr Kildare 510126 53 Joe Finleys Ulcer
Dr Kildare 510202 54 Oliver Van Meters Allergy
Dr Kildare 510209 55 Anthrax Infection
Dr Kildare 510216 56 Pete Cosloff Is Mentally Ill
Dr Kildare 510223 57 Buck Houston Cowboy Star
Dr Kildare 510302 58 David Coopers Burned Face
Dr Kildare 510309 59 Edward Carltons Dog Bite
Dr Kildare 510316 60 Amy Dickens Breaks Her Leg
Dr Kildare 510323 61 Cathy Mortons Baby
Dr Kildare 510330 62 Joan Quinn
Dr Kildare 510406 63 Gillespiesnewsuitforhendersonaward
Dr Kildare 510413 64 Yukon Joes Gold Mine
Dr Kildare 510518 69 Mysterious Hemophilia Patient
Dr Kildare 510525 70 Dr Gillespies New Office
Dr Kildare 510615 73 Pedro Maria And Rosie
Dr Kildare 510622 74 Paul Bailey
Dr Kildare 510713 77 Valerie And Walter Benton Murder!
Dr Kildare 510720 78 Evelyn Briggs
Dr Kildare 510727 79 Robert Lane Intern Shirks Duties
Dr Kildare 510803 80 Alice Bradley Amnesia Victim



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