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 Adventures by Morse

1 MP3 CD - 54 episodes


"It's Dismal To Die"
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High Adventure Serial (1944 - 45)

Carlton E. Morse, writer for radio's I Love Adventure, I Love A Mystery and One Man's Family. Photo inscribed: "To Eddie Dunham. From one Radio 'fella' to another. Carlton E. Morse. 'One Man's Family.'"

The justly famed Carlton E. Morse had two minds when it came to great old time radio shows…he did a wonderful family drama called One Man's Family, but also was perhaps the finest adventure writer/director radio had. His great show I Love A Mystery was (and still is) one of the most beloved of radio adventure shows. It was easy to see why…the Morse touch was evident in twisting plots, odd but very believable characters, and wonderfully colorful dialogue that was funny, charming and inventive as well as exciting!

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Writer/producer/director Morse took the Jack Packard "leader" role and made it Capt. Bart Friday, a San Francisco-based detective and adventurer, as played by radio legend Elliott Lewis, and also David Ellis and Russell Thorson. Plus ILAM's drawling comic character Doc Long was cloned into Skip Turner, played by Jack Edwards. Missing was ILAM's "rather" amused Reggie played by young Tony Randall. Two out of three isn't bad. The show has long adventures of ten episodes along with three-partners to make up a thirteen-week broadcast contract. Thus we get "novel" length high adventures, plus "short story" thrillers that were a match for anything the pulps served up during their golden years. See also I Love Adventure.

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Elliott Lewis had a long and fruitful career in radio, playing on the Jack Benny Show and then featured as Frankie Remley (later called Elliott) on The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show. But a great bookend to this series is the wonderful show The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen. Lewis' work on Adventures by Morse was the finishing school that helped make his Scarlet Queen such a great show. Plus Scarlet Queen's writers were right up there with Morse!

A high-adventure show list from old time radio should include the wonderful Escape, plus that classic of thrills and mystery, Suspense. Bogie and Bacall make Bold Venture a great deal of fun. You might also consider Cloak and Dagger, The Adventures of Frank Race, Jungle Jim, Moon Over Africa, or for historical adventure, the excellent show You Are There. Orson Welles productions are always wonderful radio, and many make for thrilling listening.

For other excellent Carlton E Morse productions, see also:


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54 shows - total playtime 23 hours 10 minutes

Morse 44 Audition Show 1
Morse 44 Audition Show 2
Morse 440108 01 City of The Dead 01o10
Morse 440115 02 City of The Dead 02o10
Morse 440122 03 City of The Dead 03o10
Morse 440129 04 City of The Dead 04o10
Morse 440205 05 City of The Dead 05o10
Morse 440212 06 City of The Dead 06o10
Morse 440219 07 City of The Dead 07o10
Morse 440226 08 City of The Dead 08o10
Morse 440304 09 City of The Dead 09o10
Morse 440311 10 City of the Dead 10of10
Morse 440318 11 A Coffin For The Lady 1o3
Morse 440325 12 A Coffin For The Lady 2o3
Morse 440401 13 A Coffin For The Lady 3o3
Morse 440408 14 Cobra King Strikes Back 01o10
Morse 440415 15 Cobra King Strikes Back 02o10
Morse 440422 16 Cobra King Strikes Back 03o10
Morse 440429 17 Cobra King Strikes Back 04o10
Morse 440506 18 Cobra King Strikes Back 05o10
Morse 440513 19 Cobra King Strikes Back 06o10
Morse 440520 20 Cobra King Strikes Back 07o10
Morse 440527 21 Cobra King Strikes Back 08o10
Morse 440603 22 Cobra King Strikes Back 09o10
Morse 440610 23 Cobra King Strikes Back 10o10
Morse 440617 24 Girl On Shipwreck Island 1o3
Morse 440624 25 Girl On Shipwreck Island 2o3
Morse 440701 26 Girl On Shipwreck Island 3o3
Morse 440708 27 Dead Men Prowl 01o10
Morse 440715 28 Dead Men Prowl 02o10
Morse 440722 29 Dead Men Prowl 03o10
Morse 440729 30 Dead Men Prowl 04o10
Morse 440805 31 Dead Men Prowl 05o10
Morse 440812 32 Dead Men Prowl 06o10
Morse 440819 33 Dead Men Prowl 07of10
Morse 440826 34 Dead Men Prowl 08of10
Morse 440902 35 Dead Men Prowl 09of10
Morse 440909 36 Dead Men Prowl 10of10
Morse 440916 37 You'll Be Dead In A Week 1o3
Morse 440923 38 You'll Be Dead In A Week 2o3
Morse 440930 39 You'll Be Dead In A Week 3o3
Morse 441007 40 Land Living Dead 01o10
Morse 441014 41 Land Living Dead 02o10
Morse 441021 42 Land Living Dead 03of10
Morse 441028 43 Land Living Dead 04of10
Morse 441104 44 Land Living Dead 05of10
Morse 441111 45 Land Living Dead 06of10
Morse 441118 46 Land Living Dead 07of10
Morse 441125 47 Land Living Dead 08o10
Morse 441203 48 Land Living Dead 09o10
Morse 441209 49 Land Living Dead 10o10
Morse 441216 50 It's Dismal To Die 1o3
Morse 441223 51 It's Dismal To Die 2o3
Morse 441230 52 It's Dismal To Die 3o3



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