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 Words At War

2 MP3 CDs - 89 episodes

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"Fair Stood The Winds Of France"
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Dramatic Interpretations of WWII (1943-1945)

Produced in cooperation with the Council on Books in Wartime the episodes of Words at War were based on literature created during the war by a variety of authors.  Though we are told that they are the real accounts of wartime tales the show was often speculative but based on real events from the war or potential events in the future. War Bonds posterA wonderful blend of history and literature and sometimes a sprinkle of wartime propaganda, Words at War is a glimpse of the beliefs and fears of American authors during the last great war. 

In the episode, "What to do about Germany." was written to warn America of falling to the Germans and becoming slaves in the "future" year 1985.  A father gives his son a figurine of the Statue of Liberty, which we were told was destroyed after German took over the world. 

"The Story of the Secret State" recounts events in one man's life during the German Invasion of Poland.  The character life is turned upside-down eventually he joins the Polish Underground that fought the Nazi Invasion.

Propaganda posterDuring the war, Japan launched a sudden attack against the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Eight hours later they launched an assault on Hong Kong.  In "Prisoner of the Japs" a female reporter tells her harrowing experience of living in a hotel in Hong Kong during 17 days it took for Japan to occupy the island. 

In "Firm Hands, Silent People" a Yugoslav woman screams but we learn that "she is not being molested, her pain is mental" as she remember the death of her husband at the hands of the Nazis. 

Exciting and descriptive, these dramatic interpretations are told in first person from the fictional authors during WWII.   Each show was to be "a living record of this war and things for which we fought."

For more WWII old time radio shows, see also Dear Adolf, Blitzkrieg, Adolf Hitler Recordings and the WWII Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 45 shows - total playtime 22 hours 19 minutes

Words At War 430624 01 Combined Operations
Words At War 430710 03 They Call It Pacific
Words At War 430717 04 The Last Days Of Sevestopol
Words At War 430724 05 The Ship
Words At War 430731 06 Firm Hands, Silent Poeple
Words At War 430807 07 Prisoner Of The Japs
Words At War 430814 08 Love At First Flight
Words At War 430819 09 Last Days Of Sevestopol
Words At War 430821 10 Malta Spitfire
Words At War 430902 12 Dynamate Cargo
Words At War 430916 14 Since You Went Away
Words At War 430923 15 They Shall Not Have Me
Words At War 430930 16 Battle Hymn Of China
Words At War 431005 17 Eighty Three Days
Words At War 431012 18 Paris Underground
Words At War 431019 19 Shortcut To Tokyo
Words At War 431026 20 Who Dare To Live
Words At War 431102 21 Here Is Your War
Words At War 431109 22 To All Hands
Words At War 431123 24 Escape From The Balkins
Words At War 431130 25 Hail Caesar El Duce
Words At War 431207 26 Book Of War Letters
Words At War 431214 27 Mother America
Words At War 431221 28 Log Bookbritish Merchant Marine
Words At War 431228 29 Ninth Commandmentinvasion Of Holland
Words At War 440104 30 They Shall Inherit The Earth
Words At War 440111 31 Eighty Three Days
Words At War 440118 32 War Tide
Words At War 440125 33 Condition Red
Words At War 440201 34 White Brigade
Words At War 440208 35 George Washington Carver
Words At War 440215 36 The New Sun
Words At War 440222 37 Assignment Usa
Words At War 440307 39 Weeping Wood
Words At War 440314 40 Science At War
Words At War 440321 41 Der Feuhrer
Words At War 440328 42 A Bell For Adano
Words At War 440404 43 Assignment Usa
Words At War 440411 44 Wild River
Words At War 440418 45 Silence Of The Seas
Words At War 440502 47 Curtain Rises
Words At War 440509 48 Gunners Get Glory
Words At War 440516 49 Lifeline
Words At War 440523 50 Lend Lease Weapon For Victory
Words At War 440530 51 The Navy Hunts The Cgr 3070

Volume 2: 44 shows - total playtime 20 hours 49 minutes

Words At War 440613 Here Is Your War, Ernie Pyle
Words At War 440627 52 Fair Stood The Winds Of France
Words At War 440704 53 War Criminals And Punishment
Words At War 440711 54 Captain Retread
Words At War 440718 55 War Below Zero
Words At War 440725 56 Lost Island
Words At War 440801 57 Headquarters Budapest
Words At War 440808 58 Nazi's Go Underground
Words At War 440815 59 Heaven Below 1o2
Words At War 440829 61 Simone
Words At War 440905 62 The Veteran Comes Back
Words At War 440912 63 One Man Air Force
Words At War 440926 65 Journey Through Chaos
Words At War 441003 66 Pacific Victory, 1945
Words At War 441010 67 The Veteran Comes Back
Words At War 441024 69 Still Time To Die
Words At War 441114 71 One Thing After Another
Words At War 441121 72 Barriers Down
Words At War 441128 73 Camp Follower
Words At War 441205 74 The Guys On The Ground
Words At War 441212 75 Your School, Your Children
Words At War 441219 76 The Cross And The Arrow
Words At War 441226 77 Scape Goats In Historyhistory O
Words At War 450102 78 It's Always Bright Tomorrow
Words At War 450109 79 Borrowed Nights
Words At War 450116 80 Verdict On India
Words At War 450123 81 The Story Of A Secret State
Words At War 450206 82 Ten Escape From Tojo 2o2
Words At War 450213 83 What To Do With Germany
Words At War 450220 84 Battle Report Pearl Harbor To
Words At War 450227 85 Faith Of Our Fathers
Words At War 450306 86 Rainbow
Words At War 450313 87 Can Do
Words At War 450320 88 Tomorrow We'll See
Words At War 450327 89 Banshee Harvest
Words At War 450403 90 Full Employment In A Free Society
Words At War 450410 91 Apartment In Athens
Words At War 450417 92 They Left The Back Door Open
Words At War 450424 93 Brave Men
Words At War 450501 94 The Hide Out
Words At War 450515 95 The Road To Curftom
Words At War 450522 96 Wartime Racketeers
Words At War 450529 97 Soldier To Civilian
Words At War 450605 98 My Country



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