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 Best of Dragnet

1 MP3 CD - 53 episodes

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"The Werewolf"
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Jack Webb of Dragnet

Dragnet was a long running and popular police drama dedicated to document drama of an actual crime from file of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The show became so popular at one point that people started coming to LAPD City Hall asking to talk to Sergeant Friday.

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This collection includes OTRCAT's handpicked Dragnet Favorites including:

  • The episode "Werewolf" includes the use of undercover women officers used a bait to find a hairy man who beats a series of women late at night. 
  • In a "Rifle for Christmas" a boy is given a rifle for a present with dire consequences.    
  • The horrible experience of wife of a bar owner is dragged behind a car and tarred and feathered to get back at her husband in "Big Tar Baby." 
  • Jack Webb Sgt Friday on DragnetIn the episode "Big Ben" Joe Friday is shot and as he recovers Ben takes over as narrator to find the shooter. 
  • A red-headed youngster steals coins from newspaper stands and milk from grocers to support his family and alcoholic mother in "Big Sophomore." 
  • In "Big Frame", a pregnant woman is struck by a hit and run driving a hot rod.

There are many excellent and memorable Dragnet episodes. The sound effects, delivery, realism, and real-life topics added to the brilliance of this popular radio and later television show. For additional recordings, see the extensive Dragnet Collection. For more true police stories see also:


All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

53 shows - total playtime 25 hours 22 minutes
Dragnet 490617 e003 The Werewolf
Dragnet 490707 e005 Helen Corday
Dragnet 490721 e007 City Hall Bombing
Dragnet 490804 e009 Benny Trounsel
Dragnet 490825 e012 Police Academy-Mario Koski
Dragnet 490903 e014 Eric Kelby
Dragnet 490910 e015 Sullivan Kidnapping - The Wolf
Dragnet 490924 e017 Brick-Bat Slayer
Dragnet 491124 e026 Mother-In-Law Murder
Dragnet 491208 e028 Jade Thumb Rings
Dragnet 491222 e030 Twenty-Two Rifle for Christmas
Dragnet 500209 e036 Big Girl
Dragnet 500223 e037 Big Grifter
Dragnet 500309 e039 Big Thank You
Dragnet 500316 e040 Big Boys
Dragnet 500323 e041 Big Gangster Part 1
Dragnet 500330 e042 Big Gangster Part 2
Dragnet 500406 e043 Big Book
Dragnet 500601 e051 Big Fake
Dragnet 500629 e055 Big Grab
Dragnet 500706 e056 Big Frame
Dragnet 500810 e061 Big Actor
Dragnet 500921 e067 Big Pair
Dragnet 501123 e076 Big Betty
Dragnet 501214 e079 Big Break
Dragnet 510104 e082 Big Holdup
Dragnet 510118 e084 Big Dance
Dragnet 510208 e087 Big Cast
Dragnet 510215 e088 Big Crime
Dragnet 510315 e092 Big Ben
Dragnet 510719 e110 Big Sophomore
Dragnet 510830 e116 Big Crazy
Dragnet 510906 e117 Big Seventeen
Dragnet 510927 e120 Big September Man
Dragnet 511011 e122 Big Shoplift
Dragnet 511108 e126 Big Hit and Run Killer
Dragnet 511122 e128 Big Hands
Dragnet 511227 e133 Big Sorrow
Dragnet 520103 e134 Big Red Part 1
Dragnet 520110 e135 Big Red Part 2
Dragnet 520214 e140 Big Phone Call
Dragnet 520221 e141 Big Producer
Dragnet 520410 e148 Big Show
Dragnet 520703 e160 Big Trio
Dragnet 521116 e178 Big Walk
Dragnet 531006 e216 Big Little Mother
Dragnet 531222 e227 Big Little Jesus
Dragnet 540302 e237 Big TV
Dragnet 540803 e259 Big Stand
Dragnet 540907 e264 Big Trunk
Dragnet 541012 e269 Big Tar Baby
Dragnet 550201 e285 Big Bird
Dragnet 560522 e353 Big False Move


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