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 Christmas Comedy

4 MP3 CDs - 180 episodes

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"Jack Benny Christmas party"
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Jack Benny plays the violin for Dennis Day's familyThis funny collection will leave your bowl full of jelly shaking with laughter. The great comedians of old time radio yesteryear pull out all the stops in their Christmas Comedy Specials.  This collection offers festive funny laughs from the whole family.

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The notoriously stingy Jack Benny attempts to buy his coworkers a variety of cheap gifts for Christmas.  In our favorite Jack Benny Christmas Episode, Jack Benny debates over what shoelaces to buy.

Edgar Bergan and Charlie McCarthy wishes you a "Merry Christmas and a Happy Bergen!" Charlie McCarthy sends a carbon copy of his Christmas wish list to Edgar Bergan just in case Santa doesn't give him everything.

In Amos and Andy: To buy Amos' daughter a special store doll that she wanted Andy works a second job as a department store Santa Claus, but he's almost too big for the suit.  The most famous Amos and Andy show features Amos explaining the Lord's Prayer to his daughter Arbadella played by Barbara Jean Wong.

The consummate supporter of Armed Service Men and Women of America, Bob Hope spends his Christmas entertaining the soldiers at the Long Beach Veterans Hospital. There are some jokes about the cute nurses and mistletoe.

Burns & AllenThe cast in Duffy's Tavern does a unique version of The Christmas Carol.  Our Miss Brooks was alone on Christmas  and found a sad Christmas tree in a vacant lot, but then everyone magically comes to her house to celebrate…or do they?

Christmas with George Burns and Gracie Allen has never been more fun!  In one episode fly on the back of Herman the Duck to the North Pole.  In another episode George and the quirky Gracie debate whether or not to buy Christmas presents.  On Christmas Eve in another program George has been thrown in prison due to a mix up at the jewelry store.  

In the Fred Allen Program, Santa goes on strike!  Santa tells his sob story to Fred Allen telling him of the time he visited Napoleon and Paul Revere. Will Jingle Bells ring tonight?

There are many more funny and festive Christmas Comedy old time radio shows including The Jack Benny Program, Our Miss Brooks, Life of Riley, The Great Gildersleeve, Phil Harris and Alice Faye, Red Skeleton, Ozzie and Harriet, Amos and Andy, Fibber McGee and Molly, Bob and Ray, Blondie, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Duffy's Tavern, Fred Allen, and more.  These radio shows were all on Santa's wish list.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


Volume 1: 46 shows - total playtime 21 hours 31 minutes

Al Pearce Christmas 391220
Aldrich Family 481223 Christmas Program
Aldrich Family Selling Christmas Cards
Amos Andy 411224 Annual Christmas Show
Amos Andy 441222 Annual Christmas Show
Amos Andy 441224 Annual Christmas Show
Amos Andy 461224 121 Andy Plays Santa
Amos Andy 471223 Christmas Show
Amos Andy 501224 Christmas Show
Amos Andy 541219 Christmas Show Andy As Santa
Archie Andrews 471213 Christmas Shopping
Archie Andrews 491217 Xmas Shopping At Stacy's Dept
Bergen McCarthy 441224 Twas Night Before Christmas
Bergen Mccarthy 481219 499 Christmas Show W Mario Lanza
Bergen Mccarthy 541226 Hoppy
Bergen Mccarthy 551218 Candy Bergen Xmas
Bergen Mccarthy 551225 Christmas Show
Beulah 451224 Honorary Santa
Beulah 531224 A Santa Suit For Mr Henderson
Blondie 391225 Scrooge
Blondie 481215 Christmas Dilemma
Bob & Ray 481225 Unknown Title
Bob & Ray 481227.mp3
Bob & Ray 491221
Bob & Ray 491222
Bob & Ray 591225 A Little Rock Music
Bob Hope 391212 Taking Peter To Toyland
Bob Hope 441200 Christmas 3
Bob Hope 451218 Christmas Show Sf
Bob Hope 481207 Xmas Shopping Doris Day & Bing
Bob Hope 541223 Xmas Long Beach Veterans Hospital
Bob Hope Christmas Show Storyof Bingsy Bobsy
Burns & Allen 361223 Gracieschristmascarol
Burns & Allen 371223 Christmaswithgeorgegracie
Burns & Allen 401223 Christmas Show
Burns & Allen 411216 The Post Office
Burns & Allen 411223 Santaandthewickedwitch
Burns & Allen 421222 Santaandthewickedpirate
Burns & Allen 431221 Playingsantaclaus
Burns & Allen 461226 Christmas Presents
Burns & Allen 470109 Last Years Christmas Bills
Burns & Allen 471218 Gracies Last Minute Christmas Gift
Burns & Allen 471225 Gracie Sick
Burns & Allen Santa's Workshop
Charlotte Greenwood 441224 Stranded On Christmas Eve
Charlotte Greenwood 451223 Helps A Sailor On Christmas Eve

Volume 2: 46 shows - total playtime 21 hours 54 minutes

Clitheroe Kid 641227 0811 Double Trouble Xmas
Dennis Day Christmas Is For The Family
Duffys 441222 Christmas Program With Monty Woolley
Duffys 451221 The Cast Does A Christmas Carol
Duffys 471224 Miracle in Manhattan
Duffys 481222 Miracle On Third Avenue With Jeff Chandler
Duffys 481223 Archie Is In Bad Spirits
Duffys 481229 Christmas Cards With Dorothy Shay
Duffys 501222 Charles Coburn Plays Santa Claus
Durante 441222 Christmas Show
Durante 471224 W Margaret O'brien
Durante 481224 Problems With Christmas Dinner
351222 Christmas Program
421223 With Ida Lupino
441220 Xmas Show
521225 Christmas Special
Father Knows Best 501221 Christmas Program
Father Knows Best 521225 Kids Look For Dads Xmas Present
Father Knows Best 531224 183 Stranded By A Snowstorm
Fibber 421215 Misplaces Christmas Money
Fibber 421222 Listening To Christmas Carols
Fibber 431221 Looking For A Xmas Tree
Fibber 431228 Fresh Start For New Years
Fibber 441219 Early Christmas Presents
Fibber 441226 Mc Gee Controls His Temper
Fibber 451218 White Christmas Trees
Fibber 451225 Doc Gift To Mcgee
Fibber 461217 Sunlamp
Fibber 461224 Night Before Christmas
Fibber 471216 Aunt Sarah S Fruitcake
Fibber 471223 A Lost Key Ring
Fibber 471230 Ten Dollar Gift Certificate
Fibber 481207 Early Christmas Shopping
Fibber 481221 Christmas Card From Elizabeth
Fibber 491206 Making Christmas Cards
Fibber 491220 Fibber Mc Gee&molly
Fibber 501226 0641 Shoveling Snow
Fibber 511225 The Spirit Of Giving
Fibber 520408 Perilous Horoscope
Fibber 521216 Exchanging Christmas Gift From Wallace Wimple
Fibber 521223 Surprise Christmas Party For Doc Gamble
Fibber 521230 New Year S Dance At The Country Club
Fibber 531120 Christmas Fund
Fred Allen 321225 Mammoth Department Store
Fred Allen 371222 Santa Claus Sits Downwith Jack Benny

Volume 3: 46 shows - total playtime 22 hours 50 minutes

Fred Allen 391227 Dr Allen Clinic
Fred Allen 421220 Risa Stevens Santa Claus Sits Down
Fred Allen 471228 Fred Tries Sue To Return Cukoo Clock
Gildersleeve 411214 Gildersleeve Iron Reindeer
Gildersleeve 411221 Mcgees Christmas Gift
Gildersleeve 421220 Christmas
Gildersleeve 441224 Christmas Eve Program
Gildersleeve 451223 Christmas At Home
Gildersleeve 461218 Leroy Wants A Motor Scooter
Gildersleeve 461225 Christmas Caroling At Home
Gildersleeve 471210 Christmas Shopping
Gildersleeve 471224 Christmas Stray Puppy
Gildersleeve 481201 Leroy S Holiday Job
Gildersleeve 481208 Disappearing Gifts
Gildersleeve 481215 Economy For Christmas
Gildersleeve 481222 Family Christmas
Gildersleeve 491214 Gg Why The Chimes Rang
Gildersleeve 491221 Bronco & Marjorie Engaged
Gildersleeve 501220 Why The Chimes Rang
Gildersleeve 511212 Leroy Sells Christmas Trees
Gildersleeve 511219 Christmas Present For Paula
Henry Morgan 461225 Christmas Story
Henry Morgan 471224 61 Morgan's Christmas
Honest Harold 501220 Children Christmas Party
Jack Benny 371222 Fred Allen Xmas
Jack Benny 431226 1512 Christmas At
Jack Benny 441217 1612 Jack Meets F
Jack Benny 441224 1613 Trimming A T
Jack Benny 451223 1713 The English
Jack Benny 461208 1811 Jack Buys Do
Jack Benny 461215 1812 Jack Learns
Jack Benny 461222 1813 Christmas Pa
Jack Benny 461229 1814 Jack, Mary,
Jack Benny 471221 1912 Last Moment
Jack Benny 471228 1913 New Tenant
Jack Benny 481219 2012 Jack Buys A
Jack Benny 491218 2115 Mary Buys Ja
Jack Benny 491225 2116 Rochester Is
Jack Benny 501217 1115 Jack Buys Do
Jack Benny 501224 2216 Beavers Come
Jack Benny 511202 2312 Jack Buys Don Cuff Links
Jack Benny 521207 2413 Happy Time
Jack Carson Show 461225 Christmas Preparations
Jack Haley 381222 Ep11 Christmas Party
Joan Davis Show 451224 Christmas Party
Judy Canova 451222 Exclusive Brentwood Soc Christmas Party

Volume 4: 42 shows - total playtime 18 hours 59 minutes

Judy Canova 461221 Quiet Christmas Party
Life Of Riley 441217 049 The Christmas Present
Life Of Riley 441224 Roswell For Christmas
Life Of Riley 461224 First Xmas
Life Of Riley 471220 180 First Christmas In Store W
Life Of Riley 471227 181 The Special Christmas Present
Life Of Riley 481224 225 Christmas Bonuses From Mr Steve
Life Of Riley 491223 259 The Christmas Club
Life with Luigi 491220 Pasquale Takes Xmas Money
Mel Blanc 461210 Christmas Present
Mel Blanc 461217 Christmas Shopping
Mel Blanc 461224 Mel Plays Santa
My Favorite Husband 491216 067 George's Christmas Presents
My Favorite Husband 491223 068 The Sleigh Ride
My Favorite Husband 501216 110 Christmas Cards
My Favorite Husband 501223 111 The Christmas Stag
My Friend Irma 471222 Christmas Party
My Friend Irma 481220 089 Irma's Christmas Party
My Little Margie 521221 012 Timmys Christmas
Our Miss Brooks 491218 A Letter To Santa
Our Miss Brooks 491225 Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 501217 110 A Suit For Charity
Our Miss Brooks 501224 The Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 501231 Returning Christmas Presents
Our Miss Brooks 531220 228 Christmas Gift Mixup
Our Miss Brooks 551218 320 Christmas Clothing Drive
Ozzie Harriet 481212 Stop Worrying
Ozzie Harriet 481219 Christmas Gifts
Ozzie Harriet 531225 The Lost Christmas Gift
Phil Harris 471221 A48 Visit From Santa
Phil Harris 481219 Visit From Santa With Jack Benny
Phil Harris 481226 Broken Christmas Gift
Phil Harris 491211 Dishwasher Or Mink
Phil Harris 491218 Cutting Christmas Tree For Town
Phil Harris 491225 Christmas
Phil Harris 521221 Alice Volunteers Phil To Play Santa
Phil Harris 531225 French Refugee Kids Christmas
Red Skelton 451225 Christmas Trees
Red Skelton 461226 Christmas Stories
Red Skelton 511219 A Christmas Story
Red Skelton 511226 Day After Christmas, The
Red Skelton Christmas Comes But Oncea Year Song



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