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 Venom Creepy Crawlies Sea Monsters and Nasties

2 MP3 CDs - 101 episodes

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"Snake Doctor"
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Vintage Sea MonsterEveryone is scared of something. Phobias are the most common of psychiatric disorders. So many of us are scared of creepy-crawlers, snakes and spiders that the fear seems like a genetic characteristic. Some people seem more susceptible to fears than others, but phobias are learned behaviors. The only truly instinctive fears are of loud noises and falling. Everything else that we are afraid of, we have learned to fear.

When a baby sees a spider or a snake, her reaction is more likely to be curiosity than terror. However, when she hears her mother scream and bat the monster away, she learns that she should be scared. Since the lesson is learned at such a young age, it is implanted in the subconscious where it will have a huge influence on the rest of her life.

Let George Do ItEven though they are generally small and shy, snakes have given us the willies since the Garden of Eden. Naturally, the slithering nightmare residents make up a substantial portion of our collection. On Crime Photographer, Casey and Ann meet "Graveyard Gertie" wandering around the cemetery in the middle of the night and find out that she lives alone with a stuffed snake. When Gertie disappears, Casey sets a trap for the killer with a real snake.

The Escape story "Snake Doctor" is about an old gentleman who makes his living boiling cottonmouths for their oil. As a change of pace, Irma's brother on My Friend Irma is on a lecture tour, but her friends do not realize he lecture is about snake oil!

Snakes are frightening enough, just slithering through the grass. Not all snakes are poisonous, but those that are more than make up for it in frightfulness. Roy Rogers, Trigger and Bullet are riding to town one morning when a huge rattle snake frightens a pretty girl's horse. Philip Marlowe believes he is being hired to watch a golden idol in “The Gold Cobra” only to find out there is a real king cobra in the case. Hollywood Star Playhouse brings us “Venom”, the story of a hunter who meets a woman in the jungle who gathers the venom of cobras.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaNext to snakes, one of the most universal fear is of spiders and insects. Even when they are small enough to easily mash, bugs and spiders frighten us with their multiple legs, funny eyes and the mindless way they go about their business. George Valentine of Let George Do It trails the bad guys into a hideout called “The Ant Hill” and has another adventure called “The Spider and the Fly”. In “Leiningen vs The Ants” on Escape, a swarm of huge ants is approaching a South American plantation. As morbidly fascinating as the huge army of ants is, they are no match for the determination of Leiningen, or are they?

The most frightening thing about the creepy crawlies their mindlessness, but none seem more determined than those in the sea. Favorite Story present adaptations of Jules Verne's “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” where Captain Nemo's fascinating machine is no match for the might of a creature of the deep. Escape shows us how the ocean treats arrogance off the coast of Central America in “Shark Bait” and NBC University gives us the classic tale of man's impotence against the sea in “Moby Dick”.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 49 shows - total playtime 23 hours

21st Precinct 540901 060 Copperhead
Amos & Andy 440303 023 Trying To Find Madam Queen
Amos & Andy 440428 030 Brotherinlaw
Amos & Andy 450216 Sapphire Kicks Kingfish Out
Amos & Andy 450601 074 Engaged To Hattie Mcdaniel
Amos & Andy 470121 125 Sapphires Sister, Floresca
Amos & Andy 510121 263 Momma & Mr Smithers
Amos & Andy 510422 276 Motherinlaw Stays With Kingfish
Amos & Andy 530315 343 Madam Queens Chauffeur
Amos & Andy 530426 348 Annual Boat Outing
Black Flame Of Amazon 380000 60 Stuffed Snake
Casey 470911 Graveyard Gertie
Casey 471204 Serpent Goddess
Cbs Radio Mystery Theater 790221 E0956 Great Brain
Counterspy 500420 Fabulous Formula Pt 2
Dragnet 510104 E082 Big Holdup
Dragnet 550830 E315 Big Fellow
Escape 010 471015 Shipment Of Mute Fate
Escape 097 491115 Three Skeleton Key
Escape 471029 012 Pollack And Parrah Man
Escape 471029 012 Pollack And Porrah Man
Escape 471217 019 Wild Oranges
Escape 480117 Leiningen Vs Ants West Coast
Escape 480208 032 Ec Snake Doctor
Escape 480214 033 Wc Snake Doctor
Escape 490825 076 Evening Primrose Ben Wrightv
Escape 500331 116 Green Splotches
Escape 500414 118 Golden Snake
Escape 500616 127 Serenade For Cobra
Escape 500630 117 Blood Bath
Escape 500714 119 Shark Bait
Escape 500728 121 Poison
Escape 500818 124 Footprint
Escape 501022 129 Time Machine
Escape 521116 157 Loupgaron
Escape 531004 216 Zero Hour
Escape 540624 228 Judgment Day At Cripple Deer
Escape 540710 217 Birds
Favorite Story 471220 015 20,000 Leagues Under Sea
Favorite Story 480327 028 Gullivers Travels
Frontier Gentleman 581102 Nasty People
Gang Busters 451229 0414 King Of Big Thicket
Grand Marquee 470206 23 Talk To Me
Guns 560812 Ep227 Snakebite
Gunsmoke 531031 080 How To Kill Woman
Hall Of Fantasy 530518 26 Crawling Thing
Hollywood Star Playhouse 500619 09 Venom
Inner Sanctum 460108 Creeping Wall
Let George Do It 480419 Dr Wormsly Bird Watcherpenthouse
Let George Do It 490509 Vultures On Wing

Volume 2: 49 shows - total playtime 23 hours 1 minutes

Let George Do It 500515 Ant Hill
Let George Do It 501009 Spider & Fly
Let George Do It 501211 Bookworm Turns
Let George Do It 510326 No Escape From Jungle
Lights Out 370310 040 7m35s Chicken Heart
Lights Out 370616 Meteor Man
Lights Out 380126 Oxychloride X
Lights Out 430518 033 Spider
Lights Out 450920 Rocket From Manhattan
Lux 540607 885 Naked Jungle
Mmt 451012 2002death Is Caused
Mr Keen 500504 King Cobra Murder
Murder At Midnight 500515 03 Creeper
My Friend Irma 530519 272 Irmas Brother Lectures
Mysterious Traveler 450324 066 Death Comes To Adolf Hitler
Mysterious Traveler 511106 329 Behind Locked Door
Nbc Radio Theater 560108 Snake Pit
Nbc University Theater 490410 035 Moby Dick
Nightwatch 550301 E00 Uncensored Outtakes
Philco Radio Time4649 480324 062 Wild Bill Elliott
Philip Marlowe 500901 B99 Soft Spot
Philip Marlowe, Tao 500621 089 Gold Cobra
Quiet Please 480809 060 Thing On Fourble Board
Richard Diamond 500312 047 Snake Red Rose Joyce Wallace
Riding High 370610 11 Jane Froman
Roy Rogers 530205 24 Fireworks
Sleep No More 570109 10 Waxwork Man And Snake 1
Superman 421019 E0036 Blacknarcissus,the4
Susp 431109 065 Cabin B13 Afrs
Susp 450816 154 Short Order
Suspense 440803 103 Banquos Chair
Suspense 440810 104 Man Who Knew How
Suspense 450531 143 August Heat
Suspense 451101 165 Dunwich Horror Afrs
Suspense 470306 235 Elwood
Suspense 471113 271 Riabouchinska
Suspense 471128 273 Pit And Pendulum
Suspense 480819 303 Crisis
Suspense 491229 365 Bullet
Suspense 501026 400 Too Hot To Live
Tarzan 321214 41 Ape Battles Snake
Tarzan Fires Of Tohr 360000 36 Fires Of Tohr 36
Tottr 520217 66 Cold Blood
Wbhickock 521015 E096 Secret Of Iron Door
Whistler 451008 176 Death Laughs Last
Whistler 480331 305 Bird Of Prey
Whistler 501001 435 Dear Diary
Ytjd 490311 005 Murder Is Merrygoround
Ytjd 590412 634 Fair Weather Friend



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