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 Secret Agent K7 Returns

1 MP3 CD - 68 episodes


"1939 Bombing Planes"
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"America's number one adventurer, K-7--former
United States secret agent who operated in 22 countries,
on land, on sea, and in the air--brings you a story today..."

Secret Agent K7These fifteen minute episodes of mystery and espionage from the 1939 broadcasts begin with a prolonged organ intro so the local announcer could get in a couple of commercials for the local furniture store or dairy! Each single episode lasted about 12 and 1/2 minutes, but each "case" is really quite interesting and exciting.

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Walter PidgeonAgent K-7 is actually a rather mild-mannered narrator of these stories. He doesn't sound or seem very heroic or interesting... which would make him all the more effective as a spy! The spy's best disguise is a perfectly ordinary and uninteresting demeanor. The radio actors who brought these stories of men and women operatives to the radio are as unknown today as most of the real spies of that time. The stories are drawn from the headlines and fears of 1939 (and now?) Here are a few examples. "Suicide Ships," "Fortified Borders," "Poisonous Gas," "Undesirable Aliens," "Fraudulent Passports," "Secrets Leaked," "Government Overthrow," and "World Crisis." Sounds like current events. "Exactly the kind of activity that a spy would take advantage of," to quote agent Z. The fine actor Walter Pigeon plays Agent Z in some of the episodes.

The sound quality of these shows is very good, and together they offer another radio view of our history. In 1939 our popular media was not afraid to present stories of the enemy and the heroics of those who fought them. The organ music is florid by today's standards, but is enjoyable as a hallmark sound of old time radio's smaller budget shows. The sound effects are capable, and offer that old time radio dramatic immersion that modern books on tape simply don't offer.

Text on OTRCAT.com ©2001-2011 OTRCAT INC All Rights Reserved-Reproduction is prohibited.

old time radio pictureStep into the shadows with K-7… as he returns. Returns from where? He is not telling, and the answer may never be known!

For more espionage see also Cloak and Dagger, Spy Catcher, David Harding! Counterspy, This is Your FBI, Top Secret, and I was a Communist for the FBI.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

68 shows - total playtime 16 hours 34 minutes

SAK7 39 e01 Border Violations
SAK7 39 e02 Poisonous Gas
SAK7 39 e03 Information Peddler
SAK7 39 e04 Narcotics Peddlars
SAK7 39 e05 Sabotage in Industry
SAK7 39 e06 Fortified Borders
SAK7 39 e07 Blood and Steal Society
SAK7 39 e08 Illegal Use of Radio
SAK7 39 e09 Coast Defense Secrets
SAK7 39 e10 Suicide Ships
SAK7 39 e11 War Supplies
SAK7 39 e12 Revolution
SAK7 39 e13 Military Secrets Leaked
SAK7 39 e14 Undesirable Aliens
SAK7 39 e15 High Speed Bomber
SAK7 39 e16 Master Spy
SAK7 39 e17 Gold Shipments
SAK7 39 e18 Storm Cloud
SAK7 39 e19 Apparent Civil War
SAK7 39 e20 Air Defenses
SAK7 39 e21 Thermite Bombs
SAK7 39 e22 Fleet Movements
SAK7 39 e23 Foodstuffs
SAK7 39 e24 Secret Police
SAK7 39 e25 Aeroplane Order
SAK7 39 e26 Innocent Citizens Used
SAK7 39 e27 Bombing Planes
SAK7 39 e28 Embassy Master Spy
SAK7 39 e29 Shipyards
SAK7 39 e30 Colonial Uprising
SAK7 39 e31 World Crisis
SAK7 39 e32 Government Overthrow
SAK7 39 e33 Refugees
SAK7 39 e34 Fraudulent Passports

SAK7 39 e35 Information for the Premier
SAK7 39 e36 Secrets Leaked
SAK7 39 e37 Code Book Stolen
SAK7 39 e38 Carl Frakenburg
SAK7 39 e39 Machine Gun Plans
SAK7 39 e40 Wholesale Murder
SAK7 39 e41 Anti-Aircraft Gun
SAK7 39 e42 Agent 'Z' Disappears
SAK7 39 e43 Counterfeiters
SAK7 39 e44 Vapor Gas
SAK7 39 e45 Aeroplane Factory
SAK7 39 e46 Defense Plans
SAK7 39 e47 Ultimatum
SAK7 39 e48 City of Intrigue
SAK7 39 e49 Firing Squad
SAK7 39 e50 Narcotics Smuggled
SAK7 39 e51 Aeroplane Plans
SAK7 39 e52 Delivery of Papers
SAK7 39 e53 Government Overthrow
SAK7 39 e54 Agent Missing
SAK7 39 e55 Military Information Stolen
SAK7 39 e56 Oriental Spy (1
SAK7 39 e57 Oriental Spy (2
SAK7 39 e58 Favor Returned
SAK7 39 e59 Inventor Missing
SAK7 39 e60 Known Spy (Repete of 38
SAK7 39 e61 Foreign Agent
SAK7 39 e62 Letter Box Agent
SAK7 39 e63 Military and Diplomatic Secrets
SAK7 39 e64 Blonde Spy
SAK7 39 e65 Defense Programs
SAK7 39 e66 Spy Returns
SAK7 39 e67 Stolen Maps
SAK7 39 e68 Far East Mission


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