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Academy Awards Shows

92 Years Ago today in Radio History: Academy Awards Shows debuted on the radio today in 1929. The Movie Industry holds the First Academy Awards Ceremony: The first time the Academy Awards were presented to the movie industry was on this night in 1929, Douglas Fairbanks and Cecil B. DeMille hosted the ceremony at the Roosevelt Hotel. The following year, the Ceremony was broadcast on the radio, but the statuette for the "Awards of Merit" would not officially be "Oscars" until 1939.
10 Episodes
1 Volume
Enjoy the nostalgia of Academy Awards Ceremonies of yesteryear!
10 1 10%
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Henry Fonda

Happy Birthday, Henry Fonda! Today would be Henry Fonda's 116th Birthday.
36 Episodes
1 Volume
Henry Fonda Collection: One of the greatest movie actors of all time, Henry Fonda's career spanned five decades before becoming the oldest recipient of an Academy Award at the age of 76.
36 1 20%
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Happy Birthday, Liberace ! Today would be Liberace 's 102nd Birthday.
7 Episodes
1 Volume
One of the most flamboyant and beloved characters in Showbiz, Liberace presented "classical music with the boring parts left out."
7 1 20%
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Margaret Sullavan

Happy Birthday, Margaret Sullavan! Today would be Margaret Sullavan's 112th Birthday.
11 Episodes
1 Volume
Although Margaret Sullavan only appeared in sixteen Hollywood films, the four she made with her dear friend James Stewart are considered her greatest work.
11 1 20%
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Presidential Candidate Announcements

181 Episodes
5 Volume
While only 44 men have served as President and 48 men have served as Vice President, so many Americans have stepped up to answer the call to run for these two top spots. Listen as we hear from some of these Americans as they make their plans known, give their victory, and even their concession.
181 5 30%
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Woody Herman

Happy Birthday, Woody Herman! Today would be Woody Herman's 108th Birthday.
81 Episodes
2 Volume
Heavily influenced by Duke Ellington and Count Basie, the Woody Herman's Herd was known for lively arrangements that combined swing rhythms and bebop themes.
81 2 20%
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