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 Airchecks from Great Radio Stations

1 MP3 CD - 79 episodes


"Patty Hearst Kidnapping"
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AirchecksAirchecks feature a recorded live radio program often made by the radio stations for quality control or for a local D.J.'s resume.  Some airchecks were recorded to entertain armed service members in Vietnam

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This collection included scoped radio airchecks with only part of the songs and commercials, highlighting the D.J's performances, announcements, and skits.  Remember an air personality including Don Steele of LA, Alan Freed of NYC, Chicago's Larry Lujack, and many more you heard your home city or another city. 

See also: Alan Freed Show, Alan Freed Rock n Roll Dance Party, DJ Madness, and Airchecks from the 1960s.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

79 shows - total playtime 27 hours 57 minutes

Aircheck ABC via WSGA Patty Hearst Kidnap
Aircheck AFRS Radio Bulletin VN 1963 Diem Assn
Aircheck Broadcast Buddy Holly Plane Crash 1950s
Aircheck CFTR radio aircheck Rick (Allen) Moranis Summer 73
Aircheck Johnny Donovan Summer 1972
Aircheck KFWB L.A. Elliot Field 590109
Aircheck KFWB LA Bob Hudson aircheck 11068 mon
Aircheck KFWB Los Angeles B Mitchel Reed 671003
Aircheck KHJ Gary Mack 660810
Aircheck KHJ Los Angeles Roger Christian 650429
Aircheck KHJ May 3 67 Don Steele enh
Aircheck KISN Portland 1964 Don Steele
Aircheck KLIF 1966
Aircheck KLIF Dallas 631122 Kennedy Assn
Aircheck KRLA 1966
Aircheck KRLA, LA 631026 Kasem
Aircheck PAMS Jingles 1960s and 50s radio
Aircheck PAMS Productions ABC News Sounder
Aircheck Radio Jingles WABC Cousin Brucie Jingles 1964-1968
Aircheck Radio Jingles.1960s
Aircheck Radio Top 40 Airchecks AFVN Radio Vietnam News by Mike K
Aircheck Realdonsteele Aircheck KHJ 680200
Aircheck Rush Limbaugh AKA Jeff Christie 1971 WIXZ
Aircheck Rush Limbaugh AKA Jeff Christie 1974
Aircheck Troy Stuff WLS Series 18 PAMS
Aircheck Vietnam War USA Songs Vietnam Show (Airchecks WLS)
Aircheck VN 1971 Dave Rabbit bootleg station enh
Aircheck WABB Mobile 268 Scott Shannon evening show
Aircheck WABC 11965 East Coast Blackout
Aircheck WABC 9SEP68 8PM 9PM Cousin Brucie
Aircheck WABC AM 770 New York, NY 680704 Dan Ingram 2 of 6
Aircheck WABC AM 770 New York, NY 680704 Dan Ingram 5 of 6
Aircheck WABC Chuck Leonard 681231 enh
Aircheck WABC Cousin Brucie 680228
Aircheck WABC Dan Ingram 680102
Aircheck WABC Johnny Donovan & George Michael NYC 9974
Aircheck WABC New York 1967 Bob Lewis aircheck
Aircheck WABC Top 100 of 1967
Aircheck WABC, New York, Roby Yonge, December, 1967
Aircheck WABC770 Cousin Brucie 631000
Aircheck WABC770 NYC 681009 9PM10PM
Aircheck WABCCousin Brucie7 Sep 1965 enh
Aircheck WABCDan Ingram April Fools 1964
Aircheck WABCNY Aircheck (Cousin Brucie 671121)
Aircheck WAYS AM Charlotte Jul 13 1966
Aircheck WCFL American Top 40 with Casey Kasem Oct72
Aircheck WCLS Columbus GA June 1966 all night show
Aircheck WCLS Scott Shannon dedicates a record on WDAK
Aircheck WDAK Columbus GA Summer and Winter 1967
Aircheck WHBQ Dewey Phillips Dec 1953
Aircheck WHBQ Dewey Phillips Memphis Tenn 1952
Aircheck WJKF #1 Old Big Ape Jacksonvl
Aircheck WJW Alan Freed 1954
Aircheck WKBW 1520 AM Buffalo, NY 640201 Joey Reyno
Aircheck WKBW Buffalo 640222 (2 of 4) aircheck Joey Reynolds an
Aircheck WKBW Buffalo 640222 (3 of 4) Bob Diamond
Aircheck WKBW Buffalo 640222 (4 of 4) Bob Diamond
Aircheck WKLO 1964 1080AM Louisville
Aircheck WKQV 670809
Aircheck WKYC Jim LaBarbara 670200
Aircheck WLS 1975 Landecker
Aircheck WLS Larry Lujack Aircheck 701000
Aircheck WMCA Good Guys Jingles (1965 Composite)
Aircheck WMCA Harry Harrison NY 680921
Aircheck WMEX Arnie (Woo Woo) Ginsburg WMEX Boston Dec 65
Aircheck WNEX Macon 721212 TTaylor 2of2
Aircheck WORFM Scott Muni The New Sound 1966
Aircheck WPLO Atlanta Honest John Fox 1973
Aircheck WPOP Hartford PAMS 60s jingles
Aircheck WPXI Charleston America's Top Rated Stn.
Aircheck WQAM Miami Rick Shaw & Tonto 1966
Aircheck WQAM Miami Scoped 1967
Aircheck WQAM Miami World's Greatest Radio Station
Aircheck WQBZ Ft Valley GA top 9 at 9 840601
Aircheck WQXI Atlanta Skinny Bobby Harper 690500
Aircheck WQXI Pat Hughes Atlanta 681015
Aircheck WRIP (FM) Rossville (Chattanooga) 273
Aircheck WSGA jingles Savannah GA 70s music
Aircheck WTMA Charleston John Burwell 1976 (mono)



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