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 Boxers Champions and Prizefighters

3 MP3 CDs - 120 episodes

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"Suspense: Slow Burn"
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Max ScmelingBoxing is an ancient sport which has long been popular throughout human history. Its origins are thought to be in Ancient Greecian Olympic Games, where combat sports were elevated to an art. A boxer has a special character, tenacity, and state of mind to be able to compete in this aggressive sport where the loser may very well be knocked out cold.

Joe LouisComics often lampoon the sacrifice, pain, and especially the bravery required to be a boxer. Usually this is meant with no disrespect for boxers; rather it plays up the "Mr. Chicken" element of the comedian. Burns and Allen, Jack Benny, Lou Holtz, and Red Skelton all played this up.

The "wrong side of the tracks" element makes boxing themes a natural with the hard boiled and noir elements of many detective programs. The Saint and Philo Vance took a more refined view of "the sweet science", while Frank Race, Nick Carter and Philip Marlow tended to stay on the grittier side of the ring. The drama of boxing is terrific inspiration for the Movies, and we have several examples from Lux Radio Theater, Movie Town Radio Theater and Screen Guild Theatre.

As dramatic as the fight game can be in fiction, it pales next to the real thing, and we've included a number of historic fights as well as a selection of the weekly Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts.

Actual boxing matches are also included in this collection. The infamous Joe Lewis vs Max Baer fight, which was Joe Lewis' second time fighting in front of New York audiences and he beat the former champ Max Baer.

This massive collection includes examples of boxing in all genres from detective to comedy to variety shows. Included in this collection are old time radio episodes from Barrie Craig, Bill Stern Sports Reel, Bob and Ray, Calling All Cars, The Clock, Jack Benny, Gangbusters, Let George Do It, Lux Radio Theater, Nick Carter, Philip Marlowe, Suspense, and Yours Truly Johnny Dollar.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 49 recordings - total playtime 23 hours 6 minutes

270922 Gene Tunney Tkos Jack Dempsey Soldier Field Chicago
350924 Joe Louis vMax Baer
360619 Max Schmeling Defeats Joe Louis 3
360818 Joe Louis vJack Sharkey
360922 Joe Louis Kos Al Ettore In 5 th Municiple Stadium
380000 Joe Louis Defeats Max Schmeling Short Clip
380000 Joe Louis V Max Schmeling Prefight Short Clip
410131 Joe Louis Kos Red Burman In 5 th Madison Sq Garden Edited
460619 Joe Louis Kos Billy Conn In 8 th Yankee Stadium
480610 Zales vGraziano
480625 Louis vWalcott
500317 060 Champion
510822 069 Case Of Beautiful Bait
520326 Davey vWilliams
531021 Turpin vOlsen
570222 Basillio vSaxton
570729 Floyd Patterson Tkos Tommy Hurricane Jackson Nyc
580325 Robinson vBasillio
600620 Patterson vJohannson
790124 unradiomuhammedalipressconference
Al Jolson 350713 Shell Chateau
Arch Obolers Plays 451004 2025 078 Mr Miller
Barry Craig 520123 Boxer Doyles Belt
Bill Stern 461220 373
Bill Stern 480109 432
Bill Stern 490819 512 W Dizzy Dean
Bill Stern 500707 557 Franchot Tone Subs
Bimb 500807 046 Jack Jorno
Bimb 530110 147 Lona Hanson And Fighter
Bimb 530711 173 Harry Brian
Bing Crosby 440309 with George Murphy
Bob & Ray 590720 16 Rescue Squadron
Boston Blackie 451018 Boxers Murder Case
Bright Star 521225 10 Boxer
Bulldog Drummond 461014 275 Murder In Ring
Burns And Allen 411118 07 Gracies Old Boyfriend
Calling All Cars 360129 E 114 Bull In China Shop
Calling All Detectives 481025 293 Prize Fighter Hires Je
Calling All Detectives 490309 390
Chase 520717 12 Joey
Chesterfield Supper Club 500302 1 st Ragmop. Guest Champion Kirk Douglas
Clock 471009 Lefty and Delilah
Command Perf 451004 194 Dinah Shore Alan Reed
Cresta Blanca Hollywood Players 461008 06 Golden Boy
Cric 540616 49 Death Of A Baltimore Birdie & Friend
Destination Freedom 481010 E 016 Little David
Destination Freedom 490529 E 047 Saga Of Melody Jackson
Dick Cole 02 Boxing Match

Volume 2: 40 recordings - total playtime 21 hours 49 minutes

Easy Aces 038 Cokie Knocks Out Ace And Johnny
Ed Wynn 450205 E W S Ed Becomes A Warden
Escape 510801 160 Gladiator
Falcon 501126 13 Stooges Errand
Falcon 510128 21 Bellicose Boxer
Ford 461106 Guest William Bendix
Frank Race 490911 20 Fourth Round Knockout
Gang Busters 471108 0502 Case Of Jersey Butcher Bandits
Gang Busters 550416 0887 Case Of Punchdrunk Soldier
Halls Of Ivy 500524 021 Fighting Med Student
Hear It Now 510216 10 Isolationist Debate In Washington
Heartbeat Theatre 600124 204 Count Of Nine
Jack Benny 490522 2034 Champion
Jack Benny 490522 2034 The Champion
Jack Benny 500319 725 Champion
Kraft Music Hall 460214 Guest Les Paul
Lee Giroux Show 470124Jacksons Stories For T
Lest We Forget American Dream 10 Carolina Kid
Let George Do It 520512 Iron Hat
LOR 450107 052 Silver Gloves Boxing Tourney
Lou Holtz Laugh Club 08
Lux 381219 198 Kid Galahad
Lux 391023 234 Invitation To Happiness
Lux 391113 237 Champ
Lux 420126 336 Here Comes Mr Jordon
Lux 420209 338 City For Conquest
Lux 420629 358 Champ
Maisie 501012 35 Small Town Newspaper
Mfi 470418 E 002 Irma Gives Rent Money To Al
Mmn 530825515 Crooked Ring
Mr President 470807 007 Theodore Roosevelt
Mystery Theater 521008 38 Tcot Telltale Tie
Nero Wolfe 510105 E 12 Deadly Sellout
Nick Carter 490619 397 Case Of Perfect Alibi
Nightbeat 500220 A World All His Own
Nightbeat 500814 Gunners Last Fight
Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts 560912 Saxton Vs Basilio
Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts 570109 Hvt Wgt Bathia Vs Foley
Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts 570220 Hvy Wgt Pastrano Vs Holman
Philip Marlowe 500418 Angry Eagle

Volume 3: 31 recordings - total playtime 15 hours 34 minutes

Philo Vance 481116 019 Heavyweight Murder
Red Skelton 520611 367 I Bought A Fighter
Rf 531229 12 Prize Fight Setup
Roger Kilgore Public Defender 481012 Eddie Lewis
Rudy Vallee Fleischmanns Yeast Hour 360618 348 Theres Always Juliet Margaret Sullivan
Saint 500611 Sinister Sneeze
Saint 501217 Fight
Screen Guild 440214 183 Gentleman Jim
Screen Guild 491013 434 Champion
SDP 491111 042 Body And Soul
SDP 500317 060 Champion
Shell Chateau 350713
Sports Answer Man 237 Eightcount Rule In Boxing Afrs
Suspense 440720 101 Of Maestro and Man
Suspense 500223 373 Slow Burn
Suspense 600320 845 Talk About Caruso
Texas Rangers 511202 55 Dead Giveaway
That Was Year 400515 25 1897 Colbert Loses Boxing Crow
The Clock 471009 049 Lefty And Delilah
The Lives Of Harry Lime 511221 21 Its A Knockout
Theat Of Rom 460122 082 Kid Galahad
Theat Of Rom 460205 084 Gentleman Jim
Thin Man 480706 Passionate Palooka
This Is Story 098 Great Mcgraw
This Is Your FBI 510223 308 Canvas Backed Frame Up
Unexpected 480815 118 Rematch
Whisperer 510812 06 Fight Game
Your Movietown Radio Theater 480000 Sunday Punch
YTJD 500516 050 Sidney Rykoff Matter
YTJD 561230 519 Squared Circle Matter
YTJD 610312 731 Ring Of Death



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