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 Dangerous Assignment

2 MP3 CDs - 102 episodes

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"The Nazi & The Physicist"
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Brian Donlevy

International spy series (1949 - 1953)

Dangerous Assignment AdFilm actor Brian Donlevy played Steve Mitchell, international operative whose had two jobs. Get in and out of danger. Donlevy had the voice and delivery to make the show sound plausible, even if it was routine Cold War brush fire stuff. Herb Butterfield was the Commissioner, a taskmaster shrouded in secrecy who served up the situations that Mitchell seems never to refuse. The Commissioner's secretary is played by Betty Moran. She actually seems to care about the Steve's welfare. The Commissioner is just concerned about the fare.

The worldwide locations are dealt up with a feeling of local, and the characters that inhabit these far-away places with strange sounding names are solid and capably acted by veterans. Music is an almost harsh orchestra. Donlevy carries the plots with a world-weary and wary tone that makes sense, based on his occupation.

Though not top-drawer adventure like Escape, nor character more fully developed like The Third Man, Harry Lime (and not having the benefit of decades to develop or great talent like these two did), Dangerous Assignment carries enough radio punch to keep the fan of tough-guys getting in and out of jams happy.

old time radio pictureIt took Ian Fleming to put this genre back on the international map "big time" with his 1952 debut Bond novel, Casino Royale. First Bond novel, perhaps the best, with the most atmosphere, the most violence and Bond at his coldest and most ruthless - ridiculous Bond flick, even with Orson Welles. Fleming had passed on prior to the film's release, so he was one Bond fan who wasn't upset.

For more espionage and adventure see: The Silent Men, Spy Catcher, I was a Communist for the FBI, Cloak and Dagger, Counterspy - David Harding!, The Adventures of Frank Race, Top Secret, Harry Lime (The Third Man), Secret Agent K7 Returns, and The Man Called X.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 52 shows - total playtime 25 hours 11 minutes
DA 490709 Italy
DA 490716 Indochina
DA 490723 Nigeria
DA 490806 France
DA 490813 Portugal
DA 490820 Switzerland
DA 500206 Panama
DA 500213 Morocco
DA 500220 Greece
DA 500227 China
DA 500306 California
DA 500320 Switzerland
DA 500327 Egypt
DA 500410 Trinidad
DA 500417 Ecuador
DA 500424 Alaska
DA 500503 France
DA 500510 Sweden
DA 500517 Arabia
DA 500524 Burma
DA 500531 Balkans
DA 500607 Turkey
DA 500726 The Orient
DA 500802 Austria
DA 500809 Africa
DA 500816 France
DA 500823 India
DA 500830 Ireland
DA 500906 Balkans
DA 500920 Turkey
DA 500927 Latin America
DA 500929 Florida
DA 501006 Japan
DA 501118 Germany
DA 501125 Indochina
DA 501202 South America
DA 501209 Germany
DA 501216 Virginia
DA 501230 Eastern Europe
DA 510106 Hatia
DA 510113 Spain
DA 510120 Cananda
DA 510127 Middle East
DA 510203 West Africa
DA 510210 Eastern Europe
DA 510217 Malaya
DA 510224 New York
DA 510303 England
DA 510310 South America
DA 510317 Indonesia
DA 521105 Cuba
DA 521112 Turkey
Volume 2: 50 shows - total playtime 21 hours 33 minutes
DA 510324 Panama
DA 510331 China
DA 510407 Balkans
DA 510414 Middle East
DA 510421 France
DA 510428 Balkans
DA 510504 Netherlands
DA 510511 Germany
DA 510518 Trinidad
DA 510619 Japan
DA 510626 Italy
DA 510703 South America
DA 510710 Philippines
DA 520310 Australia
DA 521008 Austria
DA 521015 Indonesia
DA 521022 Brazil
DA 521105 Cuba
DA 521112 Turkey
DA 521119 Germany
DA 521126 Sweden
DA 521203 France
DA 521210 Austria
DA 521217 Turkey
DA 521224 Sweden
DA 521231 Italy
DA 530107 New Guinea
DA 530114 London
DA 530121 Mandalay
DA 530128 Mexico City
DA 530204 Greece
DA 530211 Belgian Congo
DA 530218 Japan
DA 530225 France
DA 530304 Germany
DA 530311 Philippines
DA 530318 Norway
DA 530325 Portugal
DA 530401 Venezuela
DA 530408 France
DA 530415 Tibet
DA 530422 England
DA 530429 New Guinea
DA 530506 Italy
DA 530513 Egypt
DA 530520 Norway
DA 530527 Cuba
DA 530624 Syria
DA 530701 Cananda
DA 530708 Indochina


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