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 Superstition in Old Time Radio

2 MP3 CDs - 85 episodes

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"Mystery in the Air: Black Cat"
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Defined as belief in "supernatural causality", superstition is usually associated with omens, astrology, and other forces not recognized by natural science. Webster uses the definition "a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation".

SuperstitionReligious authorities often say that superstition is sinful because it implies a lack of trust in the authority of God. Other theorists claim that all religion is based on superstition, but usually it is a matter of the other guy's religion being superstitions while the speaker's is based on "faith".

What we consider superstitions are often based on Folk Beliefs, regional or ethnic religious practices and customs. These beliefs are usually outside the official doctrine of religion, but they are accepted in the local practice.

Causality is an indispensable feature of Superstition, in other words if something unusual happens it will cause something else to occur. The result may be fortuitous or disastrous. Superstitions are usually based on two separate and unrelated events occurring close to one another, giving rise to the belief that one action caused the other.

Supposedly sophisticated scientific types scoff at superstitions. The observation of causality when superstitions are formed is the beginnings of the Scientific method, however lacking the observation required for formal science. When the supposed results are death, a lack of experimentation is understandable.

Even when we know that they are silly, superstitions are very much a part of our lives. Usually we can recognize a superstition even if we don't understand how they started. The syndicated program The Origin of Superstitions from 1933 presented a number of stories about where common superstitions originated. How accurate these stories are is debatable, but they hold at least as much merit as anything found on the Internet!

Shows like The Inner Sanctum Mysteries are particularly fertile places to explore superstitions. A superstition may be an unfounded fear, but our host, Raymond, won't mind. Any fright is a good one "behind the creaking door"".

SuperstitionThe romantic adventures on Escape! are another fertile ground for superstitions. Ancient superstitions are part of the episode, "The Ring of Toth" which features a story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle  before he created Sherlock Holmes.

The Cavalcade Of America gave us "the Devil and Daniel Webster". This classic American story demonstrates an indispensable feature of superstitions, especially how they occur in stories. Superstitions, just like the monsters in Science Fiction, are bound by rules. In this story,  the Devil comes for Daniel Webster's soul, but he can only have it if he proves his case in a court of law.

One of the most pervasive superstitions is a fear of black cats. In our collection,  Black Cats appear in Origin of Superstitions and Tales of the Frightened, but few are more frightening than Peter Lorre's interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe's "Black Cat" tale on Mystery In The Air. In this story, the cat is not so much bad luck as it is the conscience of a disturbed man.

Some superstitions almost beg to be laughed at. When Orson Welles hosted the Ceiling Unlimited program for the Lockheed/Vega aircraft company, he takes on the phenomenon of Gremlins. Gremlins are the imaginary creatures who create unexplained problems with aircraft. Luckily, the problem is solved in time for Christmas Eve, just in time for Santa's flight. Even Orson Welles acknowledges that Santa Claus is not a superstition; Santa Claus is Real!

See also Origins of Superstition and Friday the 13th Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

45 shows - total playtime 18 hours 47 minutes

Adventures By Morse 440318 Coffin For Lady 1
Adventures By Morse 440325 Coffin For Lady 2
Adventures By Morse 440401 Coffin For Lady 3
Adventures By Morse 441007 Land Of Living Dead 1
Adventures By Morse 441014 Land Of Living Dead 2
Adventures By Morse 441021 Land Of Living Dead 3
Adventures By Morse 441028 Land Of Living Dead 4
Adventures By Morse 441104 Land Of Living Dead 5
Adventures By Morse 441111 Land Of Living Dead 6
Adventures By Morse 441118 Land Of Living Dead 7
Adventures By Morse 441125 Land Of Living Dead 8
Adventures By Morse 441202 Land Of Living Dead 9
Adventures By Morse 441209 Land Of Living Dead 10
Beyond Midnight 690214 17 Phantom Groom
Beyond Midnight Dear Ghost
Black Mass 630900 All Hallows
Black Mass Haunted House
CALV 411020 249 All That Money Can Buy
Ceiling Unlimited 440000 Gremlin Troubles
Columbia Workshop 380806 The Devil And Daniel Webster
Death Valley Days 380617 398 Burro That Had No Name
Escape 470811 006 Ring Of Toth
Escape 521116 157 Loup Garou
Fat Man 490722 Murder Is Medium
Gregory Hood 460708 06 Derringer Society
Inner Sanctum 410211 006 Mystery Of Howling Dog
Inner Sanctum 411221 051 The Man From Yesterday
Inner Sanctum 450417 224 Judas Clock
Inner Sanctum 451009 240 Death By Scripture
Inner Sanctum 451218 The Undead
Inner Sanctum 470505 317 Dont Dance On My Grave
Inner Sanctum 480308 361 Magic Tile
Inner Sanctum 491031 446corpse For Halloween
Inner Sanctum 750801 The Onyx Eye
Mystery in Air 470821 ep3 Horla
Mystery in Air 470918 ep7 Black Cat
Mystery In The Air 470904 10 The Mask Of Medusa
Mystery In The Air 470911 The Queen Of Spades
Origin Of Superstition 1935 Black Cat Crossing Your Path
Origin Of Superstition 1935 Blowing Out Candles
Origin Of Superstition 1935 Breakmirror
Origin Of Superstition 1935 Friday The 13th
Origin Of Superstition 1935 Kissing Under The Mistletoe
Origin Of Superstition 1935 Knocking On Wood
Origin Of Superstition 1935 Opening An Umbrella Indoors

Volume Two - 40 shows - total playtime 12 hours 11 minutes

Origin Of Superstition 1935 Three Onmatch
Origin Of Superstition 1935 Throwing Salt Over Shoulder
Origin Of Superstition 1935 Walking Beneathladder
Sealtest 481028 07 Happy Halloween
Suspense 530323 505 Signalman
Tales Of Frightened Never Kickblack Cat
Tales Of Frightened Vampire Sleeps
Tales Of The Frightened 000000 The Ladder
Tarzan 510301 End Of The World
Tarzan 510517 Congo Magic
Tarzan 510712 Drum Withoutheart
Tarzan 510802 Curse Of The Pharaohs
Tarzan 510906 Magic Amulet
Tarzan 510927 City Of Sleep
Tarzan 511025 Ghost Of The Karmiki
Tarzan 520306 Omen Of The Emerald
Tarzan 520313 Volcano Of The Sun
Tarzan 520515 Mask Of Montiki
Tarzan 530214 Demon Of Rongu
Whistler 440918 122 Black Magic
YTJD 560514 393 Of Medium Well Done Episode 01
YTJD 560515 394 Of Medium Well Done Episode 02
YTJD 560516 395 Of Medium Well Done Episode 03
YTJD 560517 396 Of Medium Well Done Episode 04
YTJD 560518 397 Of Medium Well Done Episode 05
YTJD 560903 469 Curse Of Kamashek Episode 01
YTJD 560904 470 Curse Of Kamashek Episode 02
YTJD 560905 471 Curse Of Kamashek Episode 03
YTJD 560906 472 Curse Of Kamashek Episode 04
YTJD 560907 473 Curse Of Kamashek Episode 05
YTJD 561015 499 Phantom Chase Episode 01
YTJD 561016 500 Phantom Chase Episode 02
YTJD 561017 501 Phantom Chase Episode 03
YTJD 561018 502 Phantom Chase Episode 04
YTJD 561019 503 Phantom Chase Episode 05
YTJD 561022 504 Phantom Chase Episode 06
YTJD 561024 505 Phantom Chase Episode 08
YTJD 561025 506 Phantom Chase Episode 09
YTJD 561026 507 Phantom Chase Episode 010
YTJD 580518 589 Ghost To Ghost AFRTS



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