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Al Goodman

Al Goodman

Happy Birthday, Al Goodman! Today would be Al Goodman's 132nd Birthday.
83 Episodes
2 Volume
After immigrating to America as a young man, Al Goodman became a prolific and popular composer a musical director for Broadway Musicals.
83 2 20%
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Amos and Andy Music Hall

Amos and Andy Music Hall

7 Episodes
1 Volume
Using the premise that the Kingfish had set up a radio station in the Lodge Hall of the Mystic Knights of the Sea, Amos & Andy playing records between comic sketches and were often joined by a guest celebrity.
7 1 30%
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Henry Fonda

Henry Fonda

Remembering Henry Fonda who passed away 40 years ago today (in 1982) at the age of 77. He would be 117 years old if alive today!
36 Episodes
1 Volume
Henry Fonda Collection: One of the greatest movie actors of all time, Henry Fonda's career spanned five decades before becoming the oldest recipient of an Academy Award at the age of 76.
36 1 20%
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