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 Airchecks of the 1960s

4 MP3 CDs - 162 episodes

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Airchecks of the 1960s (DISK 4 ONLY)

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Scott Muni

Dave Ingram

Leonard Chuck

This collection includes classic real broadcasts and Airchecks from radio stations in the 1960s.  The Airchecks were used in DJs resumes and by local radio stations for quality control.

Airchecks continued to get more and more zany and big DJ's vied for the attention of radio listeners.  This collection includes Airchecks made by Big Dan Ingram, Cousin Brucie (Bruce Morrow), Scott Muni, Roby Young, and more, possibly a DJ from your favorite local radio station!

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Roby Young is best know for being fired from his DJ gig at WABC New York after reporting that Paul McCartney was dead in 1969.  Whoops!  That infamous broadcast is included in this collection.

For older Airchecks, see also: Vintage Airchecks from Great Radio Stations, Alan Freed Rock n Roll Dance Party, DJ Madness, and Alan Freed.

Bruce Morrow


All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 38 shows - total playtime 11 hours 19 minutes

Bob Dayton WABC makes Hiroshima reference he got fired for
Bob Hardt WABC interviewed about Dan Ingram
Bruce Morrow WABC 6809
Charlie Greer WABC 1967 Overnight Great Chicken Song ending
Charlie Greer WABC 1969 Has perfect Palisades Park Ad
Charlie Greer WABC 650126 Churchill to be buried
Charlie Greer WABC 651014 Uses Nordic PAMS Jingle
Charlie Greer WABC 690805
Chuck Leonard WABC 1969 1st Aired from WABCFM simulcast
Chuck Leonard WABC 680404 MLK death overshadows
Chuck Leonard WABC Top 100 Hits of 1967 671231 Ends New Yrs
Chuck Leonard WABCFM 1968 Has Love is Blue-lyrics at end
Cousin Bruce Morrow Promo Beatles Book
Cousin Bruce Morrow Promo BeatlesTicket Giveaway
Cousin Bruce Morrow Theme by Four Seasons clean
Cousin Bruce Morrow WABC 671129 Unedited for Vietnam
Cousin Bruce Morrow WABC 680404 Has MLK death report at end
Cousin Bruce Morrow WABC CocaCola Hour Ted Koppel 650907
Cousin Bruce Morrow WABC First Saturday Night Party631207
Cousin Bruce Morrow WABC Promo Beatles Ticket Giveaway
Cousin Bruce Morrow631029
Cousin Brucie WABC 650907 Heavy British Invasion Material
Cousin Brucie WABC 680228
Dan Ingram 1969 Summer What should first man on moon say
Dan Ingram Girl stopped Suicide attempt after listening
Dan Ingram intvwd Garry Armstrong WVHC 6508
Dan Ingram intvwd Mike Cuscuna WABCFM 6911
Dan Ingram KBOX Dallas JFK mentioned
Dan Ingram Superadio Demo 1982
Dan Ingram-Allan Handelmans EC Live WQDR Raleigh NC Pt1
Dan Ingram-Allan Handelmans EC Live WQDR Raleigh NC Pt2
Dan Ingram-Bob Hardt WABC Elvis Impersonators
Dan Ingram-Bob Hardt WABC Head Lions
Dan Ingram-Bob Hardt WABC Makes Bob Laugh
Dan Ingram-Bob Hardt& Ron Lundy WABC Dans 37 Bday 710907
Dan Ingram-Charlie Greer WABC 196162 Promos
Dan Ingram-Charlie Greer WABC 1965 Promo Brit Game Love
Dan Ingram-Ron Lundy WIL St. Louis

Volume 2: 41 shows - total playtime 8 hours 58 minutes

Dan Ingram WABC 1963 Kemosabe Kard Promo 1
Dan Ingram WABC 1963 Kemosabe Kard Promo 2
Dan Ingram WABC 1964 All Americans Period of WABC
Dan Ingram WABC 1964 Gasser Promo Ran 14 Ys [196162 promos]
Dan Ingram WABC 1964 Plan Your Weekend with Music & Us
Dan Ingram WABC 1965 Has Goldfinger Intro & Outro
Dan Ingram WABC 1965 Weekly Promo Stones Sunny & Cher
Dan Ingram WABC 1966 Fenwick Mouse Promo
Dan Ingram WABC 1966 with Ron Lundy Tax Tip
Dan Ingram WABC 196667 Brilliant
Dan Ingram WABC 1968 Music Power developed Mets ad at end
Dan Ingram WABC 1968 Music Power theme starting to be used
Dan Ingram WABC 1968 Primaries Spoof using Top Hits of Week
Dan Ingram WABC 1968 What Does Roby Yonge Look Like Contest
Dan Ingram WABC 1969 Direct from control board
Dan Ingram WABC 1969 Standby tape Used if studio went out
Dan Ingram WABC 196909 Roger Grimsby news-Robert Hall ad
Dan Ingram WABC 196912
Dan Ingram WABC 197071 Promos
Dan Ingram WABC 1972 PAMS jingles nvr used PAMS
Dan Ingram WABC 610713
Dan Ingram WABC 620807 PAMS Youre Hearing Things Series 18
Dan Ingram WABC 621120
Dan Ingram WABC 630731
Dan Ingram WABC 631003
Dan Ingram WABC 640612
Dan Ingram WABC 641007
Dan Ingram WABC 650625
Dan Ingram WABC 650813 Grge Harrison R-Starr Bruce Morrow
Dan Ingram WABC 651016
Dan Ingram WABC 651109 Dan describes Great blackout
Dan Ingram WABC 651109 Great Blackout happens
Dan Ingram WABC 651110 Day after Great Blackout
Dan Ingram WABC 660702
Dan Ingram WABC 660824
Dan Ingram WABC 670311
Dan Ingram WABC 670701
Dan Ingram WABC 671226 Does Top 100 of year
Dan Ingram WABC 680102
Dan Ingram WABC 681102 Nixon & Other Political Ads
Dan Ingram WABC 72

Volume 3: 38 shows - total playtime 9 hours 15 minutes

Dan Ingram Ron Lundy & Scott Muni WABCTV 710825
Dan Ingram WABC 690101
Dan Ingram WABC 690123 Makes AntiVietnam War Ref
Dan Ingram WABC 690904 Sarcasm notable
Dan Ingram WABC 691226 Does Top 100 of year 14001500
Dan Ingram WABC 691226 Does Top 100 of year 15001600
Dan Ingram WABC 691226 Does Top 100 of year 16001700
Dan Ingram WABC 691226 Does Top 100 of year 17001800
Dan Ingram WABC 701211 The Most Music
Dan Ingram WABC 710506 Im most famiiar with these sounds
Dan Ingram WABC 711106
Dan Ingram WABC 711120 Has a Killer Cars Ad
Dan Ingram WABC 711221
Dan Ingram WABC 711229 Taped in Suffolk Virginia
Dan Ingram WABC 720301 played on AFVN
Dan Ingram WABC 720407 played on AFVN
Dan Ingram WABC 740108
Dan Ingram WABC 740810
Dan Ingram WABC 750106 Kung Fu Fighting
Dan Ingram WABC 750802
Dan Ingram WABC 760121 Has JAM jingles
Dan Ingram WABC 760915
Dan Ingram WABC Actual not official 1st day WABC 610701
Dan Ingram WABC Beatles Spectacular Promo
Dan Ingram WABC Cosell outtakes 1
Dan Ingram WABC Cosell outtakes 2
Dan Ingram WABC Early 61 shortly after joining station
Dan Ingram WABC handles Black Slacks cartridge problem
Dan Ingram WABC Intro to Action Central News
Dan Ingram WABC Late 1968 Has Wetsons Ad
Dan Ingram WABC Radio Man bit
Dan Ingram WABC Shithouse Franks
Dan Ingram WABCFM 670715 Blues & Jazz Cool
Dan Ingram with Tom Leykis KRTH Los Angeles 980625
Dan Ingrams Closing Theme Aircheck Billy Mays TriFi Drums
Dan Ingrams Closing Theme Reconst Billy Mays TriFi Drums
Dan Ingrams Jazz Show on FM WABC
Dan Ingrams WABC Outtakes

Volume 4: 45 shows - total playtime 8 hours 38 minutes

Roby Yonge WABC 691021 Last show McCartney Death
Ron Lundy WABC 700627
Ron Lundy WABC 751225 Top 100 of 1975
Ron Lundy WABC Cant Swim
Ron Lundys 1st WABC Broadcast 650901
Scott Muni Cousin Brucie Dan Ingram at End WABC 1965 Promo
Scott Muni WABC 1961 Promo
Scott Muni WABC Calls Winner of Giveaway
The Beatles on WABC 640828
WABC 1961 Operation Fdbk GM Hal Neal solicits suggestions
WABC 1961 The Devil at 4 OClock Promo
WABC 1961 Whos Calling His Dog Contest Has Esquivel Intro
WABC 1962 Christmas Promo
WABC 1962 Expanded News Promo Dec NY Nwsppr Strike
WABC 1962 Principal of Year Promo
WABC 1962 Tie Exchange Promo
WABC 1965 Fourth Annual Principal of Year Promo
WABC 1965 Promo run while broadcasting Jets Games etc
WABC 1966 Mink of Month Contest Promo
WABC 1966 The Beat Goes On Promo
WABC 1968 Armored Car Contest Promo
WABC 1968 Top 100 of 1968 List Promo
WABC 1979 January Composite
WABC ACR Reports Paul Is Alive 691021
WABC Airchecks Scott Muni Bobby Dayton Dan Ingram 1964
WABC American Contemporary News Sounder
WABC Broadcasts During AFTRA Strike 6703290410
WABC Btle Related Airchecks Early 1964
WABC Btles Receive Order Americans Warwick Hotel 650813
WABC Emergency Broadcast System Test 1977
WABC First News Sounder
WABC Jingle Special Rick Sklar Behind Scenes
WABC Last Regular Programming Broadcast 820507
WABC Live with Beatles Delmonico Hotel 640828
WABC Music Remembrance Medley Broadcast last hr of WABC
WABC Palisades Amusement Park Ad clean
WABC Promo run during 1967 Strike
WABC Promos & PSAs 1970 produced by Julian Breen
WABC Rick Sklars The Julian Breen Story
WABC Staff Announcers Reunion Tape 1964
WABC The Last Aircheck
WABC Tribute by WNEW Pt. 1
WABC Tribute by WNEW Pt. 2
WABC Tribute by WNEW Pt. 3
WABC WABC Action Central News



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