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BOX 13

 Box 13

1 MP3 CD - 52 episodes


"The Better Man"
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Alan Ladd
All-time favorite Mystery-adventure (1948-49)

"Adventure wanted--
will go anywhere--
do anything--
Box 13.

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Alan Ladd publicity still.Box 13Alan Ladd plays Dan Holiday, retired newspaper man turned fiction writer and adventurer extraordinaire. To gain ideas for his books, he places an ad in the paper "Adventure wanted – will go anywhere, do anything – Box 13."

Needless to say, Box 13 becomes jammed with adventures galore, from psycho killer letters to birds carrying secret messages beneath their wings. Mr. Holiday always had more adventure than he had originally sought, because those who responded to his ad never revealed all of their glorious, unusual, and sometimes creepy details until they met in person and the adventure had already begun.

Suzy (played by Silvia Picker), Holiday's scattery secretary, adds touches of humor to this mystery-adventure seat-clinching program.Box 13 was produced by Mayfair Productions, a company run by Alan Ladd and Richard Sandville. The name came from Mayfair Restaurant, which Alan and Richard owned during WWII. Mayfair Productions also produced the hair-raising show, The Unexpected. In addition to producing Box 13, Alan Ladd also wrote most of the Box 13 shows.

See also The Alan Ladd Collection, Douglas of the World, and Hardboiled Detectives.

Alan Ladd on the microphone.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

52 shows - total playtime 23 hours 2 minutes

Box13 480822 001 The First Letter
Box13 480829 002 Insurance Fraud
Box13 480905 003 Suzi Quits Paper to Work for Dan
Box13 480912 004 Actor's Alibi
Box13 480919 005 Extra Extra
Box13 480926 006 Shanghaied
Box13 481003 007 Short Assignment
Box13 481010 008 Double Mothers
Box13 481017 009 A Book of Poems
Box13 481024 010 The Great Torino
Box13 481107 011 Suicide or Murder
Box13 481107 012 Triple Cross
Box13 481114 013 Damsel in Distress
Box13 481121 014 Diamond in the Sky
Box13 481128 015 Double Right Cross
Box13 481205 016 Look Pleasant Please
Box13 481212 017 The Haunted Artist
Box13 481219 018 The Sad Night
Box13 481226 019 Hot Box
Box13 490109 020 The Better Man
Box13 490112 021 The Professor & the Puzzle
Box13 490116 022 The Dowager and Dan Holiday
Box13 490123 023 Three To Die
Box13 490130 024 The Philanthropist
Box13 490206 025 Last Will & Nursery Rhyme
Box13 490213 026 Delinquent Dilemma
Box13 490220 027 Flash Of Light

Box13 490227 028 Hare & Hound
Box13 490306 029 Hunt & Peck
Box13 490313 030 Death Is a Doll
Box13 490320 031 '113.5'
Box13 490327 032 Dan And The Wonderful Lamp
Box13 490403 033 Tempest in a Casserole
Box13 490410 034 Mexican Maze
Box13 490417 035 Sealed Instructions
Box13 490424 036 Find Me Find Death
Box13 490501 037 Much Too Lucky
Box13 490508 038 One of these Four
Box13 490515 039 Daytime Nightmares
Box13 490522 040 Death is no Joke
Box13 490529 041 Treasure of Hang Lee
Box13 490605 042 Design for Danger
Box13 490612 043 The Dead Man Walks
Box13 490619 044 Killer at Large
Box13 490626 045 Speed to Burn
Box13 490703 046 House of Darkness
Box13 490710 047 Double Trouble
Box13 490717 048 The Bitter Bitten
Box13 490724 049 The Perfect Crime
Box13 490731 050 Archimedes and The Roman
Box13 490807 051 The Clay Pigeon
Box13 490814 052 Round Robin


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