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Billy Wilder

13 Episodes
1 Volume
One of Hollywood's most award winning Directors and Writers, Billy Wilder took up the director's chair to protect his scripts from changes by incompetent directors.
13 1 20%
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Fred Astaire

16 Episodes
1 Volume
His film and stage career lasted an outstanding 76 years and he made 31 music films, often with the lovely Ginger Rogers. Fred Astaire made music with his feet and the sound of his shoes harmonizes with musical score on these old time radio shows.He even had his own show, The Fred Astaire Show, which is included in this collection of his radio appearances.
16 1 20%
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Judy Garland

49 Episodes
1 Volume
America watched Judy Garland grow up on the screen, from the "backyard musicals" with Mickey Rooney to the Yellow Brick Road until the days she became "first vice president" of Bogey's Rat Pack.
49 1 20%
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Paul Frees

347 Episodes
7 Volume
"the man with 1,000 voices" appeared in a multitude of old time radio series and later memorable TV appearances. Update: additional recordings
347 7 20%
Add To Cart: $35.00

Wyllis Cooper

135 Episodes
3 Volume
Cooper's commitment to mind-bending, truly affecting science fiction ensured that his programs would win over listeners and draw critical acclaim.
135 3 20%
Add To Cart: $15.00