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How to play old time radio shows in iTunes in your Apple Macintosh Computer

iTunes is the most common MP3 player on Apple Macintosh computers (and chances are your Apple Macintosh computer already has a copy installed). Here is astep-by-step for playing the MP3 CDs in your Apple Macintosh computer with the program iTunes:

  1. iTunes & iPodInsert the MP3 CD into your CD-ROM drive in your computer
  2. Start the program, iTunes (if it hasn't already opened automatically)
  3. Click on the CD (in the left column)
  4. Click on the show you would like to hear & press Play (top left corner)
  5. The file should then start playing (just make sure your speakers are
    turned up) and you're set!

Click here for directions if you're using a PC computer instead of an Apple Macintosh computer.

There are thousands of old time radio episodes at OTRCAT.com you can listen to online. 

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