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 Bogart (Humphrey) Collection

1 MP3 CD - 53 episodes


"Lux Radio: To Have and Have Not"
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Bogart"Humphrey DeForest Bogart"

Bogie is an actor who continues to rank near the top on everybody's list. Humphrey BogartWhat is not generally known is that he made many appearances on radio after he moved his act from Broadway to Hollywood. In 1930 he got a contract with Fox and his feature film debut was in a 1930 short "Broadway's Like That", co-starring Ruth Etting and Joan Blondell. Fox released him after two years. After another five years of stage and minor film roles, he broke through with "The Petrified Forest" in 1936. Leslie Howard was starring in the movie, and threatened to quit unless Bogie, his fellow actor from the Broadway production, played Duke Mantee in the film version with him. Bogie named one of his sons Leslie in gratitude for this big break.In fact, many of Bogart's radio appearances were versions of the great films he did, but often he did guest spots or played characters that weren't from films. These performances are not known to the millions of younger fans that weren't lucky enough to hear radio as it happened. This collection give everybody the chance to hear that great Bogart voice again, and enjoy just how special his acting was. Incidentally, while serving in the U.S. Navy after getting kicked out of Andover Academy, he was wounded in the shelling of the USS. Leviathan. The resulting partial facial paralysis caused by his wounds gave him that signature vocal and facial style he is known for Lux Radio Theater was the premier Hollywood old time radio show, and featured the major stars in their film roles. We have several of Bogie's greatest roles here, including a rehearsal for Bullets or Ballots. (That's the 1936 crime film classic with Edward G. Robinson and Joan Blondell). Screen Guild Players did much the same, and again, Bogie gives us more of what we know Bogie for.

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Bogart on Mic, circa 1940Command Performance was a WWII radio show where the stars let their hair down for "the boys and girls in uniform", and Bogie gets to break it up with Lauren and Frank Sinatra. We get a few guest spots on well-known shows, including a Jack Benny appearance. The guest spots are fun, and let Bogie play off of the tough-guy roles the world grew to expect him to do. Bogie ("It's been misspelled a lot. He decided on it. It's not Bog-ey. He signed with an -ie. And that's good enough for me," said Lauren Bacall) had a production company that did his films after WWII, and as the fifties got started, Bogie created Bold Venture along with Mrs. Bogart, who has had quite a career of her own. On Bold Venture the two stars play at high adventure in steamy Cuba prior to Castro, while bringing along a great cast of Hollywood regulars to tough it up and act out. It's easy going fun, and very enjoyable to hear again after all these years.

In the film, he did say, "Here's looking at you, kid…" but let's just listen to that great actor again, doing the radio versions of some of the best loved films in Hollywood history. It's all good stuff, "the stuff that dreams are made of…" and like that bird, there's only one of the original.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

53 shows - total playtime 27 hours 1 minutes

Academy Awards Theater (1)
460703 Academy Award Theater Maltese Falcon

As a Guest (3)
430912 Charlie McCarthy Show Guest Bogart
441110 Democratic National Committee how
470105 Jack Benny Guest Show

Bold Venture (30)
500223 Robbery By Joe Ralston
500320 Black Tie Affair
500615 11 Blue Moon
500716 12 The Tears Of Siva
500730 Mystery Of The Mary K
501122 Ruthie Ryan s Father
510103 01 Death by a Game Cock
510103 02 The Quam Yi Statue
510223 Haven s Venezuelan Isle
510426 Six Crates Of Apple juice
511119 Spanish Gold
511231 19 Poison Darts & Voodoo
521108 04 A Bullet For Shannon
521108 Suicide Or Murder
Back To Civilization Dead Man
Carlos & Juan Story
Cruise to Bata Bano
Death Of Rudy Keijon
Isle Of Pines
Murder Is No Joke
Murder of Franny Lane
Russian Roulette
Sailor s Dead Husband
Slate s Stolen Identity
Tabbard Of Pizzaro
The 12 Year Promise
The Chaney Wedding
The Dead Matt Jeffrey
The Paul Brewer Story
Tommy Reed

Command Performance (2)
450315 L.Bacall Humphrey Bogart 166
450830 189 Frank Sinatra Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart Presents (1)
490917 Bogart Presents Aud Dead Man

Lux Radio Theater (6)
Lux Radio 390416 0215 Bullets Or Ballots
Lux Radio 390416 0215 Bullets Or Ballots Rehearsal
Lux Radio 450430 0482 Moontide
Lux Radio 461014 0542 To Have And Have Not
Lux Radio 490418 0655 The Treasure Of The Sierra Mad
Lux Radio 521215 0808 The African Queen

Screen Guild Players (6)
ScrGuild 400107 038 Petrified Forest
ScrGuild 411102 089 Amazing Dr Clitterhouse
ScrGuild 430125 128 Across the Pacific
ScrGuild 430426 141 Casablanca
ScrGuild 430920 162 The Maltese Falcon
ScrGuild 440417 192 High Sierra

Stars in the Air (1)
520503 21 House on 92 nd Street

Suspense (1)
450308 133 Love Lovely Counterfeit

Theater of Romance (2)
ThRomance 450911 063 Conflict
ThRomance 451218 077 One Way Passage





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