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ABCs of Old Time Radio

Gather around and listen to the ABCs of old time radio!

- A -

The Aldrich Family (Henry Aldrich)
"Hen-REEEE! Henry Aldrich!" … "Coming Mother!" Laugh along with Ezra Stone in this 1940's sitcom.

- B -

Baseball and World Series Broadcasts
This extensive collection has some great classic baseball recordings in radio history!

- C -

The CBS Radio Mystery Theater
Created after the Golden Age of Radio, this popular and long-standing mystery radio program includes 1400 episodes.

- D -

Dragnet Radio Show
The series covered crimes ranging from check fraud, petty theft, and bunko detail to more sensational topics like murder, drug abuse, and taboo topics such as sex crimes and child abduction and murder. With a semi-documentary style, realism would be the show's feature. Jack Webb began hanging out at police headquarters and riding with detective teams on house calls.

- E -

Edward R Murrow Radio Recordings & News: I Can Hear It Now
One of the greatest American journalists in broadcast history, he pioneered the reporter on the scene reporting during WWII.

- F -

Fibber McGee and Molly
Long lost episodes fell out of "Fibber's Closet". This is the most complete Fibber McGee and Molly collection to date. Laugh with over 450 hours of laughs with Jim and Marian Jordan as Fibber McGee and Molly in this classic radio sit-com.

- G -

This series is considered by many to be the greatest classic radio show of all time. William Conrad is Matt Dillon in this classic western old time radio show.

- H -

Halloween Scary Shows
Ghosts and goblins and spooks! You'll be too scared to even reach into the candy bowl when the Trick Or Treaters knock at your door if you are listening to the Halloween Scary Sampler.

- I -

Inner Sanctum Mysteries
The original creaking door horror anthology with jocular and sarcastic host, Raymond. "Pleasant Dreeeeeams, hmm?"

- J -

The Jack Benny Program
Everyone's favorite penny pinching miser with more laughs and better quality sound.

- K -

The Kraft Music Hall
This knock out music show is hosted by Al Jolson, and Bing Crosby.

- L -

Lux Radio Theater
The idea of Motion Pictures without the "picture" should not have worked, but The Lux Radio Theatre became a classic of Hollywood and the Golden Age of Radio. This series features the greatest Hollywood stars doing one-hour versions of their biggest motion pictures.

- M -

The Mysterious Traveler
The Mysterious Traveler invites you to join him on another journey into the strange and terrifying.

- N -

The Adventures of Nero Wolfe
Nero Wolfe may have been one of the most eccentric detectives in fiction, but he was also one of the most effective. The Adventures of Nero Wolfe aired in different versions from 1943 to 1951.

- O -

Our Miss Brooks
Eve Arden played the fun-loving but sometimes frazzled English teacher at Madison High School, Our Miss Brooks. The most famous teacher ever on radio, Connie Brooks was a wonderful combination of sincere and smart, and Eve Arden played her perfectly.

- P -

The Adventures of Philip Marlowe
Raymond Chandler's action-packed hard boiled detective drama starring Vah Heflin and Gerald Mohr!

- Q -

Quiet, Please!
Combine one of radio's most creative writers with the talents of a single actor and a late night time slot, and you have the ingredients for the deliciously creepy Quiet, Please.

- R -

Richard Diamond, Private Detective
This humorous and fun detective radio show, dealt with tough issue like murder and mystery. This collection also contains scripts, pictures, logs, and three recordings with introductions by Dick Powell.

- S -

Billed as "Radio's Outstanding Theater of Thrills", Suspense offers the of the best of Old Time Radio. The series is the premier mystery-horror radio show with top name talent!

- T -

The Tales of the Texas Rangers
With the gritty police realism of Dragnet and the grown-up Western fusion of pragmatism and romance heard on Gunsmoke, The Tales of the Texas Rangers had everything it needed to be a hit.

- U -

The Unexpected
The fifteen minute format lends itself to quickly drawn weird stories, with a twist ending, so that the listener gets a sudden shock, like all good scary tales should deliver.

- V -

Vic and Sade
Welcome, welcome to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gook, better known as Vic and Sade. Go get cozy with this delightful run of the mill and charmingly familiar Midwestern couple extraordinaire!

- W -

World War II Collection
This compilation includes vintage broadcasts and historical recordings of the era. The American men and women serving in WWII exclusively heard many of the recordings in this collection through the AFRS (American Forces Radio Service).

- X -

X-Minus One (X-1)
X Minus One was a science fiction series that was an extension, or revival, of the earlier science fiction series, Dimension X. Both shows are remembered for bringing really first rate science fiction to the air by such authors as Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury.

- Y -

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
"The freelance investigator with the action-packed expense account" was one of the best and final old time radio detective series of the golden age of radio.

- Z -

Zorro Rides again-mark it with a Z!

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