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Gentle Old Time Radio to Help You Fall Asleep

 Sleeping Boy
Old Time Radio can be soothing sounds  when you're trying to get forty winks.

Some listeners enjoy old time radio comedies' gentle humor while they fall asleep,
but some of our favorite dream-time musical radio shows include:

Moon River
Moon River
"A lazy stream of dreams, where vain desires forget themselves in the loveliness of sleep." A program aimed to aid in sleep, broadcast late at night with WLW station Cincinnati.

Sammy Kaye
Sammy Kaye's Sunday Serenade
Swing and Sway with more Sammy Kaye Poetry, sway along with Sammy's sweet melodic sounds.

Enchanted Hour
The Enchanted Hour
Henry Weber and his orchestra play uninterrupted music by composers such as Mendelssohn, Prokofiev, Handel, Debussy, Strauss, and Wagner.

Singin Sam
Singin' Sam
Harry Frankel's musical performances  includes recordings from 1911-1940s, including the Reminiscing with Singin Sam, Refreshment Time with Singin' Sam, and more.

The NEHI Program
Listen to this music program from the 1930's with the delightful tones of Veronica Wiggins introducing the program each week.

Royal Hawaiian
Royal Hawaiian Hotel
Broadcast from the "world famous ballroom" at Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu which opened it's doors in a extravagant black-tie party with over a thousand guests in 1927.

Strollin Tom
Strollin Tom
Wade Lane stars as Strollin' Tom who brings you relaxing music and poetry to remind you of a happy time.

Andre Kostelanetz Show
Hear this orchestral treat from a master of easy listening music.

At Ease
At Ease
Features uninterrupted pop songs with the alternating performances by the Armed Forces Radio Orchestra, Milton Shrednick, Allen Roth, Les Paul ,and more.


Sleepy Radio
Sleeping and Dreamers
In Old Time Radio

Sleeping is the time when our body rests and recovers, but it is also the time we surrender ourselves to dreams in the Sleeping and Dreamers in Old Time Radio Collection.


Did we miss your favorite? 
Which old time radio show do you listen to when you hit the hay?
Please leave your comment below.

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First recollection had to be around 1951. Back then no tv in every house in Topeka Ks. so regardless if I was at my Grandmothers or at home it was the Shadow, Mr. Chameleon, Lone Ranger, Sgt. Preston, etc.and a host of soaps as it was Grandma's fave entertainment. Dad and I crowded around the old Zenith to listen the Grand Old Opera and Judy Canova in the eves. The memories never left me so that brings me to the present whereas I have been listening to OTR as I fall asleep these past 35 years.


I was probably eight or 10 when I first became interested in OTR. A local AM station used to play one of those syndicated shows that had a couple episodes of different shows. I fell most in love with the detective ones, and they are still my favorites nearly 40 years later. Marlowe, Spade, Diamond, Shayne, etc… I have been fortunate now to find a couple of internet stations that play nothing but the mysteries and detective shows. I fall asleep listening to them and love how I either dream I am part of the show, or wake up during another show and my brain just puts them together.


As always, the quality is excellent. Always happy with my purchases. So many great memories! If I was a millionaire, I'd buy out your entire catalogue - But I'll settle for more radio than I can listen to in a lifetime a little bit at a time. Thanks for keeping old time radio alive :)


I want to thank you all for your great customer service. Just received another order of MP3 CD's and can't wait to listen to them. I suffer from insomnia, but with the help of your radio shows, I'm able to fall asleep without having to take any medication. In addition, I listen to your shows while I'm out on my walks; the time just flies by. Please keep up the good work


I do tell people as this is my favorite form of entertainment. They play all night and when I sleep, I replay where I fell asleep until I hear all.


Want to say thanks for providing this service. Enjoy the recordings immensely, can't go t sleep with out listening to Bogey and Bacall.


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