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Dear John (The Irene Rich Show)

Remembering Irene Rich who passed away 33 years ago today (in 1988) at the age of 96. She would be 129 years old if alive today!
2 Episodes
1 Volume
staring the lovely silent screen siren, Irene Rich is much like reading a personal diary of a wealthy, affluent grape juice drinking woman.
2 1 20%
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Eddie Albert

Happy Birthday, Eddie Albert! Today would be Eddie Albert's 115th Birthday.
8 Episodes
1 Volume
After the stock market crash of 1929, Eddie Albert entertainment career took off touring in the circus and he later landed roles in radio, theater, film, and television (and perhaps best known for his role in Green Acres).
8 1 20%
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Jane Froman

Remembering Jane Froman who passed away 41 years ago today (in 1980) at the age of 72. She would be 113 years old if alive today!
19 Episodes
1 Volume
This collection contains old time radio appearances of the beautiful and talented songstress during WWII.
19 1 20%
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Lionel Atwill

Remembering Lionel Atwill who passed away 75 years ago today (in 1946) at the age of 61. He would be 136 years old if alive today!
5 Episodes
1 Volume
Lionel Atwill established a successful career as a supporting player in horror films.
5 1 20%
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Yehudi Menuhin

Happy Birthday, Yehudi Menuhin! Today would be Yehudi Menuhin's 105th Birthday.
3 Episodes
1 Volume
Yehudi Menuhin was a child prodigy on the violin, and worked to help the German people recover their cultural identity in the wake of the Holocaust.
3 1 20%
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