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Bing Crosby

364 Episodes
3 Volume
Der Bingle was arguably the King of Radio. Other vaudeville stars made the transition to the airwaves as accomplished funnymen while Bing remained primarily a songman. He was also a crooner with a keen sense of comic timing and an uncanny ability to connect with audiences across the airwaves. He had plenty of success with his own programs like Kraft Music Hall, The Chesterfield Show, and Philco Radio Time, but he also made regular appearances on his friends' programs.
364 3 20%
Add To Cart: $15.00

Dwight D Eisenhower

47 Episodes
1 Volume
Eisenhower was a national hero after serving as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during WWII and in 1952 won the Presidential Election. Update: additional broadcasts
47 1 20%
Add To Cart: $5.00

Errol Flynn

12 Episodes
1 Volume
Shameless partier, Errol Flynn was one of Hollywood's Original Bad Boys. Even with his reputation, his name on an action movie or swashbuckler was almost guaranteed money at the box office.
12 1 20%
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Grabbag 10-Pack

0 Episodes
- Volume
OTRCAT is now offering a grabbag of disks as low as $1.00 per disk - a great, inexpensive and fun way to start your OTR collection. Sold in groups of 10, grabbag disks are sold in pre-packaged bunches.
0 - -
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I was a Communist for the FBI

75 Episodes
2 Volume
This series capitalized on the new Red scare of the early 1950s: recorded without any assistance from the FBI, which refused to cooperate.
75 2 20%
Add To Cart: $10.00

Lux Radio Theater

785 Episodes
33 Volume
Featuring the greatest Hollywood stars doing one-hour versions of their biggest motion pictures. Update: additional shows + remastered sound + many sound upgrades
785 33 20%
Add To Cart: $160.00

Saint (Vincent Price)

65 Episodes
1 Volume
Vincent Price as The Saint would rather toss off a witty remark than engage in fisticuffs, but his suave charm nets as many pretty girls as any hardboiled dick. Update: additional episodes + sound upgrades
65 1 20%
Add To Cart: $5.00