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 Saint (Vincent Price)

1 MP3 CD - 62 episodes


"Dossier On A Damsel"
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Detective Drama (1947 - 51)

Vncent PriceSimon Templar, AKA "The Saint" was not a Saint…in fact, the name was the underworld's sobriquet for this radio detective, who often did a little bad to get the "goods" on his criminal of choice. "The Saint" is a bon vivant who savors detection as an art form. He's nothing like his American hard-boiled detectives-in-arms such as Sam Spade, Boston Blackie and Phillip Marlowe, although closer in spirit is The Fat Man, and closer still, Nero Wolfe.

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Simon Templar was called "The Saint" because of his initials: "S.T."

The Chinese-English crime novelist Leslie Charteris wrote over a hundred Saint adventures. Many "Saint" movies were made, the best starring George Sanders. Tom Conway, who played The Falcon on the silver screen, was in real life George Saunders brother! (To prevent confusion on the part of the public, they tossed a coin to see who would have to change his name. Tom lost, and became Tom Conway.) When in 1947, The Saint was developed for radio, the first choice was Tom Conway. He quickly stepped aside, however, and the legendary Vincent Price went on to give the radio public its most wry dilettante of the demimonde.

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The Saint's crime fighting is sophisticated. He's usually sharp enough to stick to slinging witty words like arrows, since he's the "Robin Hood of Modern Crime", but sometimes thugs want their slugs. Lawrence Dobkin is "Louie," the (Brooklyn) Cab Driver, who keeps The Saint streetwise while getting him across town. Vincent Price publicity photo with haloA congenial cast of characters is always on hand, or fist, thanks to the witty scripts. Orchestral music adds to the enjoyment, too, but it's Mr. Vincent Pricethat gives The Saint a halo.

The SaintPlease note this is the same collection as in the Vincent Price Collection Volume 2. For more Vincent Price excitement and guest star appearances, please see The Vincent Price Collection Vol. 1.

For more hard hitting detective action, don't forget to call on some of the most popular detectives: Phillip Marlowe, Richard Diamond, Let George Do It, Boston Blackie, and The Falcon.

For more brainy detectives, see also: Softboiled Detectives.

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62 shows - total playtime 28 hours 29 minutes

Saint 471015 Mr Important
Saint 471029 Mr Richie's Loss
Saint 471217 Saint Goes Underground
Saint 480303 Case of Unhappy Homocide
Saint 480526 Case of Blond Who Lost Her Head
Saint 490731 Conley Silver Mine
Saint 490814 Old Man's Car
Saint 490918 Color-Blind Killer
Saint 491106 Unhappy Homocide
Saint 491107 Prove I Did It
Saint 491113 Fake Amnesia Killer
Saint 491225 Nineteen Santa Clauses
Saint 500000 Real Gone Guy
Saint 500108 Cake That Killed
Saint 500122 Case of Lonesome Slab
Saint 500611 Sinister Sneeze
Saint 500618 Music Murder
Saint 500702 Search for a Killer
Saint 500709 Contract out on Saint
Saint 500716 Death of Saint
Saint 500723 Fighter's Contract
Saint 500730 Author of Murder
Saint 500806 Corpse Said Ouch
Saint 500813 Dossier on a Damsel
Saint 500827 Cupid and Corpse
Saint 500903 Baseball Murder
Saint 500910 Horrible Hamburger
Saint 500917 Ghost That Giggled
Saint 500924 Dossier on a Doggone Dog
Saint 501029 Wanted a Husband
Saint 501105 Kidnapped Daughter
Saint 501112 Return of Harry Morgan
Saint 501119 Plot in Prison
Saint 501126 Terrible Tintype
Saint 501203 Young Detective
Saint 501210 Monkey
Saint 501217 Fight
Saint 501224 Christmas Eve Problems
Saint 510107 Alive Dead Husband
Saint 510114 Actor
Saint 510121 Tuba
Saint 510204 Carnival
Saint 510211 Missing Bridegroom
Saint 510218 Noon Deadline
Saint 510225 Amnesia Victim
Saint 510304 Furniture Move
Saint 510311 Shipboard Mystery
Saint 510318 Bookstore Murder
Saint 510325 Intruder
Saint 510401 College Campus Threat
Saint 510408 Hawthorne House Mystery
Saint 510415 Mayor's Son
Saint 510422 Missing Gun
Saint 510429 Missing Husband
Saint 510520 Red Rose
Saint 510527 Military Instructor
Saint 510603 Train
Saint 510624 Peter Great
Saint 510701 Cowboy
Saint 510708 Missing Angel
Saint 510715 Nursemaid
Saint xxxxxx Diamonds in Cake


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