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 Theater Royal

1 MP3 CD - 45 episodes

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"The Liar"
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Drama (1954 England, USA syndication various)

Theater RoyalA fine drama series, featuring the dean of English actors, Ralph Richardson and Lawrence Olivier. The shows were based on the best of literature, such as Dumas, Conrad, Stevenson, Dickens, James, and London. Current writers of note were also included in the lineup.

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Many fine actors of the British stage and screen were involved, such as Robert Morley, Harry Andrews, Muriel Forbes and Daphne Maddox. Music was by the renown British organist and arranger, Sidney Torch, (whose musical credits include The Black Museum, Adventures of Harry Lime, and Secrets of Scotland Yard) and featured in some shows the Campbell Singers. Harry Alan Towers produced and directed.

Harry Alan Towers on the phone.The show was a Towers of London syndicated show, and was broadcast in America in various markets through the years, including WRVR-FM, Riverside Radio, in New York City.

For other literature-based see also: American Novels, Authors Collection, The Author Meets the Critics, Author's Playhouse, Best Plays, Favorite Story, Great Plays, NBC University Theater, New Theater, Theater Guild on the Air, Tell It Again, Theater Royal, World's Greatest Novels, and Your Playhouse of Favorites.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

45 shows - total playtime 21 hours 12 minutes

Theatre Royal 531004 01 Queen Of Spades
Theatre Royal 531011 02 The Overcoat
Theatre Royal 531018 03 The Tale
Theatre Royal 531025 04 The Happy Hypocrite
Theatre Royal 531101 05 The Sire De Maletroits Door
Theatre Royal 531107 06 The Judgement
Theatre Royal 531121 07 The Purse
Theatre Royal 531128 08 Le Grand Breteche
Theatre Royal 531205 09 Markheim
Theatre Royal 531219 11 Zodomirskys Duel
Theatre Royal 531224 12 A Christmas Carol
Theatre Royal 531226 13 The Canterville Ghost
Theatre Royal 540102 14 The Country Of The Blind
Theatre Royal 540116 16 Little Louise
Theatre Royal 540123 17 Lord Saviles Crime
Theatre Royal 540130 18 Dr Jekyl And Mr.hyde
Theatre Royal 540206 19 The Case Of Bardell Vs Pickwick
Theatre Royal 540213 20 Bartleby
Theatre Royal 540220 21 The Inspector General
Theatre Royal 540227 22 The Suicide Club
Theatre Royal 540306 23 The Outcasts Of Poker Flats
Theatre Royal 540313 24 Mr Micawbers Difficulties
Theatre Royal 540320 25 The Luck Of Roaring Camp
Theatre Royal 540327 26 A Tale Of Two Cities
Theatre Royal 540411 28 When Greek Meets Greek
Theatre Royal 540418 29 Snow Goose
Theatre Royal 540425 30 The Colonels Lady
Theatre Royal 540502 31 The Black Mate
Theatre Royal 540509 32 Half An Hour
Theatre Royal 540516 33 Dr Knock
Theatre Royal 540523 34 The Aspen Papers
Theatre Royal 540530 35 My Adventure In Northfolk
Theatre Royal 540606 36 Private Rooms
Theatre Royal 540616 37 The Man Who Could Work Miracles
Theatre Royal 540623 38 The Liar
Theatre Royal 540630 39 My Uncle Toby
Theatre Royal 540707 40 Four Meetings
Theatre Royal 540714 41 A Sentimental Journey
Theatre Royal 540721 42 Becky Sharpe Vanity Fair
Theatre Royal 540728 43 Queen Of Spades
Theatre Royal 540804 44 The Overcoat
Theatre Royal 540811 45 The Happy Hypocrite Repeat
Theatre Royal 540818 46 The Sir De Maletroits Door Repeat
Theatre Royal 540825 47 The Judgement Repeat
Theatre Royal 540901 48 Country Of The Blind Repea




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