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Valentines Day Old Time Radio

With My Love

Happy Valentines Day from OTRCAT.com!  To celebrate the day of love we are offering free downloads of Valentine-theme and love-theme shows below.

Though the original Saint Valentine (there may have been numerous Saint Valentines) had no specific connection to romantic love, Valentine's Day became associated with love as early as the Middle Ages perhaps with a poem penned by Geoffrey Chaucer.  Valentine's Day is also mentioned in William Shakespeare's Hamlet:

Tomorrow is Saint Valentine's day,
All in the morning betime,
And I a maid at your window,
To be your Valentine.


Charlie McCarthy as CupidSending hand written letters and cards became in fashion in the Victorian Age and much of the common Valentine iconography such as cupid and doves were mass produced during this time.  Today an estimated 1 billion Valentines are sent every year between lovebirds as well as friends and family. 

Many comedy radio shows featured a Valentine's Day show to celebrate the day of love.  The comedy old time radio shows, Our Miss Brooks features Connie looking for love from the clueless Mr. Boyton. 

We've included Sammy Kaye music shows to listen to with your sweetheart and remember good times.  Sammy Kay Sunday Serenade is a soft music show with melodic tunes intermixed with poetry and is perfect for romantic listening.

For singles, we've included Lonesome Gal, a special old time radio show featuring the sultry voiced singer and performer Jean King.  She wore a kitten mask to hide her identity for years.  Lonesome Gal opens the show with "Sweetie, no matter what any body says, I love you more than anyone in the whole world."

We hope that you enjoy these free old time radio downloads and remember OTRCAT wuvs you!

Please see the Valentine's Day Collection for more great Cupid-approved shows:


Our Miss Brooks - (Comedy) Valentines Day

Valentine's Day Date" from February 19, 1952
Miss Brooks thinks of the romantic gesture to send Mr. Boyton an unsigned Valentine. However, the clueless science teacher is busy caring for his heartbroken pet frog Mr. MacDougal who has "springfever."



Sammy Kaye Sunday Serenade - (Music)

Sammy Kaye May 5th, 1942
"Let's Swing and Sway with Sammy Kay." It's Inter-American and National Music week, to make "good music, familiar music" and the soft melodic tunes float through the airwave. Sammy Kaye recites the romantic poem, "My Love Anabelle Lee."


Broken Heart

Quiet Please - (Mystery)

Valentine February 13th, 1949
A man in a little town in Illinois reminisces on how he almost looses his sweetheart because she doesn't get his Valentine.



Lonesome Gal - (Musical)

February 15th Broadcast, 1944
Her sultry voice opens with the title song "Lonesome Gal" she asks that you spent a little time with her as she "sooths your workday nerves." She plays a western themed song for all you gentlemen tonight as she is a western kind of gal from Texas.



Cavalcade of America - (Drama)

GI Valentine February 14th, 1944
This special Valentine Special stars big names Francis Langford, June Lockheart, plus Tony Romano and his indispensible guitar. Frances Langford sings "Please Don't Cry," and tells of her U. S. O. tour visiting troops around the world. The show reads real letters from servicemen and women to their Valentine left on the home front.



Ozzie and Harriet - (Comedy)

Buying A Valentine February 13, 1949
Buster Brown ValentineDavid instructs Rickie that he should spend more than 5 cents for a Valentine. Rickie protests "but it's only for a girl" and includes a poem he wrote:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
We have a bulldog
That looks just like you

Ozzie looks for an unusual gift for his wife to impress her with his ingenuity on Valentine's Day. Ozzie eventually asks Harriet "What do you think that I got you for Valentine's Day and what size?"

All these episodes are from the
Valentine's Day Collection

Letter Bird Valentine


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"They" say that "You never forget your first love!" And, for 50 years (And a "coupla" months), boy-to-man-to-geezer, it has been my incredible "lot / luck" in life to have (Well...almost...) eeked out a "living"- never far from My "First Love"... RADIO! My FIRST ("Personal "...) Radio was ivory in color. About the size of a pack of cigarettes. It had ("faux") "gold" embossing on the front. It said, "Admiral" (the Brand name). And had "gold" numbers: "56 - 1600." The "audio output" from it consisted of one (1) "ear-bud," hardwired into a small hole in the top of it. NO Speaker(s). Just a wire... leading into a "secret somewhere" inside its case. And, only two (2) "dials." One was, "On / Volume." The other, was "Tuning." TOGETHER, they did what a bunch of us "Transistor 'Tweenies'(?!)" considered to be nothing short of "Magic"! Not only find and bring voices and music out of the "ether," but (Now...) made it possible for us to take "All That" WITH Us!!! At My house, the "book (comic or otherwise) and penlight" ruse quickly gave way to the "sneaky" (post-bedtime) delight of s-l-o-w-l-y moving that Tuning knob. Sometimes, we'd find a "favorite station" and stay with it. But probably not until we'd checked out all of the sounds (and signals) that were available to us. OR... When we got "busted" by Mom or Dad, who (Even as "dense" as we thought they were...) figured out how to reach under a pillow, and find either the radio or, locate that "tell-tale" wire. The one that connected a piece of plastic with a young kid's "personal piece of the (aural) universe." Today, "Thanks"(!?!) to the digital "blessing" (?!?) of "I.T.," our "listening choices" are (apparently) just about limitless. I "like"' a lot of "them." And "tolerate" most. But, "Geezer" or not, I "LOVE" a form of entertainment that is "as wide as your inagination." Somewhere, I read / heard a quote attributed to a "former radio writer." To me, it's on the "same 'frequency' as My heart: "Radio is a lot like television. But with better pictures!" I thought of that as I perused the broadcast-related artifacts the Smithsonian had on display over a decadxe ago. I found myself "drawn" to look at one of Edgar Bergen's "Charlie McCarthy" ventriloquist dummies. "Charlie" lcooked just as "dapper" (and, potentially, as impertinate) as I remembered him from "radio." From shows that had "aired" decades before (This...) "Kid" was ever born. The "Kid" who had his fifth Christmas the day before the "Mutual" Radio Network aired it's "last episode" (At least in its first "go-round") of "The Shadow" ("Murder By The Sea"). Recently, OTRCAT.COM sent me information that a (Credible, credentialled) survey had "determined" that anyone who could "spend" (Only...) 15 minutes a day thinking of "happy memories" would get a "boost" from that in their lives! Why am I so utterly NON-sxurprised by this "revelation?" To a point that approaches "smugness"? Because it always feels great to be "Validated" on a cherished belief in your life! Perhaps, even one that you've held for well over a half-century. c And, compared with some (Much??) of the absolutely dreadful "drek" that is being offered as "Entertainment" today... Let me just share "this" with You... An old ("Yes, I said 'old'!") friend, classmate, radio station co-worker (now, an Episcopalian Deacon, recovering from a terrible "stroke" almost three years ago) has receieved a rather large, bulky, heavily-padded manilla envelope. On the back of this envelope it says, "Do NOT Open This Envelope Until O8/24/17." And, as a "snarky afterthought" it says, "This Builds Character!" I'm quite positive that my friend has a quite, well-built character. And WILL wait until 08/24/17 (A Thursday) before he/OPENS the envelope (on his 67th birthday). He has always appreciated and respected the work of Director Alfred Hitchcock! I don't know just how many "A.H." DVD's and / or CD's he has. But on his birthday, this year, he's going to really LOVE his "present"! Not as much "from" Me as "through me." By means of OTRCAT.COM !' And I AM grateful to them. For their great collections, compilations, customer service and honest prices. I know of no other OTR "Source" that offers more 'Bang for the Buck' than the fine folks at OTRCAT.COM !!! P.S. Sign in front window of a local used-book store: "NEVER judge a BOOK by its MOVIE!" But... These OTR / RADIO Versions of some of "Hitch's" best-known works WILL give You CHILLS! And, since "Deacon Rick" lives in Florida, I'm sure he'll be able to handle "his" own case of "Chills"! - G.R.B.


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